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2014 BMW M3 Filmed Testing at Nurburgring: Video 10
Posted by Darryl in 2014 BMW M3, 2015 BMW M3, Automotive, BMW, BMW M3, BMW M4, Nurburgring, Spy Shot, spy shots, video on 06 10th, 2013


To some it may start becoming difficult to keep track of the upcoming changes in the BMW line of M cars starting with the M4, which is slated to be the coupe variant of the M3. Though, the M3 name will continue on as a sedan, which was recently caught partially camouflaged making some test runs on the Nurburgring. Hit up the exclusive video below from our friends at TeamSpeed.com and be sure to turn up your speakers to listen to the force-fed inline-6 roar while making its rounds on the ring.

BMW Testing 2014 2 Series (M235i), M3 and i8 on Nurburgring: Video 16
Posted by Steven in 2014 BMW M235i, 2014 BMW M3, Automotive, BMW, BMW i8, Nurburgring, Spy Shot, spy shots, video on 04 16th, 2013


Recently a spy photographer captured a few new 2014 BMW models testing on the Nurburgring. What looks to be the new 2 Series Coupe with an M-Performance package, possibly the M235i, was caught in the mix of making its rounds on the ring with the new 2014 BMW M3 and i8. Hit up the video below to check it out and get a good listen to the new 2014 BMW M3.

MINI Shows Us The Paceman Crossover Coupe 1
Posted by Kurt Ernst in 2014 MINI Paceman, Automotive, Kurt, MINI, spy shots on 08 1st, 2012

MINI’s Paceman Coupe – image: MINI

MINI first unveiled its Paceman concept at the 2011 Detroit Auto Show, and the two-door “crossover coupe” was quickly approved for production. Since then, we’ve seen literally dozens of spy shots of the Paceman in testing, prompting MINI to release a series of its own “spy shots” on Facebook.

MINI’s Paceman Coupe – image: MINI

The rear of the Paceman is expected to be significantly different than the rear of its closest relative, the MINI Countryman. These official photos show the rear sporting a camouflage wrap, so we still can’t see details on styling. We can see the “All 4” logo on the side, meaning that MINI will release the Paceman in both FWD and AWD variants.

MINI’s Paceman Coupe – image: MINI

Expect to see base, S and John Cooper Works variants of the Paceman, too, although it’s likely that only base and S models will be available at launch. MINI will most likely show a “production ready” version of the Paceman at next month’s Paris Auto Show, and the car is expected to hit dealers in the United States by mid-2013.

MINI’s Paceman Coupe – image: MINI

What’s your take? Is an AWD Paceman S crossover coupe enough to get you into your local MINI dealer, or is this just Saturday night leftovers reheated for Sunday brunch?

2013 BMW M6 Gran Coupe Preview Images Rendered Into Reality 17
Posted by Malcolm Hogan in Automotive, BMW, BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe, BMW Gran Coupe, BMW M6 Gran Coupe, spy shots on 04 17th, 2012

In today’s spectrum of talented automotive enthusiasts, all it takes is a little photoshop rendering to come up with an excellent representation of upcoming vehicles yet to be seen in their full lively flesh. The latest vehicle to receive such photoshop treatment is the 2013 BMW M6 Gran Coupe.

We already know what the 2013 BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe looks like. In retrospect, Wild Speed has taken upon the task of rendering what the upcoming 2013 BMW M6 Gran Coupe will look like in the images revealed below.

Along with the new rendered images of the M6 Gran Coupe, is the obvious idea that the M6 Gran Coupe, competing directly with the Benz CLS63 AMG and Porsche Panamera, will carry a price tag north of $110,000. Considering how the BMW M6 coupe and convertible were recently announced to carry a price of $106,995 and $113,995 respectfully, the BMW M6 Gran Coupe will be a pricier option. With that price should come a 580 horsepower Twin Turbo V8 engine mated to a 7-Spee DCT (dual clutch) Transmission.

Reportedly, the new M6 Gran Coupe will premier the second half of the year in the Fall.


[sources: 6Post.com via Wild Speed]

Engine Choice Discussion Ignited Over BMW M3 F30 Spy Video 11
Posted by Darryl in Automotive, BMW, BMW M3, BMW M3 F30, Nurburgring, spy shots, video on 04 11th, 2012

Speculation over what type of engine will be used in the next generation BMW M3 continues to be stirred mainly due to recent rumors and the latest spy video footage of the F30 M3 making rounds at the Nurburgring.

A lot of enthusiasts have a hard time grasping the idea of BMW switching to a V-configured 6-cylinder engine, even if it is turbocharged. Recent reports have hinted towards BMW using a newly developed 3.0-liter V6 with two twin-scroll turbochargers producing around 430 horsepower.

The M3 has always been a naturally aspirated marvel. It only makes sense that BMW goes the way of forced induction for the upcoming M3. The question remains, what exactly are we hearing in the spy video below? Could it be an all-new turbocharged V6? How about a beefed up N54/N55 inline-6 variation? Make your own conclusion by taking a listen.

