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Shelby Salutes Bob Bondurant With Special Continuation Cobra 11
Posted by Carscoops Staff in AC Cobra, Cobra, Replica, Shelby, Superformance on 01 11th, 2018

Want a new Shelby Cobra? Well Shelby American doesn’t make them anymore – but Superformance does, with the original factory’s blessing, under the name Shelby Legendary Cars. And it’s unveiling a new special edition in tribute to Bob Bondurant.

Though known, perhaps, at least as well for the racing school that bears his name as for his own racing career, Bondurant was among the most accomplished of Shelby drivers.

He won America’s first and only FIA GT title in a Shelby Cobra – specifically chassis CSX2345 – and it’s that roadster which Superformance is replicating with this limited run.

“I’m very proud to have been behind the wheel when we won the FIA World Championship on July 4, 1965,” said Bondurant. “That victory was for everyone in America.”

The tribute Cobra features the same frame configuration as 2345, the same suspension setup, raked windscreen, diagonal roll bar, even the driver’s knee pad and high-beam switch. It comes as a kit-car, ready to receive its engine and transmission, but is otherwise all set to go.

Buyers can choose between fiberglass or aluminum bodywork, replicating either the way the car was set up for Spa in 1964 or the Rossfeld Mountain Hill Climb in ’65. There’s a Daytona coupe version available as well, replicating Bondurant’s CSX2601, with aluminum bodywork in either 1964’s Viking or 1965’s Guardsman blue.

Only 50 examples will be offered, each made to order, following their unveiling this week at Barrett-Jackson in Scottsdale. That level of attention to detail doesn’t come cheap, though: prices start at $149,995 for the fiberglass roadster, climb to $249,995 for the aluminum version, to $289,995 for an FIA-spec track version, and all the way up to $394,995 for the Daytona Coupe.

Factor into that the included day of training at the Bondurant Racing School in Arizona, if it makes the pill any easier to swallow – or the beast any easier to tame.

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Original 427 S/C Cobra Will Sell For More Than $2 Million 30
Posted by Michael Karkafiris in AC Cobra, auction, Classics, Ford on 12 30th, 2017

The Cobra is a favorite among died-in-the-wool petrolheads, and the one pictured here might as well be one of the best examples of the most frightening, yet awesome sports cars to ever set foot on public roads.

Chassis number CSX 3040 is one of the most well-preserved examples of the family, with four long-term owners painstakingly maintaining it, not to forget a “sympathetic restoration” performed by Cobra expert Mike McCluskey, who noted that “upon stripping and disassembly of the car, it was determined that all body panels were original, as well as the engine, drivetrain, interior, and accessories.”

The original cast-iron 427 V8 engine was rebuilt and blueprinted during the restoration, while all engine accessories and the entire electrical system were replaced with the correct OEM parts.

The infamous 427 S/C Cobra features a five-inch wider chassis with coil springs all around in order to handle the massive Ford 7.0-liter engine with its near 500hp in competition spec. It also features the oil cooler, side exhausts, dual batteries and the 42-gallon fuel tank of the race cars.

The ultimate street-legal Cobra is heading to RM Sotheby’s Arizona auction on January 18, with the price estimate currently standing between $2 and $2.4 million.


Ever Seen A Shelby Cobra With An Automatic? 16
Posted by Carscoops Staff in AC Cobra, auction, Cobra, Shelby on 10 16th, 2017

It's hard to imagine a vehicle ever made that was more hardcore than the Shelby Cobra. So you wouldn't expect to see many equipped with an automatic transmission, but that's just what we have here.
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Prized AC Cobra Crashes While Racing At Goodwood Revival 16
Posted by Brad Anderson in AC, AC Cobra, Accidents, Classics, Offbeat News, video on 09 16th, 2017

Unfortunately, a Ferrari 250 GTO wasn’t the only classic car damaged during racing at last weekend’s Goodwood Revival, a once-pristine AC Cobra also fell victim to the always-treacherous event.
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Zenos Cars Rescued By Another Small British Sports Car Manufacturer 26
Posted by Carscoops Staff in AC Cobra, Zenos on 03 26th, 2017

The big names like Jaguar and Rolls-Royce may stand out most, but the British automotive industry has always been replete with small independent carmakers – like AC and Zenos, for example. And now the former has bought the latter.
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Reborn AC Cobra To Arrive In 2017 With Updated Underpinnings, Up To 550 HP 10
Posted by Andreas Tsaousis in AC Cobra, new cars, UK, USA on 11 10th, 2016

Apart from the nine “legacy” cars that’ll be crafted using original tooling dating back to 1962, AC Cars is planning to restart production of the Cobra from next year.
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Reborn AC Cobra To Arrive In 2017 With Updated Underpinnings, Up To 550 HP 10
Posted by Andreas Tsaousis in AC Cobra, new cars, UK, USA on 11 10th, 2016

Apart from the nine “legacy” cars that’ll be crafted using original tooling dating back to 1962, AC Cars is planning to restart production of the Cobra from next year.
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Watch A Rare AC Aceca Taken Out For A Spin 28
Posted by Bogdan Zoltan in AC Cobra, Classics, video on 09 28th, 2016

As you may know, the original Shelby Cobra was actually an Ac Ace on steroids, after Carrol Shelby dropped a massive V8 under its bonnet, but AC constructed much rarer cars. Like this Aceca model.
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AC Cars To Build Nine New Cobras In 1962-Spec For ‘Legacy’ Series 7
Posted by Brad Anderson in AC Cobra, Classics, Reports on 09 7th, 2016

