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Fingers Crossed: Buick May Reintroduce Grand National as RWD Sedan 26
Posted by Darryl in Automotive, Buick, Buick Regal Grand National, Cadillac, GM, News on 11 26th, 2012

Being that we are particularly eager to see what the next generation sports cars bring us, we always keep an eye out for the latest happenings that enthusiasts would be interested in. The good news to come out of the magical virtual printing press we call the internet, is the idea of Buick reintroducing the Regal Grand National.

It would only make sense to expand on the current rear-wheel-drive Alpha platform underpinning the highly praised Cadillac ATS. If you are old enough to remember cars like the Buick Grand National, then you know how much of a prided sports car we had on our hands over 25 years ago.

A source inside Edmunds has reported that Buick is looking to bring a Grand National sedan into the picture. The current front-wheel-drive Regal and Regal GS would not be the basis for such a car. Instead, the rear-wheel-drive ATS will pave the way for Buick’s sports car. It is likely that we could even see GM’s upcoming twin-turbo V6 make its way into a new Grand National T-Type touting between 300 and 400 horsepower. A get-down-and-dirty Grand National GNX would likely tout GM’s new 450 horsepower LT1 V8, also due to power the new Corvette.

We will continually keep our fingers crossed that this new story to come out of Edmunds isn’t hogwash. Additionally, we will hope that a new Cadillac ATS-V makes its way into GM’s new line of Alpha-platformed RWD vehicles alongside of a new Grand National T-Type (w/turbocharged V6) and GNX (w/new LT1 V8).

Indeed this is a good story to start off your Monday. Here’s to hoping that come Friday this “great idea” isn’t stripped from the hopeful hears of us needy enthusiasts.

Edmunds Road Tests A 1987 Buick Regal Grand National: Video 21
Posted by Kurt Ernst in Automotive, Buick, Buick Regal Grand National, Kurt, video on 11 21st, 2012

Ever get nostalgic for the good old days, when gas was (relatively) cheap and you didn’t need to get to the airport hours ahead of your flight to clear security? While life was (arguably) easier in the decades before the internet, email, tweeting and texting, options for performance cars pale by today’s standards.

In the mid to late 1980s, one of the fastest cars produced in America came from Buick, and it didn’t even have a V-8 stuffed under the hood. Instead, Buick’s Regal Grand National, murdered out before murdered out was cool, relied on a turbocharged V-6 to put out 245 horsepower and 355 pound-feet of torque. Those were big numbers back then, and the car’s quarter mile time of 14.6 seconds was quicker than a Camaro IROC-Z (15.1 seconds) and nearly on par with a Corvette (14.4 seconds).

That’s not particularly impressive in light of today’s car choices, as even a V-6 Camaro will run a 14.3 second quarter mile. When you see Chris Walton test the (non-ABS) brakes, or muscle the baby-got-back Buick through the slalom, you begin to get a sense for how good we have things today.

We’d still love to have a mid-80s Buick Grand National parked in our garage, since it’s an important part of muscle car history. That said, we’re thankful for the performance cars of today, but eager to see how much they’ll improve over the next two decades.