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Grand Theft Auto V Gets Full List of Vehicle ‘Influences’ (Makes/Models) Revealed 3
Posted by Darryl in Automotive, Editorial, Grand Theft Auto V, GTA V, video, video games on 04 3rd, 2013


The Grand Theft Auto franchise still roots from automotive theft, so it would only be right to continue a tradition of including some of the hottest cars on the market in the latest Grand Theft Auto V game. Of course Grand Theft Auto never outwardly identified each vehicle as a real-life make and model. With that said, many of the vehicles were ‘influenced’ by a real-left vehicle, one that we could easily guess due to the creative graphic design of each vehicle. With the latest Grand Theft Auto V (5), the site igta5.com took it upon themselves to reveal each vehicle in the latest installment and its matching influenced real-world vehicle.

So basically, you will get to steal and cruise in a new Audi R8, Viper, Ford GT, Bentley Continental GT, Porsche 911, Benz SL, Aston Martin Vanquish, Lamborghini Murcielago, and even a V12 Zagato-designed vehicle.

Grand Theft Auto V is set for a release date of September 17, 2013.

Hit up igta5.com for the complete list of vehicles.


Grand Theft Auto Is Back, And Here’s The GTA V Trailer 3
Posted by Kurt Ernst in Automotive, Grand Theft Auto V, Kurt, video, video games, Videos on 11 3rd, 2011

Hard-working relaxation engineers ply their trade in Los Santos.

Some would argue that video games that promote violence, car theft, gunplay and vehicular homicide (not to mention the occasional date with a professional relaxation engineer) are a pox on society, and lead to the breakdown of morals. Others argue that it’s better to get your freak on in a virtual world than in real life, where such behavior usually has seriously negative consequences. Regardless of which side of the fence you’re on, there’s no denying this: Rockstar Games has made a fortune with its Grand Theft Auto video game franchise.

GTA V drops next year, and you can check out the first trailer below. The plot of GTA V is pretty basic: a man moves to Los Santos (which looks identical to real-life Los Angeles) to escape his shady past, settle down and raise a family. As the saying goes, you can run but you can’t hide, so our hero (or anti-hero) soon finds himself caught up in the usual mayhem that constitutes day-to-day life in the City of Saints.

Like the other GTA games, it looks like GTA V will be part cinema, part first person shooter and part driving game. Also like the other versions, it looks like it will be a blast to play, as long as you don’t take it too seriously.