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Featured Car of the week: The 2013 Ford Escape 4
Posted by CarBlog Staff in 4X4, Car of the week on 07 4th, 2012

If you own a car, you know that it is important that it can take you to any of the places you want to venture, but what is more valuable is that it can take you there safely! Road safety has always and will continue to be an important concern to every motorist around the world.

In this article, we will talk about the automotive safety features of the latest luxurious SUV released by Ford – the all new 2013 Escape.

2013 Ford Escape Overview:

Let us take a good look at the Escape by taking a look at its different features while leaving the safety features for later.

Size: The Escape is about 14.84 feet long; having a height of around 6 feet high and a width of about 5.53.

Engine: There is a new concept EcoBoost inline 4-cylinder turbo charged engine under the Escape’s hood and an iVCT version. There are 3 variants for the engine, a 1.6 litre EcoBoost 178 BHP engine, a high power 2.0 litre EcoBoost 240 BHP engine, and finally a 2.5 litre iVCT 168 BHP engine.

Aesthetics: The Escape veers away from a rugged and tough design and employs a sleek, stylish look which resembles the platform of the 2012 Ford Focus.

Comfort: The new Escape has slightly more room particularly in the rear seat for extra comfort. The seat design is much slimmer and lighter, and employs an articulated back to help relieve back pain for passengers.

Price: The Escape has a variety of prices at $23,295, $25,895, $28,695, and the luxury Titanium model at $31,195.

Luxury: The luxuriousness of the Escape model is found in its Titanium. It is equipped with 19’’ luster nickel painted alloy wheels. Seats in the Titanium are leather-trimmed, with HID headlamps and reverse sensing system. There are many other luxury features offered by the Ford Escape.

Technology: A new innovation for the Escape is the hands-free rear lift gate concept. The key of the car has a built in key fob that is detectable by the car; a sensor will detect the passenger’s presence and will automatically open the left gate. A new high-tech feature is the MyFord Touch, this offers a touch screen UI for features like entertainment and drive safety functionality and performance settings.

2013 Ford Escape Safety Features:

The Escape has the new Torque Vectoring Control and Curve control that allows for more control and speed regulation when a driver encounters a corner at a particularly high speed. The body includes a high strength steel construction and smarter airbags that are accompanied by a system called the Personal Safety System that also controls the seatbelts during a collision for added protection. The safety features will prove themselves after crash tests will be conducted. Let us look more closely into each safety feature.

Anti-lock brakes: This safety feature is commonly known as ABS. The system automatically senses when the tyres stop rotating under extreme pressure, and will control the brake pressure to allow the tyres to continue to rotate, therefore minimizing skid and maximizing turn ability and control.

Stability control: Stability control automatically senses the car’s handling limits, and when it exceeds this, it will reduce engine power and/or apply the brakes to help prevent the driver from losing control of the vehicle, hence promoting more stability.

Front-impact airbags: Front-impact airbags for the driver and passenger have been specifically designed to protect the head during a frontal collision.

Airbags: The Escape has 3 sets of Airbags, which are located on the sides, on the knee level, and as a set of over head airbags. All sets will ensure protection upon impact.

Pretensioners: Seatbelt pretensioners are designed to automatically tighten seatbelts to place the passengers in the optimal and safe seating position during a collision.

Security system: The car won’t start unless an original manufacturer key is used.

The Verdict on the Escape’s Safety Functions:

There is no doubt that the Escape is very heavily equipped with a number of reliable safety features. Both the car and the passenger will be protected in certain conditions like slippery roads or a collision. MyFord Touch is a revolutionary feature that paves the way for a hands free control experience, resulting in more safety and versatility. With its reasonable price, the 2013 Escape would be a clever buy!


About the author:  Alexis Thompson, 26, is a former Mountain Backpacker and car enthusiast. Follow her escapades on Twitter.