[sources: f30post.com via worldcarfans]

New Viper Hot Wheels Car Gives Another Glimpse of 2013 SRT Viper 5
Posted by Malcolm Hogan in 2013 SRT Viper, Automotive, Hot Wheels, News, spy shots, SRT on 03 5th, 2012

Once again, the new 2013 SRT Viper is speculated from a Hot Wheels die cast car. I have to say, this latest find by the Viper Club looks like it could be the real-deal in terms of the over-all design of the new 2013 Viper. Of course the scale size is way off (obviously), but Hot Wheels cars are known to be exact replicas of the production car that it represents.

From the looks of previous teaser outlined-images from SRT, this Viper Hot Wheels car is very convincing. SRT is doing such a good job keeping the new 2013 Viper under wraps, we sadly resort to looking at new Hot Wheels cars for a true sneak-peak at what the new Viper should look like.

Spy Video: 2012 Porsche 911 (991) Mostly Undisguised 25
Posted by Malcolm Hogan in Automotive, porsche, spy shots, video on 07 25th, 2011

A new video of the upcoming 2012 Porsche 911 was shot near Zuffenhausen, Germany recently. From the looks of it, most of the new 911 is in its production flesh. We are still not sure if this is the ‘real-deal’ as the tail lights look rather deceptive depending on the angle. Take a look for yourself in the independent spy video below.

Close-up Video: 2012 BMW M5 Testing On The Nurburgring 14
Posted by Larry in 2012 BMW M5, Automotive, BMW, BMW M5, featured, spy shots, video on 09 14th, 2010

We were able to obtain footage from spy photographers of the new BMW M5 doing some down-and-dirty testing on the Nurburgring. You may have seen previous spy photos of the M5 getting towed off of the track for some unknown reason. But here is the M5 back in action captured on video for your enjoyment. I can’t wait to get behind the wheel of one of these. It would be nice to see this beast up against the current Cadillac CTS-V Sedan. Place  your bets now! Enjoy!

More Revealing 2012 BMW M5 Spy Shots 21
Posted by Larry in 2012 BMW M5, Automotive, BMW, BMW M5, spy shots on 07 21st, 2010

The guys at the forum 5post (Bimmerpost.com) recently posted new spy images of the upcoming 2012 BMW M5. These images are the most revealing to date showing you the prize under the hood. It is still speculated that the horsepower output from the 4.4-liter Twin Turbo V8 will be around 585 to 600hp.

[source: 5post.com]

2012 BMW M5 Spy Shots Show More Skin 19
Posted by Larry in 2012 BMW M5, Automotive, BMW, BMW M5, featured, News, spy shots on 07 19th, 2010

The latest spy photos of the upcoming BMW M5 are showing more skin of the most powerful BMW to date from Germany. The new 2012 BMW M5 will sport a Twin Turbo 4.4-liter V8 that pumps out 578 horsepower.

[source: Autogespot]

Volkswagen Single-Cab Amarok Spy Pictures Out; Launch Likely By Early 2011 30
Posted by Alex Ion in 2011 VW Amarok, 4X4, Amarok, spy shots, Volkswagen, VW, VW Amarok on 06 30th, 2010

We have been hearing of the Volkswagen Amarok for quite some time now, and here we have for you a bunch of spy pictures that details the single-cab. By the looks of it, it seems the maker has gone in for a snipped version of the earlier dual-cab Amarok. Take a look at these spy pictures, clicked by an enthusiast somewhere out there.

Though VW hasn’t yet come out in public with details of the single-cab Amarok, we are forced to believe that the little truck would be powered by a 2.0-liter four-cylinder TDI with 120 kW (161 hp / 163 PS) and 400 Nm (295 lb-ft) of torque. In the meanwhile, we are also being told that VW might offer a 2.0-liter four-cylinder flex-fuel petrol variant too. You needn’t be surprised if VW also goes in for an automatic transmission too. This would make it a first for the Amarok.

2011 VW Amarok single-cab 3
2011 VW Amarok single-cab 2
2011 VW Amarok single-cab 1

Going by the pictures, the single cab Amarok looks like a vehicle with a few little changes thrown in here and there in comparison with the dual cab design. Alterations include a longer truck bed. Besides this, a long B-pillar that has some extra storage space behind the front seats may also be seen as a change. VW is likely to roll out the single cab Amarok by early 2011. [via WCF]

Spy Photos: 2012 BMW M6 (F12) Caught During Testing 21
Posted by Larry in 2012 BMW M6, Automotive, BMW, BMW M6, featured, News, spy shots on 06 21st, 2010

You probably have already seen spy photos of the upcoming BMW M5 (F10) which will be sporting a confirmed 4.4-liter twin turbo V8, same as found in the X5M/X6M. The latest spy photo that we obtained from our sources happens to be the upcoming BMW M6 (F12-body) which puts to rest the notion that BMW was not going to build a revamped 6-Series.

The upcoming BMW M6 was caught testing outside of the Nurburgring sporting LED turn signals, huge cross-drilled rotors, beefy wheels and tires and a slightly reworked body from what we visualize underneath the camouflage.

It is safe to assume that the 2012 BMW M6 will be featuring the same 4.4-liter twin turbo from the upcoming M5 that puts out more than 555hp. The 2012 BMW M6 could be on display revealed at the upcoming Paris Motor Show in October of this year.