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Police Pursuit, Brazilian Style 4
Posted by Kurt Ernst in Automotive, Kurt, Police Chase, video on 11 4th, 2011

Take a look at the thirty-four second You Tube video below, then ask yourself this: how do you think things would have turned out for O.J Simpson, had his infamous low-speed Bronco chase played out in Sao Paulo instead of Los Angeles? Brazilian authorities, it seems, have very little patience for criminal suspects, and aren’t averse to using whatever tactics may be necessary to enforce Brazilian law.

I’ve seen plenty of Pursuit Intervention Technique (PIT) maneuvers over the years, but never one involving an SUV and a light aircraft. Wings are ridiculously strong by design, so we may have opted to hit the plane in a different spot (the tail, for example) to prevent take-off. We suppose that’s why we don’t carry an assault rifle and badge in Brazil (coupled with the fact that we don’t speak Portuguese), but we salute the Brazilian authorities in the video. You, sirs, have huevos mas grande.