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Police Dashcam Catches A Plane Crash In Florida 21
Posted by Michael Gauthier in Airplane, Dashcam, Florida, Offbeat News, Police, video on 11 21st, 2017

A deputy from the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office came incredibly close to being involved in a plane crash on Sunday as the officer was on North Keene Road when a single engine aircraft used the roadway to make an emergency landing.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, two deputies were in the area for unrelated service call when an airplane flew directly over them and crashed into the ground at approximately 10:23 a.m. Following the close call, the deputies raced to the scene and discovered both the pilot and his passenger were uninjured.

The pilot, Marc Benedict, told deputies he was returning to the Clearwater Airpark after refueling at the Zephyrhills Municipal Airport earlier in the day. As Benedict was flying over Clearwater, Florida he said the plane started to experience engine problems and didn’t believe he would be able to make it to the airport.

Benedict started looking for a safe place to land and that’s when he noticed the two police vehicles on North Keene Road. After waiting for an opening, Benedict brought the plane in for landing but it clipped a tree which caused to plane to spin and crash.


Florida Dealer Has Two Bugatti Veyrons For Sale 2
Posted by Brad Anderson in Bugatti, Bugatti Veyron, Florida, Galleries, used cars on 06 2nd, 2017

Sick of all the hype surrounding the Bugatti Chiron as well as its exorbitant price tag? Well you’re in luck as an exotic car dealership in Fort Lauderdale has two Bugatti Veyrons in its inventory looking for new homes.
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Sebastian Vettel Single-Handedly Won The 2017 ROC Nations Cup 23
Posted by Carscoops Staff in Florida, Motorsport, racing on 01 23rd, 2017

Sebastian Vettel may have gotten knocked out of this year's Race of Champions early on, but he made up for it by winning the Nations Cup. Again. Only this time, he did it all on his own.
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Juan Pablo Montoya, World’s Greatest Racing Driver, Crowned Champion Of Champions 22
Posted by Carscoops Staff in Florida, Motorsport, racing on 01 22nd, 2017

It's a bold statement, we know. But we feel confident in making it all the same: Juan Pablo Montoya is the greatest racing driver in the world. That much was just confirmed this weekend at the 2017 Race of Champions in Miami.
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Rare ’37 Bugatti 57S Cabrio Tipped To Top $8 Million At Amelia Island 23
Posted by Carscoops Staff in auction, Bugatti, Classics, Florida on 11 23rd, 2016

RM Sotheby's has started lining up its consignments for its Amelia Island auction this coming March, and the highlight will surely be the Bugatti you see here.
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This Guy Tried To Buy A $60,000 BMW With Food Stamps, Which He Then Stole After Being Denied 21
Posted by John Halas in BMW, BMW-X6, EBT, Florida, Offbeat News, video on 03 21st, 2016

The purpose of food stamps is to help low-income households make ends meet – a noble idea that sometimes gets abused in real life by people like Nicholas Jackson. Last Thursday, the 36-year old man tried to fund the purchase of a $60,000 BMW with his Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card and a credit card.
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AutomotiveAddicts.com partners with Florida Times-Union to bring Jacksonville auto news and more 4
Posted by Chris Brewer in An Addictive Take On Cars, Automotive, Automotive Addicts Cars and Coffee, Cars and Coffee, Florida, Jacksonville, Jacksonville, FL, News on 03 4th, 2014

Founded in 2004 by Malcolm Hogan, Jacksonville, Florida based AutomotiveAddicts.com was created for auto enthusiasts of all types. For the past 10 years AutomotiveAddicts.com has strived to give readers the most interesting automotive related material on the internet without recycling material from other networks. Whether you are looking for a meaningful review of new vehicle, an honest look at breaking automotive news, or helpful technical articles and information, AutomotiveAddicts.com is the place to go.


Automotive Addicts is also the founder of the Jacksonville Cars and Coffee event, hosting the monthly car show on the second Saturday of every month. The car show began at the St. John’s Town Center a little over five years ago, moving to the River City Shopping Center, Tinseltown, and finally back to the original location at the St. John’s Town Center. All locales had there pros, but none of them felt like home for the event.

