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The Dangers Of Buying A Subaru BRZ: Video 29
Posted by Kurt Ernst in 2012 Subaru BRZ, Automotive, Car Ads, Kurt, Subaru, video on 05 29th, 2012

There’s no doubt that the Subaru BRZ and Scion FR-S are among the most eagerly awaited cars in years, but as this commercial warns, perhaps you should think twice before buying one. Dealer price gouging aside, there are real risks associated with buying a car that’s entertaining to drive, especially if you live somewhere where the roads aren’t all flat and straight.

Buy a Subaru BRZ, it seems, and you’ll ignore work, stand up your supermodel girlfriend and forget all about your faithful canine companion, who waits patiently by your open garage door. We haven’t driven the BRZ yet, so we can’t say if it’s really this entertaining or not, but we’ve driven plenty of cars with serious amusement value without ever encountering this problem. Maybe we just don’t have an addictive personality.

It’s also worth pointing out the “upscale” theme to this video. Judging from the star’s office, girlfriend, etc., one could easily substitute a Porsche, Mercedes-Benz or Audi model for the Subaru in the ad. Subaru has made no secret that it’s marketing the BRZ to a different customer than the Scion FR-S, so don’t be surprised if U.S. ads target a wealthier and older shopper, too.

Ford’s Active Park Assist: So Easy A Dog Could Do It 21
Posted by Kurt Ernst in Active Park Assist, Automotive, Car Ads, Ford, Kurt, video on 06 21st, 2011

The following video is from Ford France, announcing the new Ford C-Max with Active Park Assist. If you want to highlight how easy the latest technology is to use, why not use a troop of performing dogs to deliver the message? If you can train Rover to paw the right button, even he can park your car now (or so the commercial would have you believe). It’s not really that easy, since you still need to select Reverse and Drive on the shift lever, then control the car’s accelerator and brake. Still, it’s a cute ad that’s getting huge traffic on YouTube, because who doesn’t like to see dogs executing a hopelessly complex, Rube-Goldberg-like launch sequence?

Source: You Tube, via Left Lane News

Nissan Partners With Sports Illustrated, And We’re Glad 14
Posted by Kurt Ernst in Automotive, Car Ads, News, nissan, SI Swimsuit Edition on 02 14th, 2011

Nissan has just become the official partner of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, so to celebrate they’ve filmed a series of ads pitting the Nissan Juke against Amber the bikini model. One video compares the curb appeal of both, while the second video shows which has the better curves, aerodynamically speaking. Since the funky-fresh Juke rocks a face that only a mother could love, the videos are more than a little tongue in cheek, complete with a leering announcer. Who wins the showdowns? We do! Enjoy the not-too-tasteless ads below.

Source: Autoblog

The Cars of Mercedes-Benz’s ‘Welcome’ Ad 9
Posted by Kurt Ernst in Automotive, Car Ads, Mercedes Benz, Superbowl Commercial, video on 02 9th, 2011

When it comes to post-1965 American iron, I’ll put my ability to to name a year, make and model up against the best of them. It’s the legacy of growing up turning wrenches in the family garage, and I still identify people more by what they drive than by their names. Bizarre, perhaps, but it works for me. Unfortunately, I lack the same skill when it comes to identifying vintage German cars. Sure, we had a few customers who owned Mercedes sedans and roadsters, but not nearly as many as those who drove American or Japanese cars. When Mercedes ran their “Welcome” Super Bowl ad, most of the cars in it were a mystery to me, and probably to you as well. The video below should help to clear up some of that mystery.

It’s hard to spot some of the cars in the original video, since they flash by quickly or are filmed from odd angles. I had a hard time spotting the 1938 540K Special Roadster (worth $8 million), but had no trouble at all picking out the 1952 Le Mans winning 300SL W194 (at 1:20 in the video). The cars I really wanted to know more about weren’t even mentioned in this follow up video; what’s the story behind the red 300 SL Roadster rounding up sheep, or the Le Mans Prototype race car that Diddy’s standing next to at the end of the video?