AC Cars has announced that it will build nine AC Cobras as part of a so-called 'legacy' series.
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The Very First Shelby Cobra Up For Auction At Monterey [60 Pics + Video] 1
Posted by Carscoops Staff in AC Cobra, auction, Cobra, Pebble Beach, Shelby on 07 1st, 2016

“When it comes to American sports cars, CSX 2000 is without peers. Its historical significance and impact on the global sports car scene cannot be overstated.” Those are not our words, but those of Shelby Myers of leading automotive auction house RM Sotheby's.
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Mecum Original Spring Classic Auction Offers Select Muscle Royalty 26
Posted by Michael Karkafiris in AC Cobra, auction, Buick, Classics, Ford Mustang on 03 26th, 2016

Dana Mecum’s Spring Classic Auction is headlined this year by some of the most impressive and iconic muscle cars.
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1964 Shelby Competition Cobra Could Sell For $3 Million At January Auction 19
Posted by Brad Anderson in AC Cobra, auction, Cobra, Shelby on 12 19th, 2015

In terms of iconic cars of the 20th century, there are few that can rival the original Cobra. Originally produced in the United Kingdom by AC Cars, the Cobra has gone on to become recognizable around the world under the Shelby badge.
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A Tribute to Carroll Shelby – Legendary Entrepreneur and Automotive Icon 14
Posted by Darryl in AC Cobra, Automotive, Carroll Shelby, Shelby, Shelby Cobra, video on 05 14th, 2012

On May 10, 2012 heaven received an Angel and the World lost an automotive legend, Carroll Hall Shelby.

Carroll Shelby was much more than just an automotive pioneer, he was an overcomer. During his childhood years, doctors took note of a heart valve leakage issue that would place Shelby in a bed for many years. Doctors even speculated that he would not get to see his teenage years. As time passed, a higher calling was upon Shelby as his health started to improve and by the age of 14 he was given a clean bill of health.

Starting off his working career as a chicken farmer, Shelby quickly made a change by joining the US Army Air Corps serving as a test pilot and instructor. As endearing as he was, Shelby became a racing driver for Allard, Aston Martin and even Maserati in the early 1950’s. Winning his first race in 1952 set-forth a motion in the Automotive world that could not be reckoned with. His love for cars stirred up a passion that would bring about a forward moving momentum that will live on in the automotive world forever.

Shelby may have been a race car driver for a very long time if it were not for health issues putting a stop to his new-found career during the end of the 1960’s. Shelby did not let that stop him one bit in carrying on with his love for the automobile. Out of Shelby’s high-performance driving school, started the very year after he stopped racing, came a project that would change our definition of a performance street vehicle.

The license to the import the AC Ace from England was later obtained by Shelby. Having a great handling car would not mean much if it didn’t have the power that Shelby wanted.  From this, the AC Cobra was born using a Ford V8 engine, the replacement for the AC Ace’s straight 6-cylinder.

The original Cobra had a 289 cubic-inch engine and then later received a 428 cubic-inch engine to be one of the fastest production cars. Today his legacy lives on strong in old and new vehicles obtained by all types of Automotive enthusiasts around the world. Many Shelby Cobra vehicles have been valued in tens of millions of dollars.

Carroll Shelby’s performance vehicle formula will live on as will his legacy. We pay tribute to Carroll Shelby who crossed that river on May 10, 2012 at the age of 89. God Speed!


Dallas – May 11, 2012 – Carroll Shelby International, Inc., (OTC: CSBI.PK) announced today that Carroll Hall Shelby, a man whose vision for performance transformed the automobile industry, has died at age 89. Mr. Shelby passed away yesterday at Baylor Hospital in Dallas. The cause of death was not disclosed.

Born on Jan. 11, 1923, Carroll Shelby was one of America’s greatest success stories. Championship-winning racecar driver, “flying sergeant” wartime pilot, philanthropist, entrepreneur, car manufacturer and racing team owner, he embodied the ingenuity, tenacity and grit to overcome any obstacle. He is perhaps the only person to have worked at a visible level with all three major American automobile manufacturers.
Carroll Shelby founded Carroll Shelby International, a publicly held corporation involved in many industries. His licensing arm has agreements with industry giants, such as Mattel, Sony, Ford Motor Company and Electronic Arts. His car company, Shelby American, has a thriving parts business as well as a line of muscle cars including the Shelby GT500 Super Snake, Shelby GT350 and Shelby GTS. The Las Vegas-based company also manufactures a limited number of the 1960s Shelby 289 “street,” 289 FIA, 427 S/C and Daytona Coupe Cobras.

Shelby considered his greatest achievement to be the establishment of the Carroll Shelby FoundationTM. Created in 1992 while Shelby was waiting for a heart transplant, the charity is dedicated to providing medical assistance for those in need, including children, educational opportunities for young people through automotive and other training programs and benefitting the Carroll Shelby Automotive Foundation.

Shelby remained active in the management of each of his companies and the Foundation until his death, even though he endured both heart and kidney transplants in the last two decades of his life.

“We are all deeply saddened, and feel a tremendous sense of loss for Carroll’s family, ourselves and the entire automotive industry,” said Joe Conway, president of Carroll Shelby International, Inc. and board member. “There has been no one like Carroll Shelby and never will be. However, we promised Carroll we would carry on, and he put the team, the products and the vision in place to do just that.”

Shelby is survived by his three children Patrick, Michael and Sharon, his sister Anne Shelby Ellison of Fort Worth and his wife Cleo. Funeral plans are not currently available. Donations to the Carroll Shelby Foundation are encouraged in lieu of flowers. Information about the Carroll Shelby Foundation is available at www.carrollshelbyfoundation.org.