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Rule Number One – Don’t Stack A Borrowed Race Car: Video 15
Posted by Kurt Ernst in Ariel Atom, Automotive, Crashes, Kurt, video on 11 15th, 2012

Just before the moment of impact

There are certain unwritten rules in motorsports that have existed since two guys in horseless carriages decided to have a go to see which one was faster. Prior to a race, for example, you’ll do whatever it takes to help your competitors, including the loaning of tools, parts, donuts and coffee. During a race, you don’t pass until you see the green flag wave, and you never pass under a yellow flag. While you should always do what you can to save your race car, rule number one is that you never stack a borrowed race car.

As Autoblog explains, this video was captured during practice for an Ariel Atom spec race at Virginia International Raceway’s North Course. We’d be the first to tell you that VIR is a challenging track to learn, made more difficult by traction-robbing elevation changes. The good news is that there’s plenty of run-off area, meaning that mistakes generally aren’t as costly as they’d be at a track like Road Atlanta.

We say generally, since there’s an exception to every rule. We can’t say for sure what happened to the driver in this video, but it appears as if he lost traction when the car unweighted after cresting a hill. His steering wheel was going in the proper direction, but the front tires failed to get that particular memo. Judging from the skid marks in the corner, more than one driver made this same mistake.

Though it looks like the driver had plenty of time to collect the car, racing tires don’t offer up much grip on grass, and race cars are mysteriously drawn to concrete barriers. We’re not sure how much damage the Atom sustained, but the driver walked away unhurt, except for his pride. On the other hand. since it was his brother’s car, holiday gatherings will likely be a bit awkward for the next few years.

Video: Euro Car and Driver Thrashes Ariel Atom 300 on the Track 28
Posted by Malcolm Hogan in Ariel Atom, Automotive, Car and Driver, video on 06 28th, 2012

The Ariel Atom is undoubtedly the vehicle to push the limits of automotive handling dynamics to the brink of unbelief. With 300 horsepower and suspension tuned by Lotus, the lightweight Ariel Atom is good for 0-60mph runs in under 3 seconds. Of course you could always opt for the 500 horsepower version and attempt to desecrate your body with much success.

Car and Driver’s European correspondent, Jethro Bovingdon, recently took the street legal Atom out on the track proving that it is the ultimate track machine. Check out the exclusive video below and enjoy!

A Mugen-Tuned Ariel Atom Versus… A Tuned Honda CRZ? 13
Posted by Kurt Ernst in Ariel Atom, honda, Honda CR-Z, Kurt, Mugen, Tuners, video, Videos on 07 13th, 2011

Car shows like putting together eclectic comparisons. Take Top Gear for example, who once compared a Mitsubishi Evo against a main battle tank, and routinely pits sports cars against extreme sport athletes. Still, I’m not sure any comparison I’ve seen to date is as odd as the one in the Auto Express video below, which compares a Mugen-tuned Ariel Atom to a Mugen-tuned Honda CR-Z. In fairness, they’re not running the cars side-by-side on a track, nor are they using both for a rush-hour commute. Still, comparing the Atom to the CR-Z is akin to comparing an ax to a crate of dynamite: both will take down a tree, but in very, very different fashion.

The Atom remains one of the world’s premier track-day terrors, but Auto Express shows clearly that you don’t need to trailer it to and from track days (assuming you don’t suffer from kidney stones, that is). The Mugen CR-Z is much more entertaining with a supercharger to boost output to 200 horsepower, yet it still returns up to 40 mpg if driven carefully. Perhaps that’s the most shocking part about the video: in the not-too-distant future, there will be hybrids that enthusiasts can actually learn to love.

Source: Autoexpress You Tube Channel, via Autoblog