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New Mercedes Ad Proves Germans Have A (Warped) Sense Of Humor: Video 6
Posted by Kurt Ernst in 2013 Mercedes-Benz B-Class, Automotive, Car Commercials, Kurt, Mercedes Benz, video, Videos on 01 6th, 2012

The 2013 Mercedes-Benz B-Class.

The upcoming Mercedes-Benz B-Class hatchback may be best described as the “VolksBenz.” Not that Volkswagen had anything to do with the car (it didn’t), but the new B-Class is meant to be a “People’s Benz,” a car for the masses. No, it won’t be priced along the same lines as a VW Golf, but as Mercedes’ new “gateway to the brand” vehicle, it will be more affordable than anything else with a three-pointed star. You’ll be able to snap up a B-Class of your own this fall, but we wouldn’t recommend tossing the keys to your parents.

If you think Germans lack a sense of humor, watch the surprisingly racy video ad for the upcoming B-Class below. Sure, you’ll want to wash your brain out with soap afterwards, but let’s be honest here: you really don’t believe that a stork dropped you down the chimney of your parent’s house, do you?