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Mercedes-Benz S-Class EV 21
Posted by admin in Benz, mercedes on 11 21st, 2011
Mercedes-Benz S-Class EV

Mercedes-Benz S-Class EV

Increasingly stricter environmental dictates are making the rich man’s camel pass though the eyes of smaller and smaller needles to get to regulatory heaven. The Mercedes-Benz S-Class is going to have to shrink somewhere in order to make it into the future, and it seems the company plan for that is to make an electric version, possibly even with lithium-sulfur batteries powering plug-in fuel-cell technology from the F-125! concept showed off at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show.

The technologies aren’t concept-only, or as out-there as using thorium for power, but scaling up to passenger car sizes and standards might be a decade or more out. The return: an S-Class with an emissions-free range of 621-miles.

That might sound like overkill, but as of now only one S-Class undercuts the European average for vehicular CO2 emissions. With the noose tightening in 2015 and even tighter strictures in 2020 and 2025, Mercedes will need to position itself for 2025 and beyond.

Mercedes Launches Most Powerful C-Class Ever 26
Posted by overdrivetv in 380kw, 620hp, AMG, Benz, Black, C63, CarBlog News, mercedes, Popular, series, v8 on 07 26th, 2011

mercedes benz c63 amg black series 1 Mercedes Launches Most Powerful C Class Ever

It looks like if you want something fast and German and muscular, you will have to give Mercedes Benz a call. While their main rivals seem to have gone a bit soft in terms of design, Merc are cranking it up continuously with wider wheel arches, angrier front ends and even more aggressive rear ends.

Have a good look at this, the new Mercedes Benz C63 AMG Coupe Black Series, to give the car it’s full title. It’s the not the first C Coupe Black, that arrived a few years ago with a warning letter to owners asking them to please drive in perfect conditions or else risk certain death. Oh, and sign here so you can’t sue us when that happens.

This new model is even more insane, if that’s possible. Employing the legend-in-its-own-day 6.2 litre naturally aspirated V8 (which they call the 63, but hey, what’s 100cc between friends) the new C 63 Black delivers 380kW, or 620hp. That is quite remarkable, given that it’s the lightest and smallest Mercedes to make use of that engine. The C63 that you can buy right now for around R800 000 in South Africa puts out 336kW, nothing to sneeze at but almost paltry in comparison.

Acceleration from standstill to 100km/h is at a claimed 4.2 seconds; fast, but I must admit I thought it would crack the 4 second barrier. The engine borrows heavily from the internals developed for the SLS AMG Gull-Wing, and given that this car is lighter and more track focused, we wonder which would be fastest around a track. Have Mercedes accidentally built a C-Class faster than it’s flagship supercar?

mercedes benz c63 amg black series 2 Mercedes Launches Most Powerful C Class Ever

If track driving is your thing, Merc will set you up with the Black Series Track Package, which makes this car even more track orientated. But you’d have to be a seriously wealthy track day enthusiast to run one of these, given that the showroom model stands at over R800k. Deliveries start in 2012 and I wouldn’t be surprised if you needed over R1.5m of your hard earned Rands to get your hands on one.

Ciro De Siena -OverdriveTV

Full specifications of the Mercedes Benz C63 AMG Coupe Black Series

Displacement: 6208 cc
Bore x stroke:  102.2 x 94.6 mm
Compression ratio: 11.3 : 1
Output:   380 kW (517 hp) at 6800 rpm at 6800/min
Max. torque:  620 Nm at 500 rpm
Engine weight (dry): 196 kg
Fuel consumption: 12.2 l/100 km*
CO2emissions:  286 g/km*
Acceleration:   0-100 km/h in 4.2s*

Mercedes Benz SLS Roadster Revealed During Final Testing 5
Posted by overdrivetv in Benz, CarBlog News, mercedes, Roadster, SLS on 05 5th, 2011

We can’t think of too many ways to make the stunning SLS ‘Gullwing’ any more desirable, and to be honest we wouldn’t have immediately thought of removing those epic doors. But that’s just what Mercedes has gone and done, and the result is this, the SLS Roadster.

As you’ll see in the picture gallery, the car is undergoing final testing before its debut in Frankfurt later this year. Can you just imagine that job, testing one of these to destruction. We’ve got a full gallery and more specs after the jump.

If you look carefully you’ll notice the Merc badges are disguised, this is apparently a symbol that the car is not yet signed off as a production model.

The newly-engineered soft top takes just 11 seconds to open and has been tested on a stationary rig over 20 000 times to make sure that whichever billionaire buys one doesn’t get his hairpiece wet – if he doesn’t want to.

Mercedes say the rag-top has been engineered so that there is “no intrusive flapping, booming, hissing, clattering or howling”. Good to know. It’s also safe up to 196mph, which is quick.

Usually convertibles are much heavier than the coupe equivalent, not only because of all the extra machinery required to move the roof, but because the resulting loss of rigidity from chopping the roof away means the car has to be reinforced with heavy beams. However because the door assembly of the SLS is already so heavy, the Roadster is only 2kg heavier. Which is basically a big lunch.

The best part? Having the sound of that magnificent 6.2 litre V8 filter directly into the cockpit. I’ve got goosebumps just thinking about it.

new mercedes sls roadster (1)
new mercedes sls roadster (2)
new mercedes sls roadster (3)
new mercedes sls roadster (4)
new mercedes sls roadster (5)
new mercedes sls roadster (6)
new mercedes sls roadster (7)
new mercedes sls roadster (8)
new mercedes sls roadster (9)
new mercedes sls roadster (10)
new mercedes sls roadster (11)
new mercedes sls roadster (12)
new mercedes sls roadster (13)