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Video: Ken Block Spoofs Himself with Help of Nick Swardson 16
Posted by Darryl in Automotive, Gymkhana, Ken Block, KenBlock, Monster World Rally Team, Nick Swardson, video on 02 16th, 2012

Do you ever have one of those OMG moments when watching a “special” or “unique” video on YouTube? Well, I just had that moment when watching Ken Block spoof himself with the help of actor/comedian Nick Swardson in an interview asking questions about Blocks 2012 race season. Everything is totally unexpected in this video. From the Blockli vegetable company, to the Bowtie factory, it is all a hilarious fallacy. You NEED to check out this video below and have a laugh. Enjoy!

Ken Block Visits Twin Peaks: Video 4
Posted by Kurt Ernst in Automotive, Ford, Ken Block, Kurt, Monster World Rally Team, video on 01 4th, 2012

Twin Peaks was arguably one of the best television series of all time. Set in the small (and fictitious) town of Twin Peaks, Washington, the supernatural-serial-crime-dramedy blended the ridiculous with the sublime to deliver a clear message: in small towns, all is not what it seems.

The show only lasted two seasons, and the location sets used (mostly in Snoqualmie Falls and North Bend, Washington) have long since been repurposed. The derelict lumber mill, for example, is now home to the Dirtfish Rally School, while the Twin Peaks Police Department serves as the school’s classroom and offices.

The Monster World Rally Team video below shows Ken Block and Alex Gelsomino shaking down the HFHV Ford Fiesta on gravel at the Dirtfish Rally School. It features more than a few nods to Twin Peaks, which we’re sure fans of the series will appreciate. As for the school itself, we love the location and always wanted to learn to slide a car well on dirt and gravel. We’re not sure how much plasma we’ll have to sell to attend a session, but we’ll certainly look into it.

Ken Block’s Year In Reverse: Video 27
Posted by Kurt Ernst in Automotive, Ken Block, Kurt, Monster World Rally Team, video on 12 27th, 2011

The marketing and driving machine that is Ken Block had another busy year in 2011. He kicked out a new Gymkhana video, raced a few WRC stages, stacked a car (hard) in Portugal, made dozens of celebrity appearances and sold a boatload of shoes and giant-billed hats. Thanks to the small-in-size-but-big-in-resolution GoPro camera, you can now revisit the highlights of Ken’s year, in full 1080 pixel resolution.

It’s pretty clear that Ken Block spent more time sideways on racetracks in 2011 than we spent driving on racetracks this year, but we hope to change that in 2012. We’re sure Ken will be back at it again in 2012, too, and we’re hoping he decides to put a little more effort into racing WRC than he has in the past. We know the Ford Fiesta RS WRC is a capable car (it gave Mikko Hirvonen a third place finish this year), and we know that Ken can drive on a variety of surfaces. How about showing the rest of the world that Americans can drive in motorsports other than NASCAR?

Ken Block Shows Off His Latest Hybrid 25
Posted by Kurt Ernst in Automotive, Ford, Gymkhana, hybrid, Ken Block, Kurt, Monster World Rally Team, racing, video on 07 25th, 2011

If you’re an enthusiast, the word “hybrid” probably conjures up images of a Toyota Prius, being driven at one mile per hour below the speed limit, in the left lane, by some eco-fanatic attempting to squeeze the last tenth of a mile per gallon from the car’s anemic engine and motor. That’s what I think of at least, and I’ve never driven a hybrid with any kind of serious entertainment value. Not all hybrids are created alike, and the term “hybrid” doesn’t always apply to the powertrain alone.

Ken Block has a serious need for a hybrid vehicle. Not one that runs on battery and gasoline power, mind you, but a race car that can excel at gymkhana, rallycross and stage rally events. One that can put down the 600 horsepower and 665 ft-lb of torque produced by the car’s specially built 2.0-liter EcoBoost engine, across a wide variety of surfaces, tracks and driving conditions. Enter the H.F.H.V., or “Hybrid Function Hoon Vehicle”, built as a collaboration between the Monster World Rally Team and its supplier partners across the globe.

The H.F.H.V. cuts the number of cars campaigned by Block from 3 to 1, which greatly simplifies transportation, set-up and race preparation. It also allows Block to focus on driving a single car, instead of having to master three different vehicles. See the H.F.H.V. in action in the video below.