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Baby Driver Returns To Subaru WRX To Pull Off Snowy Drifts 10
Posted by Joel V. Patel in drifting, Film, Movie Cars, Subaru, subaru impreza, Subaru Videos, Subaru WRX, video on 01 10th, 2018

Ansel Elgort, the star in the film “Baby Driver,” kept one of the six Subaru WRX sedans that were used during the filming of the movie. Instead of putting the WRX away, Elgort took to Twitter to showcase some snowy drifts.

As the wheelman in the film, Elgort received tons of training to ensure that he could actually perform the stunts in the movie’s chase scenes, which is probably why we loved “Baby Driver.” Apparently, Elgort remembered some of his training, because the drifts he pulled off during New York City’s recent snowstorm were on point.

According to Motor1, making “Baby Driver” took six WRX sedans. One of the sedans was converted to rear-wheel drive and fitted with an upgraded differential to keep the smoky drifts going. That vehicle, even with 158,000 miles on the clock, sold for $69,100 on eBay.

While that vehicle is probably stored away somewhere, Elgort begged the studio to take one of the WRX sedans home. After roughly a year of begging, Sony finally obliged his request, giving the actor the Subaru for his birthday.

Clearly, Elgort’s still enjoying being behind the wheel of a Subaru.

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Watch Tanner Foust Hoon His 900HP Formula Drift Passat 10
Posted by Joel V. Patel in drifting, Film, Formula Drift, VW, VW Passat on 01 10th, 2018

Tanner Foust is a talented driver who, at the US at least, needs no introduction. However, for enthusiasts that aren’t up to speed on all of the Top Gear USA host’s accolades, Foust is a three-time Global Rallycross champion, has won four gold medals in the X Games, and a two-time Formula Drift champion. Clearly, Foust knows how to pilot a high-powered machine and brought his most recent drift-prepped Volkswagen Passat to TheHoonigans to have some fun.

When Foust returned to Formula Drift in 2015 after a five year hiatus, he did so with a radical, fully-built Volkswagen Passat. The stock Passat is obviously a terrible drift car, as its front-wheel-drive layout and elongated body aren’t the ideal underpinnings for a dedicated drift vehicle, but Foust and his crew managed to find a way to make it work.

With an LS7 V8 that’s cranking out 900 horsepower thanks to a nitrous kit shoehorned into the hood, rear-wheel drive, a four-speed dog box and a Tilton clutch, the Passat doesn’t have a problem creating clouds of tire smoke. Plus, it sounds like an absolute beast thanks to an eight-into-one exhaust system.

Foust has major plans in store for the Passat, which includes adding some rear seats and turning it into a drift taxi. If a V8-powered Passat drift car sounds unusual, a 900-hp taxi that drifts everywhere with the skilled driver at its helm will make its passengers hang on for dear life.

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Watch The New BMW M5 Set Two Drifting Records At The Same Time 9
Posted by Carscoops Staff in BMW, BMW M5, BMW Videos, drifting, Film, Record, video on 01 9th, 2018

An all-wheel drive, automatic family sedan is about the last vehicle you’d think would drift. (Trust us, we’ve tried it.) But the new BMW M5 is no ordinary family sedan.

In fact it just set not one, but two new records for doing just that: one record that it beat – positively obliterated, really – and another that it set for the first time.

The idea was to take back the record for the longest sustained drift. BMW broke the previous record a few years back when Johan Schwartz oversteered a previous M5 around the skidpad at the BMW Performance Center in South Carolina (where Schwartz works as a driving instructor).

He managed to lap the skidpad 322.5 times that time, covering a distance of 51.278 miles. Then someone beat his record, so they went at it again at the same track, with same driver, and a new M5.

Though the rules would ostensibly have allowed them to stop and refuel, the team at BMW went one better, setting another record in the process. They rigged up a military-aviation-style refueling rig, brought a second M5 in alongside the first one in a parallel drift, and gassed up one car from the other while they both skidded sideways around the wet track.

