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Chris Harris Tackles The McLaren P1: Video 20
Posted by Malcolm Hogan in Auto Addiction, Automotive, Chris Harris, Drive Channel, mclaren, McLaren P1, News, On Cars, video on 02 20th, 2014


There really isn’t much for me to add to this video where Chris Harris gets to pilot the all-new McLaren P1 around the Yas Marina Grand Prix Circuit. Before he does, he gets a rundown of the P1 with Chief Test Driver for McLaren, Chris Goodwin. After that, this video instantly becomes one of my favorite test drives of an exotic vehicle. Chris says “this is a new thing” many many times and I agree, this is an amazing new thing and I adore it! Flame on Chris!! Flame… On!

This hypercar is utterly ridiculous!!!! Enjoy!

Video: Chris Harris Compares new Porsche 911 Turbo S against McLaren 12C Spider 3
Posted by Darryl in Auto Addiction, Automotive, Chris Harris, Drive, Drive Channel, mclaren, McLaren 12C Spider, porsche, Porsche 911 Turbo S, video on 12 3rd, 2013


Super Cars! I once had a turbo car and thought it was the best thing since sliced bread, totally ‘Super’ in my book. I could hang with the big dogs on the street and get dirty looks from those who quite didn’t understand the outrageous sounds my car made even if it was standing still. In the world of new supercars, everything is simply “fast”. There is no way around it, they are all outrageously fast and Chris Harris has the dream job to test many of them out with the new Porsche 911 Turbo S and McLaren 12C Spider being his latest challenge.

Chris Harris in undoubtedly cheeky in is descriptive language about each and every car he drives and the latest comparison of the 911 Turbo S and 12C Spider is no different. Check out which one he ‘descriptively’ gives a bow at in this recent Drive video below. Enjoy!

Big Muscle Debuts On Drive 13
Posted by Kurt Ernst in Automotive, Big Muscle, Drive Channel, Ford, Interview, Kurt, video on 04 13th, 2012

Mike Musto is the car guy’s car guy. He’s run Bullrun, campaigned a vintage Dodge Charger called “Mr. Angry” in One Lap of America and has forgotten more about the pro-touring scene than you or I will ever learn. Now he’s got his own weekly series on YouTube’s Drive channel called “Big Muscle,” and if the first episode is any indication, it will be worth tuning into.

What do you get when you cross a 1949 Ford F5 dump truck with a 1997 Ford F350 diesel and a 1935 Miller Indy Car? We’re not sure, either, but the end result is the one-of-a-kind rod seen here, built by Max Allread. If it’s performance you want, Allread’s truck won’t disappoint – it’s packing 400 horsepower and 700 pound-feet of torque under its hood.

That’s impressive, but the detail on the build is even more amazing. Those stencils on the doors? Original to the truck, which was last registered in 1985. Those aircraft-style seats? Allread built them himself. The front suspension? Inspired by a vintage Indy car.

Now matter how well built, most rods don’t capture your attention for long, but Allread’s seems to cross generations and demographics. From any angle, there’s always something to look at, and it’s impossible to view the truck without wanting to jump in and go for a ride. We’re not even into the hot rod scene, but we’d love a chance to spend a day with Allread’s Dr. Frankenstein creation. It’s a sculpture that even we can appreciate.

Video: TheSmokingTire Drives 950 Horsepower Switzer E900 Nissan GT-R 13
Posted by Darryl in Automotive, Drive, Drive Channel, nissan, nissan gt-r, TheSmokingTire, video on 03 13th, 2012

In terms of the Nissan GT-R being a sleeper in the eyes of true automotive enthusiasts, forgetaboutit! What some enthusiasts may not realize about a very special Nissan GT-R tuned by Switzer Performance Innovation, is they have pumped some E85 into the refined veins of Godzilla to make about 950 horsepower.

With over 900 horsepower on tap, what will Matt Farah from TheSmokingTire have to say about this ‘special’ creation when he takes it to local canyon roads? Check out the exclusive video below to find out. Enjoy!

