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How Tesla Motors Builds Electric Cars: Video 2
Posted by Malcolm Hogan in 2013 Tesla Model S, Automotive, Electric, Technical, Tesla, Tesla Model S, video on 08 2nd, 2013


Surprisingly to some, Tesla is the first successful American automobile start-up in more than 90 years. After taking that into consideration, the new Tesla Model S 100% electric luxury sedan can be considered a true American marvel that has the market’s best battery range at 265 miles. Tesla is on track to build 20,000 at the production facility this year alone. The exclusive video below gives us a glimpse of where and how the new Model S is built.

Tesla Model S Gets Praise from Consumer Reports with 99 out of 100 Evaluation Score 9
Posted by Steven in 2013 Tesla Model S, Automotive, Consumer Reports, Electric, Tesla, Tesla Model S, video on 05 9th, 2013


Consumer Reports is known for being brutally honest about automobiles, sometimes to the point of forcing an automaker to make an immediate change to their vehicle or pull out all their stops to introduce a much better next-gen model. Entering into the testing and rating of an all-new electric vehicle is a completely different task to tackle, but as it turns out, Consumer Reports has given the all-new Tesla Model S an impressive 99 out of 100 score, their highest evaluation score.

A lot is not known by the general public about the new Tesla Model S but that is about to turn around as Consumer Reports releases their test scores on the new purpose-built all-electric luxury sedan. CR claims that the Model S excels in just about every test criteria when pitted against petrol-burning competition. Even in the electric car realm, there is nothing else like it that can tout a 200+ mile range on a single charge. Not to mention, the long list of techno-gadgets and iPad-like central 17-inch touch screen.

As Americans, we really take pride in that the Tesla is a relatively new American car company taking things on with a different approach that is actually working for them. We welcome you to check out the CR video on the Tesla Model S below and watch as they drift this electrified luxury sedan around a track.

Jay Leno Gets Electrified Driving 2013 Tesla Model S: Video 29
Posted by Darryl in 2013 Tesla Model S, Automotive, Electric, Jay Leno, Jay Leno's Garage, Tesla, Tesla Model S on 10 29th, 2012

As you would expect, Jay Leno gets his hands on just about every sports car or semi-interesting vehicle to hit the automotive market. With that said, what is poised to be the most ‘attractive’ electric car offering yet, Jay gets to give us a run-down of the new Tesla Model S fully-electric luxury sedan in the latest Jay Leno’s Garage video.

As many journalists and automotive outlets get to review the new Tesla Model S, we get to have a slightly different perspective from Jay and Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen of the new 300-mile range and sleek-looking electrified luxury sedan made in America. Enjoy!

Tesla Prices The Model S Sedan: Video 21
Posted by Kurt Ernst in 2013 Tesla Model S, Automotive, Electric, Kurt, Tesla, video on 12 21st, 2011

The Tesla Model S sedan. Image: Tesla Motors

If you prefer your electric cars with a bit more luxury and style than the Nissan Leaf, there’s good news on the horizon: Tesla has announced pricing on its upcoming Model S sedan, and it looks like the car will span quite a price range. On the low side, the Model S with a 40 kilowatt hour battery pack (good for a projected 160 mile range) will start at $57,400, presumably without options. If you qualify for the $7,500 electric car tax incentive, you can (theoretically) get the car for $49,900, even if that’s not what you’ll pay the dealer.

Opt for the 60 kWh battery pack, good for up to 230 miles, and the base price increases to $67,400, while choosing the 85 kWh pack (good for up to 300 miles) will set the base price at $77,400. The 85 kWh battery will come standard in Tesla’s Model S Performance variants, which also get a higher-performance voltage inverter and carbon-fiber exterior trim. At a base price of $87,400, the Performance model isn’t for the light of wallet.

If money is no object, Tesla will also offer a Signature model (starting from $95,400) and a Signature Performance model (starting at $105,400), which will be built in limited quantities of just 1,000 units. Tesla clearly knows who its customers are, so as Left lane News points out, the Signature models will be the first to hit the market.

Tesla has some innovative plans to minimize the inconvenience of charging, including a twin charger system and a QuickCharge feature that will top off the battery pack (to 80 percent of capacity, presumably) in just 45 minutes. If you can’t wait that long, the Model S is designed with swappable battery packs that can be changed out in just five minutes.

You may be able to reserve a Model S today, but you won’t be taking delivery for a while. The projected on-sale date is mid-2012, but we wouldn’t be surprised if that slipped to later in the year.

Model S Alpha Hits the Road from Tesla Motors on Vimeo.