Not once, either: five times over the course of eight uninterrupted hours of continuous drifting, covering a total distance of 232.5 miles. The previous record they had to beat, in case you were wondering: 89.55 miles. Like we said, positively obliterated. And BMW has two new Guinness World Records to show for it.


Alpine A110 Is The Tail-Happy Renault You Were Looking For 6
Posted by Cristian Gnaticov in Alpine, Alpine A110, Alpine Videos, drifting, new cars, video on 12 6th, 2017

The all-new Alpine A110 needs to be pretty darn good to compete against the sexy Alfa Romeo 4C, and the playful and complete Porsche Cayman.

However, it appears that it has all the right stuff to help it challenge both of its rivals, while making cars such as the Toyota 86 seem boring, in the right hands, as the video posted by L’Argus proves.

Shot on ‘Circuit du Grand Sambuc’, in Southern France, likely during the media test drive that occurred not long ago, it shows the mid-engined and rear-wheel drive French coupe drifting and power sliding for a couple of precious minutes.

The track conditions don’t seem ideal for a few fast laps, but with the traction control turned off, and with Track mode engaged, which adapts the engine, gearbox, steering, and exhaust note to their most extreme settings, the Alpine A110 became a tail-happy animal.

And it didn’t even use special tires during the exciting run, as the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S were more than capable of withstanding the lateral accelerations.

So, is this enough to make you consider buying an Alpine A110? Let us know what you think in the comments section.


Ford Focus RS Filmed Drifting Again And Again On The Ring 28
Posted by Cristian Gnaticov in drifting, Ford, Ford Focus RS, Ford Videos, Nurburgring, Offbeat News, video on 11 28th, 2017

The Ford Focus RS has a special ‘Drift’ mode that makes it easier to control it when going sideways, but how often have you seen it in action during a track day at the Nurburgring?

It’s safe to assume that the driver of this compact hot hatch had a lot of fun in the famous German circuit, as he was filmed pushing that rear end out a few times and tried to keep it for as long as he could.

Still, despite almost losing it once, no cars were damaged during these tail-shaking laps, as we have seen it happen before to drivers that believed the special ‘Drift’ mode would turn them into professional drifters. After all, even your mom can drift it, can’t she?

Despite the Nordschleife being notorious for its unforgiving nature, we have to give some credit to the driver of this Focus RS not just for his skills, but also for doing his antics with the 345 HP super hatch on the track and not on public roads.


BMW M Teaches Us How To Drift 9
Posted by Sergiu Tudose in BMW, BMW M, BMW M4, BMW Videos, drifting, video on 11 9th, 2017

In case you didn’t know what BMW M drivers love most about their cars, the Bavarian sub-brand is more than willing to provide us with a reminder.

It all starts with turning the DSC off, which you press and hold for 3-4 seconds until the car indicates that the system has been disabled.

Next, once you initiate the drift (at 15-20 km/h or up to 12 mph ), BMW M recommends using the second gear, especially if you’re driving an M3 or an M4, in order to use the torque properly. By the way, to start the slide, you only need to give the accelerator a quick tap if you’re already on a slippery surface.

The BMW M instructor also explains how it’s very important to take your foot off the accelerator immediately after the rear of the car has stepped out. This is a common mistake for some people, as they forget to lift off once the drift has been initiated, applying continuous power.

The rest of the video is pretty straight forward, extremely informative and detailed. It’s a good tutorial, and we recommend it to anybody who’s looking to learn how to drift their car – preferably in a safe and non-populated area.


Lamborghini Aventador Burns Rubber And Makes Sweet Music On Closed Airfield 4
Posted by Cristian Gnaticov in drifting, Lamborghini, Lamborghini Aventador, Lamborghini Videos, Offbeat News, video on 11 4th, 2017

Supercar owners often forget that their powerful machines, as limited and expensive as they may be, are built to have fun in.

