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The Making Of Red Bull’s American Vacation: Video 12
Posted by Kurt Ernst in Automotive, F1, Formula-One, Kurt, Red Bull Racing, video on 09 12th, 2012

David Coulthard drives the Red Bull RB7 in New Jersey

Running a Formula One car isn’t a one man job. Under the best of circumstances, it takes a team of mechanics, engineers, logistical specialists and a driver to get the car where it needs to be, running, and turning competitive lap times. While that’s difficult enough at a limited-access motor racing circuit, the challenge goes up exponentially on an exhibition run through the streets of a city.

In addition to the obvious dangers, like errant pedestrians walking in front of a Formula One car traveling at triple-digit speeds, there are problems that most of us wouldn’t even think about. Manhole covers, for example, need to be tack welded in place, as Formula One cars create enough negative pressure underneath to lift these steel plates into the air. Then there’s the issue of dirt and debris in the (very expensive) engine, since F1 cars don’t run with air filters.

For Red Bull, these risks are manageable when viewed in light of the opportunity to bring a taste of Grand Prix racing to U.S. fans. If it’s to succeed on U.S. soil this time, it will be because of the enthusiasm of American Formula One fans, something that’s proven lacking in past attempts.

As for us, we’d have paid good money to stand at the railing in the Lincoln Tunnel as David Coulthard whistled by in the Red Bull RB7. We can only imagine what that must have sounded like, and we’ll bet that those present in the tunnel still have ringing in their ears.

Red Bull Racing Promotes The Grand Prix Of America: Video 31
Posted by Kurt Ernst in Automotive, F1, Formula-One, Kurt, Motorsports, Red Bull Racing, video on 08 31st, 2012

Red Bull’s RB7 visits New Jersey

If all goes according to plan, Formula One racing will come to the streets of Weehawken, New Jersey next spring. The inaugural Grand Prix of America is scheduled for June of 2013, but no one really knows if the street course will be ready in time. In fact, Formula One czar Bernie Ecclestone appears to have turned his back on the race, saying, saying it won’t happen in 2013, and may not happen in 2014 if a safe course can’t be built.

Red Bull Racing seems a bit more optimistic, and to promote the event it sent its Constructor’s Championship-winning RB7 F1 car on a goodwill tour of the New York and New Jersey area. Starting with a patriotic rendition of The Star Spangled Banner before the Statue of Liberty, Red Bull ambassador David Coulthard toured the New Jersey waterfront, ran some of the proposed street course and even snuck through the (closed) Lincoln Tunnel in an effort to drum up fan interest.

Will it work? We’ll know in nine months or so, but given the condition of roads in the area we’re not optimistic. The video features some great footage, filmed in high definition, so it’s the closest thing we have to racing in the shadow of the Manhattan skyline for the time being.

Redbull & Renault Renew Parternship 12
Posted by Kelly Levinsohn in Automotive News, F1 News, Formula-One, Popular, Red Bull Racing, renault on 09 12th, 2011

renault4 Redbull & Renault Renew Parternship

Among all the automakers that have supplied engines to Formula One teams over the years, Renault is likely considered the most successful. While the French car manufacturer has seen world champion status with its own team in 2005 and 2006, a significant amount of its achievements have come from its success supplying independent teams.

Renault’s most powerful partnership to date has come from its collaboration with Red Bull Racing. The team is the current world champion in both the drivers’ and constructors’ categories and this is expected to continue with the recent renewed partnership agreement for five more years.

Renault Sport F1 will continue to supply Red Bull Racing with V8 engines and KERS Motor Generator Units for 2012 and 2013 and will then develop innovative technical solutions for the V6-based power unit that will be introduced from 2014.

Bernard Rey, President of Renault Sport F1, stated that “Red Bull Racing and Renault share the views that stability is a fundamental condition to perform at the top levels of competition. As well as being a unique opportunity to showcase the performance of the Renault engines at the highest possible level, it is also a fantastic arena to develop the technology and expertise within the Renault-Nissan Alliance.”