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Volkswagen to Offer Hybrid Variants for Every New Roll Out 17
Posted by Alex Ion in Green Auto, hybrid, Variants, Volkswagen on 06 17th, 2011

As you all know, the German motoring giant VW had been a little behind to embrace hybrid tech for their vehicles. However, VW has now announced plans to provide a hybrid edition of every model they will make in future.

VW CEO Martin Winterkorn has been quoted as saying that though he doesn’t believe that prevailing hybrid technologies were not set for playing on the roads with IC engine cars, he is “firmly convinced” that plug-in hybrids will be feasible during the next decade.

So that might mean that the company is hopeful of their future pointing at a scene where lithium-sulphur batteries would having three times the energy density of lithium-ion batteries.

Noteworthy will be the fact that upcoming lithium-air batteries, expected in 2025, would have four to five times the current energy density. Let’s wait.