However, every once in a while, some of them remember the purpose of their rides, and treat bystanders to some rubber-burning and high-revving experiences, like this Lamborghini Aventador driver.

Shot on a closed airfield, likely during a supercar gathering or local automotive event, the short clip reveals the Italian bull going sideways, to the delight of the spectators.

Before putting an end to the ad-hoc show, the man pulled over and abused the throttle for a few seconds, reminding us (if we ever needed that) that the 6.5-liter naturally aspirated V12 engine that powers the Lamborghini Aventador is one of the best sounding in its class.

Bringing the engine into discussion means, it has 700PS (690hp) and 690Nm (507lb-ft) of torque in the pre-facelifted version that lacks the ‘S’ suffix, and 40PS (39hp) more in the latter, working together to propel it from 0 to 100km/h (62mph) in just 2.9sec.


Channel Your Inner Drifter With World’s First Electronic Handbrake By Ford 31
Posted by Michael Karkafiris in drifting, Ford, Ford Focus RS, Ford Performance, Ford Videos, Ken Block, SEMA show, video on 10 31st, 2017

Ford Performance revealed the all-new Drift Stick, the first-ever rally-inspired electronic handbrake, developed and designed for the Focus RS with the seal of approval by tire-smoke master Ken Block.
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Gymkhana 10 To Feature Five Cars In Five Different Locations 27
Posted by Michael Karkafiris in Amazon, drifting, Ford Videos, Gymkhana, Ken Block, Rally Cars, video on 10 27th, 2017

The first trailer of the upcoming tenth installment of the Gymkhana series is here, revealing Ken Block’s ambition to give us the biggest and most impressive stunt-related film yet.
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Ken Block Takes To Detroit’s Streets In His Mustang Hoonicorn V2 21
Posted by Brad Anderson in drifting, Ford Mustang, Ford Videos, Gymkhana, Ken Block, video on 10 21st, 2017

We’re only just recovering from the sensory overload that was Climbkhana and Ken Block is already working on his latest project.
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Go Behind The Scenes Of Ken Block’s Intense Climbkhana 12
Posted by Brad Anderson in drifting, Ford Mustang, Ford Videos, Ken Block, Motorsport, Pikes Peak, racing, video on 10 12th, 2017

A new clip going behind the scenes of Ken Block’s wild Climbkhana video has just been published by Ford Performance.
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Ken Block Goes To Pikes Peak With Its 1,400HP Hoonicorn And The Rest Is History 26
Posted by Michael Karkafiris in drifting, Ford Mustang, Gymkhana, Ken Block, Pikes Peak, Rally Cars, video on 09 26th, 2017

Ken Block’s latest video comes packed with his signature stunts, only this time we get to see him driving the wheels off his 1,400hp Mustang at the Pikes Peak.
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Ken Block Tests His Insane 1,400 HP Hoonicorn V2 25
Posted by Brad Anderson in drifting, Ford Mustang, Gymkhana, Ken Block, video on 09 25th, 2017

Just before Climbkhana is released, Ken Block has dropped a video detailing his early tests of the 1,400 hp Hoonicorn V2 last year.
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Drifting A 2018 Porsche Cayenne Turbo On A Wet Track Sounds Like Fun 24
Posted by Cristian Gnaticov in drifting, new cars, porsche, Porsche Cayenne, Porsche Videos, video on 09 24th, 2017

Large SUVs such as the new Porsche Cayenne have overcome their barge-on-wheels status and are becoming more fun to drive with each new generation.
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Ferrari-Powered Toyota GT86 Has A Code-Brown Moment During Epic Shooting 22
Posted by Michael Karkafiris in drifting, Engine Swaps, ferrari 458, TOYOTA, Toyota 86, Toyota GT 86, Toyota Videos, video on 09 22nd, 2017

This one-of-a-kind drift build came really close to call it a day during a film shooting on a twisty road in Portland.
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