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Is This McLaren’s Upcoming BP23 Three-Seater Hypercar? 7
Posted by Andreas Tsaousis in DRS, Film, Hybrids, IPAS, mclaren, McLaren F1, McLaren P1, McLaren Senna, McLaren Videos, video on 01 7th, 2018

Even though it has increased its range considerably in just a few years and having just announced that it posted record sales in 2017, McLaren is not resting at its laurels but is preparing a new hypercar that will belong in its Ultimate Series.

Code-named BP23, for Bespoke Project 2 with 3 seats (perhaps the Bespoke Project 1 was the Senna), it is the spiritual successor to the iconic F1, which also featured three seats and a central driving position. It also held the world speed record from 1992, with 240.1 mph (386.4 km/h), until 2005, when the Koenigsegg CCR upstaged it, posting a 241.63 mph (388.87 km/h) v-max.

Now, McLaren itself has already shown us a couple of images of a camouflaged prototype with chief tester Chris Goodwin, who has since moved to Aston Martin, at the driver’s seat. It also stated that it will be the Grand Tourer of the Ultimate Series, and at the same time “the fastest ever McLaren”, though we don’t know if this includes the Senna or not.

Anyhow, a prototype that looks a lot like the one Woking has posted was recently captured on video. It was, unsurprisingly, covered in camo and, as the description says, lacked a third seat, which could mean that it is an early, 720S-based test mule, which makes sense, as the production car isn’t expected until 2019.

Like all McLarens, the BP23 will use the MonoCage carbon fiber chassis, most likely in an evolved form, and since it’s an Ultimate Series, we figure it will be powered by a hybrid powertrain, just like the P1, comprising of the twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 that made its debut in the 720S along with an electric motor for a total output in excess of 1,000HP.

We also expect the latest iteration of the company’s electrohydraulic suspension that does away with roll bars, plus the Formula 1-inspired Instant Power Assist System (IPAS), which gives an instant boost in acceleration via the electric motor, and Drag Reduction System (DRS) that were introduced in the P1.

The BP23 will be produced in just 106 examples, all of which are already spoken for, and in all likelihood will be launched with a different name. Being a three-seater, we have a hunch that its designation will include the F1 moniker in some way, though this is just our guess. Pity they have wasted used the Senna name already, isn’t it?


Unique Lark Livery McLaren P1 GTR Is The UK’s Most Prized Used Car 5
Posted by Brad Anderson in Galleries, Hybrids, mclaren, McLaren P1, used cars on 01 5th, 2018

It’s not often that a used car leaves us breathless but this bespoke McLaren P1 GTR is no ordinary used car.

Recently listed for sale from Tom Hartley Junior in the UK, this P1 GTR is one of the most recognizable in the world. We were fortunate to see it in person at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in 2016 and were left absolutely flawed by the eye-catching looks.

As you may or may not know, this P1 GTR was built to exactly mimic the Lark race-winning McLaren F1 GTR also owned by a well-known English collector. It is unclear why he is parting ways with the hybrid hypercar but it’ll inevitably fetch a hefty sum.

Further adding to the desirability of the car is the fact that it has been converted to road use by Lanzante Motorsport and has just 852 miles on the clock. It will be sold with its original factory-supplied diagnostic equipment, racing wheels, tires, racing exhaust, and custom car cover.

As with every other P1 GTR, power is provided by a twin-turbo 3.8-liter V8 engine mated to an electric motor to create a combined 986 hp.


There’s Something Delightfully Incongruous About A Base-Spec Exotic 26
Posted by Carscoops Staff in Aston Martin DB11, Bugatti Chiron, Ferrari F12berlinetta, Ferrari LaFerrari, Ford GT, Lamborghini Centenario, Lamborghini Huracan, McLaren P1, Mercedes AMG GT, Pagani Huayra, Porsche 918, Renderings, Rimac on 11 26th, 2017

Automakers are doing their best these days to make even their most basic, budget-friendly vehicles look polished. But there are some you can expect to see in base spec – mostly for professional use and deployment as part of large fleets.

