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Cadillac Pulls A Page From Hyundai’s Playbook 9
Posted by Kurt Ernst in Apple iPad, Apps, Automotive, Cadillac, CUE, Infotainment Systems, Kurt, News on 05 9th, 2012

Cadillac's CUE iPad app. Image: © GM Corp.

When Hyundai launched its upscale Equus sedan in the United States, it did so with an innovative marketing move: rather than include a paper version of the owners manual, it loaded the full document onto an Apple iPad, which was included with the purchase of the car. That lasted exactly one model year, and Equus models now come with an abbreviated owners manual and a a DVD packed with the full version.

To mark the launch of its CUE (Cadillac User Experience) infotainment system in the upcoming Cadillac XTS, the luxury automaker is doing something very similar. XTS buyers will get a free iPad, but it won’t come loaded with just the car’s owner’s manual. Instead, it will contain an app that mirrors the CUE interface, allowing XTS buyers to learn the system when and where they choose.

The iPad will also contain the MyCadillac app, which allows owners to locate a dealer, schedule service, read the owners manual, get reminders on parking or summon roadside assistance, and the OnStar RemoteLink app, which allows remote locking and unlocking of doors and displays the status of various vehicle systems.

We think this is a smart move on behalf of Cadillac, since infotainment systems can be challenging for some customers to learn (just ask Ford and Lincoln). To ensure this isn’t a problem with CUE, Cadillac is also deploying 25 Connected Customer Experts across the United States to provide a training resource for dealers and customers. It’s even added CUE experts to its customer service center in Austin, Texas, ensuring that questions on specific smartphones and CUE features are answered quickly and accurately.

Just in case that’s not enough, every new XTS and ATS buyer will receive a welcome call from Cadillac, giving buyers a personal contact should questions arise.

Saab’s IQon Brings The Android OS To Your Car 2
Posted by Kurt Ernst in Android OS, Automotive, Infotainment Systems, IQon, Saab, video on 03 2nd, 2011

Wouldn’t it be cool if your car was just like a big version of your smartphone, complete with internet connectivity? If you could upload apps that would enhance your driving, navigation or ability to communicate behind the wheel? Even better, what if these apps could automatically update when new data (or bug fixes) were available? What if your car could schedule it’s own service appointments, or send telemetry data to a dealership the second a problem was discovered? Those features, and more, will all be part of a new Android based infotainment system developed by Saab and currently in beta testing . Called IQon (pronounced “icon”), the technology may be the first truly user-friendly infotainment and telematics system on the market.

Saab is well aware of the dangers of distracted driving, and plans to approve each app as roadworthy before it hits their IQon app store. As someone who has to learn the intricacies of a new nav system or infotainment system every week, I can appreciate the benefits of an icon based, standardized system that’s as easy to use as a smartphone. I”m glad that Saab’s figured this out, but it begs the question why none of the other automakers thought of it first.

Source: Saab