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Lara Stone And The Mercedes SL Are Icons Of Style 28
Posted by Kurt Ernst in 2013 Mercedes-Benz SL, Automotive, Kurt, Mercedes Benz, video on 12 28th, 2011

Warning: you’re probably not hip, beautiful, thin or rich enough to watch this video. In fact, if you want to own a new Mercedes SL for its performance and handling, and not to flip the single-digit-salute to your BMW Z4-driving neighbors, this video isn’t for you. On the other hand, if you’re currently dressed head to toe in the latest fashion (preferably in black) and think that primer matte paint makes a car more attractive, watch on, mister or misses hipster. This video is made for you and the rest of your one-percenter friends.

On the other hand, we unwashed masses would have loved to crash this video shoot in a Boss 302 Mustang with a trunk full of cheeseburgers. We’d take turns throwing giant rooster tails of dirt over cast, car and crew, while one of our assistants force-fed Ms. Stone burgers until she approached something resembling a normal weight. Alas, the Occupy movement has not yet reached the automotive video world.

Enjoy the video below, if you can. Frankly, it’s not for us.