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Video: Infiniti to use Steer-by-Wire System by 2013 30
Posted by Jonas in steer-by-wire system, steering system, technology on 10 30th, 2012

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The conventional steering system in vehicles involve a link between the front wheels and the steering wheel. This usually consists of hydraulics for modern cars. The conventional system used for steering a vehicle develop hydraulic pressure via a pump driven by a belt. This pump actually causes the engine some fuel efficiency and horsepower, which will not be acceptable when all manufacturers are hoping to improve the fuel efficiency of their fleets.

Nissan has taken a step to advance the electric steering system to another level. It came up with its version of the steer-by-wire system that promises quicker response, better control, and improved feel on different driving surfaces.

The new steering system consists of a force actuator, several ECUs, actuator for the steering angle, and a clutch that will serve as a mechanical linkage. It is also equipped with a camera a camera and another module that will aids the system to have a better control.

The steering input is processed by an actuator and sent to the ECU. The processing module then tells the actuator how much steering should be provided. The setup is basically quicker than the response of mechanically-based system.

The system also helps the driver by guiding the front wheels on rough pavements and grooved surfaces. This is also true when the vehicle encounters crosswinds and helps the vehicle to stay on its lane.

The camera monitors the road and detects deviations from the lane. The car will make the necessary corrections when the car departs from the lane due to factors like driver fatigue.

The new steering system is expected to be implemented on the models of Infiniti by next year.