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Porsche Panamera Oil-Burning Model Hits Roads This August 3
Posted by Alex Ion in Automotive News, panamera, porsche on 05 3rd, 2011

Porsche is all set to launch an oil-burning Panamera this August, after the success of its Cayenne model. Coming up with 247 horsepower and 406 pound-feet of torque, Panamera can hit up to 62 miles per hour in just 6.8 seconds.

porsche panamera1
porsche panamera2
porsche panamera3

The Panamera Diesel offers a driving range of more than 745 miles on one 80-litre tank, which emits 172 g of CO2 per kilometer and delivers a combined fuel economy of 43.5mpg. An auto start/stop function is also incorporated.  What attributes to the green element is the fact the CO2 emissions could be further lowered down to 167 g/km with low-rolling resistance tires.

The fuel efficiency, projected at 6.5 liter per 100 km could also be enhanced to 6.3 liter (37.3mpg) by using such tires. Panamera comes up with a 3.0 liter V6 engine and an eight-speed automatic gear system.

Performance, generous torque and low consumption accompanied with smooth running, reliability and low emission rate, Panamera is expected to bring a new ‘Porsche wave’ in the markets.

The price  starts at €80,183 ($119,000 U.S). Prepared to take this beauty for a spin? Don’t get excited as yet. For, it is not likely to be launched in the US soon.

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Porsche Cajun Production at Expanded Leipzig Facility 17
Posted by Alex Ion in Automotive News, Cajun, cayenne, Cross over, Leipzig, panamera, porsche on 03 17th, 2011

The new Cajun crossover from the Porsche stables will be built Germany’s Leipzig.  In a bid to spruce up the facility, Porsche has kicked off efforts to add more infrastructure into the factory. These add-ons are expected to come in the form of new assembly line and paint shop.

The earlier Cayenne and Panamera production had already spurred the carmaker to spruce up the production facility at Leipzig.  The move had been to add that extra quality into new car production.


The Cajun is to be made on the Audi Q5 platform and will come with a design influenced by Walter de’ Silva, according to the company.  Most probably looking at a 2014 roll out, the car will be positioned to rival models such as Mercedes GLK, BMW X3, and Land Rover Evoque.

It is expected that the Leipzig facility will see great amounts of sprucing up. The expanded facility will also have on offer at least one thousand new jobs.



Porsche Panamera Stretched Version in the Offing 16
Posted by Alex Ion in Automotive News, Chinese auto markets, North American market, panamera, porsche, Porsche Panamera, stretched version on 02 16th, 2011

Porsche is said to be developing a stretched variant of the Porsche Panamera. It will come with an extended wheel base. It is expected that the new version will offer more rear leg room as well as longer rear doors that boasts of wider aperture, altogether offering a comfortable drive.

The wheelbase will be extended by up to 5 inches/12.7 cm. this accounts for a total length of around 120 inches/305 cm. while the current standard model of Panamera has the length of 115 inches/292 cm.

The new model is aimed at the Chinese markets primarily. It also keeps an eye on the North American market. As far as the acceptance in china is considered, extended-wheelbase models enjoy high popularity in the country. More over, the Chinese auto markets are rapidly expanding.

The stretched version of the Panamera will go on sale in the coming year. It is also likely to feature a facelift too in 2012.

Porsche Panamera
Porsche Panamera1
Porsche Panamera2
Porsche Panamera3
Porsche Panamera4
Porsche Panamera5

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Porsche Diesel Cayenne & Panamera for the US? 1
Posted by Alex Ion in Automotive News, cayenne, hybrid, panamera, porsche, SUV on 02 1st, 2011

Porsche is said to be thinking of introducing the diesel Cayenne SUV and diesel Panamera in the US. Porsche may take the decision soon and may launch the vehicles this year itself because U.S is the single largest market for the German car makers.

Porsche is likely to unveil the Panamera diesel and a gasoline-electric hybrid this March at the Geneva Motor Show. Porsche has understood that the need for fuel efficient vehicles is increasing even in the premium segment.

This is no big deal for Porsche as they had started selling Cayenne diesel in Europe from 2009 beginning. In 2010 a Cayenne gasoline-electric hybrid was launched in Europe and the U.S. Since then diesel and hybrid versions makes up for 30% of Cayenne sales globally.


Bernhard Maier, the brand’s sales and marketing chief, told Automotive News Europe that even though U.S automotive market only has a small share for diesel vehicles, the routine is reversing. Maier said that Porsche would not be bringing diesel cars in China owing to poor quality fuel.

Maier said Porsche deliveries increased by 27 percent to more than 97,000 deliveries in 2010 and order quotes rose by 49 percent to 114,000 units. This is the company’s largest number of orders in history and looking good for the new year. With its presence in 113 globally scattered markets, Porsche can surely expect its sales to grow rapidly.

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Bentley Readying Rapide, Panamera Rival 15
Posted by Alex Ion in ASTON MARTIN, Automotive News, Bentley, Maserati Quattroporte, Mulsanne, New Model, panamera, Porsche Panamera, Rapide on 10 15th, 2010

Bentley is on road to creating a rival to the Aston Martin Rapide.  The upcoming entry-level four-door coupe is said to be modelled  along those lines and is likely to be positioned on a platform just a tad below the Continental and Mulsanne.  Apart from the Rapide, the Bentley innovation is seen as gearing up to take on the Maserati Quattroporte and Porsche Panamera.

The car is expected to come with a chassis that would look borrowed from Audi’s A7 Sportback  and would have as its exterior a 20 per cent aluminium structure. This would make sure that the weight of the car would be much less that the 2,350kg Continental GT, at about 1,700kg. As for the interiors, one aspect that would charm enthusiasts is the ample legroom provided.

To be powered by a 4.0-litre turbo V8, co-developed with Audi, and would produce around 450bhp.  On the pricing front too, the new Bentley model could charm. We hear the car would cost around £85,000 in the UK, compared with the Rapide priced at £140,000.

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