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Third Generation Smart Fortwo Electric to Release in Early 2012 7
Posted by Alex Ion in 2011 Smart ED, Automotive News, Daimler, ED, electric drive, Rick Bourgoise, smart fortwo, Smart Fortwo Electric, third-generation Fortwo electric on 03 7th, 2011

The limited-edition test program model Smart Fortwo Electric Drive (ED), the one that comes under the category of second-generation comes with a hefty price tag. Though the vehicle is offered under the lease-only plan, the manufacturer, Daimler has announced a  $44,387 price.


Well, the lease-only plan of the 2011 Smart ED is also considered to be pretty costly. The plan goes as such: leasing the vehicle requires one to pay $599 a month for 48 months, plus $2,500 due when the  signing of the contract happens. However, one should remember that Fortwo ED is a limited run model and not a mass production electric vehicle.

News is that the third-generation Fortwo electric will hit the showrooms in early 2012. Well, this is supposed to be a production model. Hence, we hope the manufacturer will  adjust the pricing structure, and ship it at a much reasonable rate.

The report further says that there are no sales projections for the next-generation model, but the company’s spokesman Rick Bourgoise expects sales in larger volumes, with a lower retail price as Daimler owner of Smart realizes greater economies of scale. We have also come to know that this third generation upcoming model will be offered for both lease and purchase.

Mazda to Lease Out Electric Vehicles to Japanese Customers 25
Posted by Alex Ion in Automotive News, Building Block Strategy, electric drive, ev, Geneva Motor Show, Mazda, Mazda Demio, Minagi Concept, Skyactiv on 01 25th, 2011

Mazda has announced that they will develop an electric vehicle for the local government bodies and fleet customers in Japan. The vehicle is based on Mazda Demio and will be leased out to customers by spring 2012. Mazda’s intention is to collect feedback and user requirements about the electric drive technology. The EV to be leased out will have an estimated range of 200Km (124 miles)

The car is being launched as Mazda’s plans of “Building Block Strategy”, whereby efficient engines, lesser emissions and reduced weight are of great concern. This as an encouragement Mazda will gradually bring along technologies like regenerative breaking and hybrid systems to its vehicles.

Vehicles adopting Mazda’s eco-friendly SKYACTIVE technologies will arrive at markets this year; this would be a first stride towards a “Building Block Strategy”. Mazda has already stated that they would be introducing the Minagi Concept during the Geneva Motor Show; Minagi Concept largely incorporates the SKYACTIVE technologies.

Mazda will also focus its R&D on EVs specified for commuters.  Since internal combustion engines are for now irreplaceable, the company hopes to improve on this front as well. Mazda will work on eco-friendly technologies which will bring great driving pleasure along with increased environmental and safety performance.