We’re talking about work-a-day vehicles like the Ram Tradesman, for example, or the Opel Corsavan. But an exotic supercar? Perish the thought!

That’s precisely the delightful incongruity we’ve been seeing these lately, albeit only in the digital realm: six-figure supercars and even seven-figure hypercars stripped of their painted bumpers and flashy wheels, fitted instead with matte black noses and tails and plain old steel rims.

Of course, even if you could, ordering one that way wouldn’t put much of a dent in the purchase price of something as expensive as a Bugatti Chiron, Koenigsegg Agera, Pagani Huayra, or even something as relatively “affordable” as a Lamborghini Huracan, Aston Martin DB11, or Mercedes-AMG GT.

It’d ruin the handling too, and make your big-buck exotic look like it were in the middle of being repaired. So we’re thankful that none of these exist in reality, but it’s still funny to look at these curious renderings from Nikita Aksyonov and chuckle at the “what if” of it all.

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Rare McLaren P1 Experimental Prototype Was Once A P1 GTR 22
Posted by Brad Anderson in Galleries, Hybrids, mclaren, McLaren P1, used cars on 11 22nd, 2017

A rare McLaren P1 experimental prototype is looking for a new home in the UK.

While production of the road-going P1 was officially capped to 375 units, McLaren built 14 different prototypes throughout the development of the hybrid hypercar. This is one of them and it has a rich and interesting history.

Officially XP05, this P1 was initially used to develop the P1’s transmission and Bosch fuel injection system. When it’d finished these duties, it was transformed into the McLaren P1 GTR show car presented at both the Geneva and New York motor shows in 2015.

Like a handful of other XP cars, XP05 was stripped back to its carbon fiber Monocage when development of the P1 was completed. It has since been rebuilt to the same specification as the final production cars and at the request of the original owner, painted in McLaren Orange and outfitted with a number of MSO options.

The 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 currently fitted has covered just 300 miles.

The car is for sale from Tom Hartley Jnr but no asking price has been made public.


McLaren P1 Damaged During Truck Crash In Cambodia 17
Posted by Brad Anderson in Accidents, Asia, featured, mclaren, McLaren P1, McLaren Videos, Offbeat News, Reports, video on 11 17th, 2017

A McLaren P1 has been badly damaged in Cambodia after the transport truck that was carrying it collided with another truck.

According to a local newspaper, the truck carrying the expensive British hypercar slammed into another large truck carrying goods from Phnom Penh to Andoung Tuek.

Speaking to the media, police chief of the local Botum Sakor district, Sok Thorn, said the cause of the crash was still being investigated and no one has come forward as the owner of the expensive McLaren, restricted to just 375 examples worldwide. Five people were injured in the crash.

Images and video from the scene reveal that the P1, which appears to have a chrome wrap, sustained some damage in the crash. More specifically, much of the front end appears to have been crushed by the truck.

Despite the damage, the owner of the P1 will most likely have it shipped back to Woking for repairs.



McLaren P1 Foot-to-Floor Edition Is An Extremely Lightweight Model With An Alternative Powertrain 3
Posted by Michael Gauthier in mclaren, McLaren P1, Offbeat News on 11 3rd, 2017

McLaren is celebrating the 5th anniversary of the P1 by launching an all-new model with an alternative powertrain.

Set to be launched just in time for Christmas, the McLaren P1 Foot-to-Floor Edition is an extremely lightweight model that weighs significantly less than the standard P1 which tips the scales at 1,395 kg (3,075 lbs). McLaren declined to release detailed specifications but confirmed the car costs £35.99 ($47) and is designed for drivers who are less than three years old.

Drivers looking for something more powerful can opt for the McLaren P1 Electric Ride-On. While the standard model can hit an electronically-limited top speed of 217 mph (350 km/h), the EV variant is limited to approximately 3 mph (4.8 km/h). That’s a sizeable difference but the P1 Electric Ride-On is significantly cheaper as prices start at £219.99 ($287.35).

Fans over the age of 10 haven’t been overlooked as McLaren offers a P1 Tecnomodel collectible which has a base price of £345.00 ($450.71). A variety of different options will be available including a Flash Pink paint job and a Gulf livery.