Chris Harris Spends Five Days With McLaren’s MP4-12C: Video 23
Posted by Kurt Ernst in Automotive, Chris Harris, Drive Channel, Kurt, mclaren, McLaren MP4-12C, video, Videos on 02 23rd, 2012

Conventional wisdom says that supercars cannot be daily drivers. Most lack good outward visibility, and many have a ride comfort that’s best described as “punishing.” Modulating their power output at low speed can be challenging, which makes driving them around town more of a chore than something to look forward to. Sadly, the impracticality of most supercars limits their use to the occasional track day, or the Sunday-early-morning run up and down your favorite canyon road.

The McLaren MP4-12C isn’t your average supercar, and Chris Harris presents a pretty good case for its appeal as an everyday driver. Thanks to an adjustable suspension and ECU, the car can be docile when you need it be, offering up a ride that Harris equates to a Rolls Royce. Outward visibility is quite good, and a pair of oversized (by supercar standards) side view mirrors means you can see what’s behind you as well.

Set the car up correctly, and the MP4 can be a daily driver. It’s even got enough luggage room for a weekend trip, as long as you and your passenger understand the virtues of packing light. Dial up the Track mode settings, on the other hand, and the MP4-12C becomes a “frothing monster,” capable of terrifying even the stoutest of passengers.

In the real world, could you drive an MP4-12C everyday? The answer may be “yes,” but you wouldn’t want to. Supercars bring their own baggage with them, and any Ferrari owner can recite horror stories of close calls caused by inattentive drivers angling for a closer look. Speaking for ourselves, parking an MP4-12C anywhere but our own highly-secure garage would be an exercise in paranoia, so we’d have to factor the cost of an armed guard into ownership.

While the McLaren MP4-12C may be the most livable supercar ever built, it’s still a supercar.

Live And Let Drive’s El Slavador Adventure: Video 22
Posted by Kurt Ernst in Alex Roy, Automotive, Drive Channel, Kurt, Live And Let Drive, porsche, video on 02 22nd, 2012

VW's Amarok pickup is perhaps the best transportation bargain in El Salvador

We’ll be the first to admit that, like smoked beer or steak tartar, Alex Roy is an acquired taste. He may come across as arrogant, but only because he really has been there and done that, with the t-shirt to prove it. We’ll also admit to being a bit skeptical about his latest J.F Musial-inspired mission, but it didn’t take long for this video to suck us in.

When it comes to road trips, we prefer ours north of the border. We have too many friends with too many stories about road trips ending in Mexican jails, which just isn’t our idea of a good time. Head farther south, and the political climate gets even more heated; El Salvador, according to the U.S. State Department and the CIA Fact Book, isn’t really an ideal place for a vacation getaway.

If you can get past the fact that your rental car will likely be the biggest piece of crap you’ve ever driven, and if the sight of barbed wire and ever-present (heavily) armed guards doesn’t give you cause for concern, El Salvador has perhaps the most active car culture in Central America. It’s also a reminder of how good we have things in the United States, since a Volkswagen GTI sells for roughly $45,000 in El Salvador. Ouch.

Track Testing the C63 AMG Coupe, On Temporary Spare Tires: Video 13
Posted by Kurt Ernst in Automotive, Drive Channel, Kurt, Mercedes Benz, Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Coupe, video, Videos, YouTube on 01 13th, 2012

Chris Harris commits spare tirecide.

When you equip the Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG with the available Performance Package, the car sends some 480 horsepower to the rear wheels. Even when those rear wheels are shod with sticky, 255 millimeter-wide tires, traction is a potential challenge. Leaving the electro-nannies on is a good idea for street driving, and it’s probably in order for less-than-experienced drivers on the track, too.

What if you replaced those rear tires with 125 millimeter temporary spare tires? In fact, what if you replaced all four wheels and tires with temporary spares, then let an experienced motojournalist like Evo’s Chris Harris loose on a racetrack? The combination would either be a recipe for big fun, or a recipe for disaster, depending upon your perspective.

We won’t spoil the outcome, but we’ll tell you that you’ll want to watch the video below. We’ll also tell you that we’re phoning junkyards to stir up three other temporary spares for our own rides.