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BMW M5 F10 Riding on a set of MORR Wheels 2
Posted by Malcolm Hogan in Auto Addiction, Automotive, BMW, BMW M5, BMW M5 F10, Editorial, MORR Wheels, Vinyl wrap, Wheels on 04 2nd, 2013


We wanted to share a few shots of this remarkable Matt Orange wrapped BMW M5 riding on a set of KW Coilovers and Tinted Gloss Clear Forged VS8.2 MORR Wheels. View additional MORR Wheels photos on their Flickr page.




About MORR MonoForged VS8.2 Wheels

“The MORR MonoForged VS8.2 is lighter, wider, and stronger than its predecessors. Weighing in at approximately 19.8-lbs, it is one of the lightest 19″ 7-spoke mesh wheels in the market. This weight reduction was achieved by implementing several advanced manufacturing processes including flow-forming (which reduces barrel thickness by up to ten-percent), Vehicle Specific Profiles (VSP) and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) by using Vehicle Specific Load Ratings (VSLR) and Vehicle Specific Weight Optimization (VSWO).

Flo-Rida’s Bugatti Veyron Gets Chrome Wrap Treatment 19
Posted by Darryl in Automotive, Bugatti, Bugatti Veyron, Flo Rida, video, Vinyl wrap on 07 19th, 2012

From Justin Bieber, to Snoop Dog, many of us car enthusiasts have seen these music stars pimp-out their cars with flashy modifications. After-all, they are entertainers and what else would we expect from them? The latest entertainer to go the way of ‘flashy’ when it comes to their ride is Flo Rida. Flo Rida, known for topping the charts with his music, took his Bugatti Veyron in to get wrapped in chrome in a tasteful manor.

Wrapping cars, for obvious reasons, is the new thing to do when modifying your vehicle instead of slapping a coat of paint on it. You already know what the new Veyron is all about and have seen previous images of Chromed-out Veyrons.

Flo Rida, born as Tramar Dillard, has had his 2008 Bugatti Veyron for some time now but has just recently taken it to Metro Wrapz in Hollywood, FL for a custom Chrome wrap. Now his Veyron really is one of the ‘Wild Ones’. Hit up the jump below to check out an exclusive video of the freshly wrapped Veyron.

Video: Justin Bieber Rolls Up In Outlandish Chrome Fisker Karma for a Milkshake 11
Posted by Darryl in Automotive, Fisker, Fisker Karma, Justin Bieber, video, Vinyl wrap on 04 11th, 2012

TMZ recently captured Justin Bieber rolling up to a Chick-fil-a drive-through in his new super-flashy Chrome-wrapped Fisker Karma. Reportedly, Justin and his sweetheart Selena Gomez were in the media-attention-getter Fisker Karma to grab some food and a milkshake.

Not only did Biebz get this Fisker Karma for his 18th birthday live on the Ellen DeGeneres show last month, but he had to take it to a new level off of the charts by wrapping it in Chrome along with some illegal window tinting and fuchsia lighting effects.

Hit up the video below to see Biebz rollin… flashy!

Complete Perfection: Identity Designs’ Custom Matte-Silver 3M Vinyl Infiniti G37 Coupe 31
Posted by Malcolm Hogan in Automotive, Infiniti, Infiniti G37, Technical, Tuners, Vinyl wrap on 08 31st, 2011

Our good friends at Identity Designs in Jacksonville, FL, who happens to supply us with all of our graphics and printing needs, recently did a matte silver 3M vinyl wrap on a new Infiniti G37. The remarkable vinyl wrap job exceeds expectations taking today’s faddish matte colored exteriors to a new level.

The guys at Identity Designs took the extra time and effort to make this a unique wrap job. Not one seam, not one flaw, just plain perfection. Identity Designs utilized the best material in the business starting with 3M’s latest 1080 Matte Silver vinyl. They even took the liberty of wrapping the entire door jams making this project turn out better than one would with traditional painting. There is no doubt that the customer base for complete vinyl wrapped cars has increased to record levels. Luckily, you can still find a shop to do the job right. We welcome you to check out the photos of this project before and after below.

Vinyl work performed by:

Identity Designs
4533 Sunbeam Rd. Suite 803
Jacksonville, FL 32257
Facebook Page


If you need a vehicle wrapped, be sure to check out Identity Designs and mention AutomotiveAddicts.com.