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Steal My Car: Infographic on How to Get Your Car Stolen 18
Posted by Darryl in Automotive, Car Theft, Grand Theft Auto, stolen car, Technical, Vehicle Theft on 07 18th, 2012

From time to time we all do stupid stuff when it comes to securing our automobile. You can probably think of a time where you left your keys in the car, left it unlocked or even left your cellphone, iPad, Laptop, wallet or whatever in plain sight. Theft of belongings in cars or even grand theft auto, is not going anywhere anytime soon. The car theft season is a year-long affair.

The folks at CarInsurance.org, showing off their crafty side once again, have created an interesting and somewhat entertaining infographic of ‘How To Get Your Car Stolen’. The graphic is full of current statistics for vehicle theft including popular models targeted by thieves. Which items are you guilty of doing?