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Mazda-Audi Gears Up for Rotary Engine Partnership 13
Posted by Alex Ion in audi, Automotive News, Mazda, Rotary Engine Partnership on 06 13th, 2011

Now, it is time for us to forget the last deal between Audi and Mazda, which didn’t end well. Some recent reports indicate that the two automobile giants are considering a new Wankel engine alliance. Let’s look into detail.

Audi and Mazda are reported to have had informal talks on exploring the possibility of joining forces to develop rotary engines. Though it may seem odd that Audi would be interested, the A1 e-tron features a 20 PS (15 kW / 20 hp) range-extending Wankel engine.

Mazda has also been said to have developed a new laser ignition system for rotary engines, which eliminates the need for spark plugs and allows for better engine sealing as well as reduced CO2 emissions. Though the engine has not been given green signal yet, it is likely to debut in the successor to the RX-8.

Stay tuned to know more.

(via Insideline)