In April of 2013, the Florida Times-Union approached the AutomotiveAddicts.com team and asked if they would consider hosting the event downtown at The Florida Times-Union headquarters at 1 Riverside Avenue. The location was ideal, central to the city, right on the waterfront and included a large covered parking area to accommodate the event in case of rain.


AutomotiveAddicts hosted the first Cars and Coffee at the Florida Times-Union on July 13, 2013. The new location was widely received by the Jacksonville car community. In a short amount of time the show began regularly attracting 400 plus cars and thousands of spectators, AutomotiveAddicts.com Cars and Coffee had found a home and solidified itself as one of Jacksonville’s premier car gatherings. 

Times-Union February 22 2014

But that is not the end of the story…

In January of 2014, the Times-Union contacted Malcolm and asked if he would be willing to come on board with the paper and write a weekly column in the Saturday Drive section of the paper. Meetings were held and emails were exchanged. The new column titled, “An Addictive Take On Cars” debuted on February 8, 2014. Malcolm was then joined by AutomotiveAddicts.com senior editor, Chris Brewer in the February 22, 2014 column.

AutomotiveAddicts.com has also set up a section of the website that readers of the Times-Union can go to for more in-depth articles and reviews, videos and more by clicking on the Florida Times-Union Column link the top of the AutomotiveAddicts.com website or by visiting http://www.automotiveaddicts.com/category/tu

“An Addictive Take on Cars” can be found every Saturday in the Drive section of the Florida Times-Union or you can see the same great stories online at http://jacksonville.com/autos

Automotive Addicts Cars and Coffee Jacksonville, FL is held every Second Saturday of each Month from 9am till 11am located at:
Florida Times Union
1 Riverside Ave
Jacksonville, FL 32202

*Please note that the March 2014 Cars & Coffee is being held at the Amelia Concours d’elegance

Times-Union Press 3

The Florida Times-Union printing press


New Florida Law Should Reduce Frivolous Lawsuits 1
Posted by Kurt Ernst in Automotive, Florida, Florida Law, Kurt, News on 07 1st, 2011

Image: Derek Lilly, morgueFile

Imagine this scenario: you’re drunk and speeding in a car that hasn’t seen the inside of a shop in years. The tires are bald, the brake pads wore out sometime last year and you’ve got about six inches of play in the steering wheel. Rounding a corner, your front tire finally gives up the ghost and blows out. Unable to turn, the last thing you remember before waking up in a wheelchair is that big old live oak tree looming in your windshield.

Because you live in Florida and know that product liability laws favor the plaintiff, you decide to sue the manufacturer of your automobile. Clearly the accident wasn’t your fault, and if only Brand X had built a better car you wouldn’t be paralyzed today. After all, any compact car should be able to hit a tree at seventy miles per hour without resulting in injury to passengers, right?

As absurd as this scenario sounds, that was exactly how Florida law was written until a recent change enacted by Governor Rick Scott. Until last month, the circumstances leading up to an accident were inadmissible in a product liability lawsuit. Given the imaginary case above, the jury would never have heard that the plaintiff was DUI, or that his vehicle should never have been on the road. Instead, the jury would have been told by the plaintiff’s lawyer how shoddy build quality and inferior safety safety systems tragically changed his client’s life. In most cases, the jury bought the argument and returned a generous verdict for the plaintiff.

Auto manufacturers welcome the change and see it as leveling the playing field. Personal injury attorneys, on the other hand, opposed the change in law with one going so far as to call it “ludicrous.” Of course the same attorney went on to qualify her clients as, “quadriplegics or having burns on 80 percent of their body,” which calls her credibility to question, at least in my mind.

This much is clear: frivolous (or even fraudulent) lawsuits cost all of us money. There are indeed legitimate cases of product negligence, but I’d call those lawsuits a lot less common than the what’s-in-it-for-me kind, often fueled by greed alone. In Florida, personal injury attorneys will now need to work a little harder, while auto manufacturers get to present their counter-arguments to a jury. If you ask me, the change in law is a victory for all of us.

Source: Automotive News