Super Bowl Car Ads: I’d Score It Kia 1, Chevy 0 4
Posted by Kurt Ernst in Automotive, Car Ads, Chevrolet, Chevy Camaro, Kia, Kia Optima, Superbowl Commercial, video on 02 4th, 2011

Let’s face it: if your team isn’t playing in the Super Bowl, half the game’s entertainment value is going to come from the ads. Every single advertiser pulls out all the stops to film a budget-blowing spot for the Super Bowl, because it ensures they’ll get their product in front of millions of beer and hot-wing fueled television viewers. Short of staging your own halftime “wardrobe malfunction”, there’s no better way to build brand awareness than with a Super Bowl ad that stands above the rest.

Kia is on a roll these days, launching one successful new model after another. The new Optima is a stunning car, and its quality is on par with anything else on the market these days. Kia’s already known for their Super Bowl ads, since it’s kind of hard to forget a marital aid getting down with a sock monkey on a road trip. How to top that for this year? I won’t spoil the video (below), but I’ll say this: it’s got super villains, aliens, and hopped up Mayans (or Aztecs; I always get them confused).

Chevy’s ad for the Camaro, on the other hand, just doesn’t cut the mustard. Sure, it’s got good visuals (and a stunning blond), but where’s the plot? where’s the build-up, where’s the conflict, where’s the resolution? Why do I get the feeling that the narrative is exactly how the ad agency came up with the idea? Like the bulk of their “Chevy Runs Deep” ads, this one just leaves me scratching my head and thinking about what could have been.

The ‘Pawn Stars’ Crew On The 2011 Ford Explorer 3
Posted by Kurt Ernst in 2011 Ford Explorer, Automotive, Car Ads, Ford, video on 02 3rd, 2011

The hottest show on television these days, at least in terms of ratings, is quite likely the History Channel’s mega-hit “Pawn Stars”. The show follows the exploits of the staff of Las Vegas’ Gold and Silver pawn shop, and it’s chock full of funny. You could try to write a sitcom like this, but you’d never get it right and viewers would never believe the stuff that comes in the door. What better way to highlight the differences between the 2010 and 2011 Ford Explorers than to hire the staff of Gold and Silver to treat it like an appraisal?

These guys are used to scams, since everyone is Las Vegas is working some kind of angle. The setup has the announcer trying to pass off a 2010 Explorer as the all-new 2011 version, and each of the staff get to point out key differences. Rick spots the exposed door keypad on the 2010, which is hidden on the 2011. Corey demonstrates that the 2010 Explorers didn’t get the My Ford Touch option, and The Old Man points out that the 2010’s V6 was down 80 horsepower on the 2011 V6. Cut to Cro-Magnon Man Chumlee rolling up in a 2011 Explorer, which they all agree is the real deal. Until they see the grille logo.

Props to Ford for jumping on the Pawn Stars bandwagon, and a tip of the hat to the guys at Pawn Stars. They’ve been in Vegas long enough to know that fame is fleeting, so you may as well enjoy the spotlight as long as you can.

These Are Audi Commercials? 2
Posted by Kurt Ernst in audi, Automotive, Car Ads, Car Commercials, Super Bowl, Superbowl Commercial, video on 02 2nd, 2011

Startled Smarters, disturbed by a man's affection for his armadillo.

Audi is going head-to-head with Mercedes-Benz in their latest commercials. First they gave us the “Goodnight” TV spot, which mocked Mercedes owners as old and stodgy, more concerned with image than with content. Their latest ads take that message one step farther, occasionally crossing the line of what most Audi customers would consider to be good taste. The best part? These videos are just teasers for the actual ads, which will air during the Superbowl. I dare you to watch them and not smile, although I’ll warn you that they contain some graphic content. In the first, entitled “Startled Smart” (a spoof of the “Scared Straight” concept), high risk youth get a picture of life inside a luxury prison. If you don’t want to see a man kiss a stuffed armadillo, and if implied caviar-jar-licking or cheese fondling puts you off, look elsewhere.

The first video is amusing, but the second is laugh out loud funny. Kenny G plays the head of riot suppression inside a luxury prison, where he pitches his platinum CD entitled “Prison Sax”, complete with songs like “3 1/2 Minute Hug” and “You Scratch My Back, I’ll Scratch Yours”. Just in case the thinly veiled references to hot, sweaty man-on-man sex weren’t enough to take the ad over the top of good taste, Kenny G actually gets to say “If anybody calls me Kenny Z around here, I’ll f**k them up.”