If the latest slate of McLarens doesn’t sound too interesting, there are also Scalextric slot cars and radio-controlled models from New Bright, Rastar and Maisto.


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MSO McLaren P1 Catches Fire In The UK 23
Posted by Brad Anderson in Accidents, Hybrids, mclaren, McLaren P1, McLaren Videos, Offbeat News, video on 10 23rd, 2017

A unique McLaren P1 has gone up in flames in the UK, causing severe damage to the British hypercar.
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It Finally Happened: McLaren P1 GTR Pitted Against Aston Martin Vulcan 13
Posted by Michael Karkafiris in ASTON MARTIN, Aston Martin Videos, Aston Martin Vulcan, mclaren, McLaren P1, McLaren Videos, video on 10 13th, 2017

Bringing the McLaren P1 GTR and the Aston Martin Vulcan together on an empty track became a reality and we finally get to see how the one compares to the other.
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Matte Black McLaren P1 MSO Is Unlike Any Other 7
Posted by Brad Anderson in Galleries, mclaren, McLaren P1, MSO, used cars on 10 7th, 2017

A rare McLaren P1 that went through the McLaren Special Operations division is currently for sale in Germany.
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Can You Believe It’s Been 5 Years Since We First Met The McLaren P1? 30
Posted by Michael Karkafiris in Galleries, mclaren, McLaren P1, Reports on 09 30th, 2017

Five years have passed since McLaren revealed the P1 as a design study at the 2012 Paris Motor Show and the British supercar maker is celebrating the occasion.
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What Cars Would Game Of Thrones Characters Drive? 16
Posted by Cristian Gnaticov in Ferrari, Ferrari F12berlinetta, Jaguar, Jaguar F-Type, mclaren, McLaren P1, Renderings, Rolls Royce Phantom, Rolls-Royce on 09 16th, 2017

If you've ever pondered between commercials what kind of cars would match some of the characters in HBO's 'Game of Thrones', here are a few ideas to get your imagination going.
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Yellow And Black McLaren P1 GTR Is A $3.3 Million Track Toy 8
Posted by Brad Anderson in Galleries, mclaren, McLaren P1, used cars on 08 8th, 2017

To order a McLaren P1 GTR from the factory, you needed to also own a ‘regular’ P1 but to buy a P1 GTR on the used car market, all you need is a few million in your bank account and the time to find the perfect example.
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McLaren P1 GTR Vs Ferrari FXX K Leaves A Clear Aural Winner 6
Posted by Brad Anderson in Ferrari, Ferrari LaFerrari, Ferrari-Videos, mclaren, McLaren P1, McLaren Videos, video on 08 6th, 2017

Billionaires are spoiled for choice nowadays when it comes to hypercars and in the coming years, will have a whole new generations of models from Aston Martin, Mercedes, Ferrari and McLaren to choose from.
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In The Market For A Million-Dollar Exotic? Here’s Where You Need To Be 24
Posted by Carscoops Staff in Aston Martin Vulcan, auction, Bugatti Veyron, Ferrari Enzo, Ferrari F12berlinetta, Ferrari LaFerrari, Koenigsegg, Maserati MC12, McLaren P1, Mercedes SLR McLaren, Pebble Beach, Porsche Carrera GT on 07 24th, 2017

Seven-figure hypercars are hard to come by. Not only because they're so darn expensive, but because they tend to made in extremely limited quantities, and often sell out as soon as they're announced. But if you missed your opportunity to pick up your favorite, they do come up on the second-hand market – especially at high-profile auction events like Pebble Beach.
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Barely Driven Black McLaren P1 Is A Bargain At $1.8 Million 21
Posted by Brad Anderson in Galleries, mclaren, McLaren P1, used cars on 07 21st, 2017

Unless you have a bank account with eight, nine or 10 figures in it, the $1.8 million asking price of this McLaren P1 on James Edition will seem like an absurd amount of money for a car. However, in the hybrid hypercar market, it is a relative bargain.
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