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KTM Launches Facelifted X-Bow; Just As Crazy As Ever 18
Posted by Brad Anderson in KTM X-Bow, new cars on 07 18th, 2016

KTM has celebrated the building of its 1,000th X-Bow by revealing the car with a slight facelift, set to be included on all future models.
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KTM X-Bow Coming To The US Next Year 17
Posted by Cristian Gnaticov in KTM X-Bow, Reports on 06 17th, 2016

As it doesn’t meet federal crash standards, strict regulations have prevented Austrian motorcycle manufacturer KTM from launching the X-Bow sports car in the US.
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KTM X-Bow Black Edition Is Made Entirely From Carbon Fiber 10
Posted by Bogdan Zoltan in Geneva Motor Show, KTM X-Bow, new cars on 03 10th, 2016

It isn’t easy to imagine an even harder KTM X-Bow, as the vehicle already is a very capable and precise track tool, but the new “Black Edition” takes things to a whole new level.
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Wimmer Makes The KTM X-Bow Even More Track Focused 17
Posted by Bogdan Zoltan in KTM X-Bow, tuning, Wimmer RS on 11 17th, 2015

The KTM X-Bow doesn’t lend itself to tuners, as it’s the embodiment of a very capable, factory-stock track-weapon. Still, Wimmer thought it can boost it up a notch, developing an affinity for the vehicle, and this is the latest result.
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KTM X-Bow Misses The Target 7
Posted by Kurt Ernst in Automotive, KTM X-Bow, News, Track Cars on 03 7th, 2011

The X-Bow laps the 'Ring. Image: KTM

I’ll admit to having a jones for all things KTM. I’d have a 990 SMT supermotard bike parked in my garage right now, except for this thing called “disposable income” that I lack in any appreciable amount. If money were no object, I’d also consider adding a KTM X-Bow (pronounced “crossbow”) to the same garage, since you can now buy them in the United States. At least I would have considered buying an X-Bow, until British Racing Group LLC announced rolling chassis prices for the U.S. market. Sans engine and transaxle, the Austrian oversized go-kart starts at the same price as a well-optioned Z06 Corvette. Ouch.

If you want specifics, the base “Street” model starts at $88,500 for a rolling chassis, designed to take a 2.0 liter Audi turbo motor and Audi transaxle. Step up to the “Clubsport” and the same roller sets you back $103,500; opt for the “Superlight” and the price jumps to $134,500. If you want the best X-Bow that money can buy, you’ll need to pony up for the GT4, which will empty your bank account of $139,000. Remember, you still need to add an engine and transaxle, plus labor if you’re not inclined to turn your own wrenches. By KTM’s own estimates, a base Audi motor and gearbox will set you back another $7,900 plus installation and tuning. Let’s round up and call it an even $10,000, which makes the price of the cheapest KTM X-Bow $98,500, or just a few track days shy of the $100k barrier.

That’s a hell of a lot of money to spend on a car you can’t even drive on the street. In fact, that kind of money would buy you a whole bunch of track day toys, ranging from an Ariel Atom through spec racers and even formula cars. At half the amount, I get the appeal, but at the prices British Racing Group LLC expects, I’d call this particular X-Bow way off target.

Source: Autoblog