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Audi R8 Spotted Testing Dual-Clutch Transmission in the Alps 16
Posted by Alex Ion in audi, Automotive News, Dual-Clutch, R8, Super car news on 05 16th, 2011

Is Audi readying a new dual-clutch transmission for its R8? It seems so.  Two Audi R8s have reportedly been spotted in Austrian Alps while testing its new dual-clutch transmission.

Audi R8 6
Audi R8 1
Audi R8 2
Audi R8 3
Audi R8 4
Audi R8 5

The wheels are fully covered and capped by test sensors at each wheel hub while the interior is filled with multiple computers, and wires leading into the engine bay and transmission tunnel. Possibly, there will be a new electric parking brake that has been added next to the lever for the standard parking brake.

There have been speculations of a printed sign inside R8 coupe tester, which make us assume the clutch is very sensitive or touchy. It also represents a marked change over the current R8′s R-Tronic gearbox.

Though VW/Audi has been acclaimed for pioneering the dual-clutch automatic transmission (DSG), the R8′s optional R-Tronic transmission is being severely criticized for its herky-jerky nature, especially at lower speeds.

It definitely seems like Audi is on road for some complex changes for the R8′s transmission of which dual-clutch transmission is one.

(Via WCF)