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Sexy Camry Steals a Look 6
Posted by Alex Ion in Akio Toyoda, Automotive News, Camry, TOYOTA on 07 6th, 2011

The Camry has been in the news for quite some time and everybody has been waiting with bated breath to see the new version emerging. Now the rooters of 2012 Toyota Camry can rejoice and have a detailed look at the vehicle in the making, expected in 2012.

Toyota Camry1 Sexy Camry Steals a Look

Toyota Camry3 150x150 Sexy Camry Steals a Look
Toyota Camry1 150x150 Sexy Camry Steals a Look
Toyota Camry2 150x150 Sexy Camry Steals a Look

A short video of Toyota’s major market player for 2012 has been exposed. The footage(if you want to see it now, you cant – because the video has been removed by the user)  was recorded atToyota’s annual dealer convention inLas Vegas.

Toyota Motor Corp. president and CEO Akio Toyoda had earlier said the car will be “best Camry-ever”, offering remarkable “handling, safety and fuel economy.”

Low-resolution video, shot with a cell phone, doesn’t fail to convince the vehicle’s smooth exterior, edgy style and finer overall look. The size of the car appears to match the current generation Camry and the tail lights are similar to the new Honda Civic.

Camry can be anticipated in a sporty SE variant and a fuel-sipping hybrid, apart from the characteristic standard model. We don’t know about any additional details, which we hope to provide in the near future.

One thing is sure: the car is going to be unprecedentedly sexy.