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Meet the all new Marvelous Mini 19
Posted by CarBlog Staff in Automotive News, BMW, mini cooper, new, Popular on 11 19th, 2013


Not too long ago we posted some spy shots of the all new 2014, Mini Cooper. Well, the time for spying is over as the third generation Mini was officially launched today.

BMW revealed the all new Mini, and while it still looks the same and features everything you’d expect from the car, it has been upgraded some what on the inside – including some brand spanking new technology to go along with it.

Firstly, the 2014 Mini is quite a bit bigger than its predecessors. It is 98mm longer, 44mm wider, 7mm taller and has a 28mm longer wheelbase which accommodates for a wider track in the front and rear.

However, it is the engine that most people – including BMW – seems to be most excited about. This third generation Mini will be available in 3-cylinder engines for the first time ever. Also, another hook for both Mini and BMW, is that the new Mini launches with three new engines from BMW’s all new ‘Efficient Dynamic’ engines.

Apparently, these new engines will reduce fuel consumption and emission by as much as 27%.

Engine wise, the standard Mini Cooper will produce 134horsepower through a 1.5 liter, 3-cylinder engine. The Diesel version, the Cooper D, will produce 144horsepower through a 1.5 liter, 3-cylinder engine. And finally, for a bit more power, the Cooper S will produce 189horsepower through a 2.0 liter, 4-pot petrol engine.

All of the new Mini’s will be available in either a 6-speed manual or 6-speed automatic transmission.

Gallery: The 2014 Mini Cooper –


Some fancy tech items include cruise control and (our favourite) an on-board SIM card that will automatically phone emergency services if you were to come in an accident. Now that’s quite clever.

Just as the Mini’s before, the 2014 model will be just as customizable. New decorative trims will be available for the roof, the bonnet, exterior mirrors, seat upholstery and interior surfaces.

Pricing for the marvelous new Mini start at £15,300 for the Cooper, rising to £18,650 for the Cooper S. Or, for you and me, R249,015 to R303,538. However, Mini says that this price will include extra’s like an on-board computer, front fog lights and Bluetooth.

We like the new Mini – a sassy little car with the power to back it up. What are your thoughts?

Source: TopGear

Spy Shots: 2014 Mini Cooper 11
Posted by CarBlog Staff in Automotive News, Autostyle, mini cooper, Popular, Spy Shot on 10 11th, 2013


The beloved Mini is back and almost ready to unveil it’s all new, 2014 Mini Cooper.

Almost that is. The official unveiling of the much anticipated 2014 Mini Cooper has been scheduled for November 18 – but thanks to the people at Motor Authority, we can bring you some spy shots of the marvelous Mini. 

This third generation Mini is a whole new range of models.  Each one is based on a all new, front wheel drive platform. The 2014 Mini Cooper boasts a 3 cylinder engine rather than the old, 4 cylinder engine of it’s predecessor.

Developed with Mini’s parent company, BMW, the 2014 Mini is said to be the best yet.

From what we can gather from the sneaky spy shots, some of the exterior changes include a hexagonal radiator grille with auxiliary lights fixed in the grille. Also, the car features jewel-like tail lights and ring shaped daytime running lights.

With the 2014 Mini, the company hasn’t ventured too far into new territory when it comes to the interior. As expected, Mini has decided to stay true to their famous, retro-vintage interior look.

The 2014 Mini sure looks set to be a winner, so if you’re into smaller, cuter cars, you might want to start saving!

Check out the spy shots in the gallery below:


2012 MINI Cooper S Coupe Review & Test Drive 8
Posted by Malcolm Hogan in Automotive, featured, MINI, mini cooper, Mini Cooper S Coupe, MINI Coupe, Test Drives on 03 8th, 2012

The all-new Mini Cooper Coupe is a reinvention of the 4-seater Mini cooper that we have all adorned for its surprising functionality, cool looks, fun-to-drive demeanor and small size. Conversely, the 2-seater Mini Cooper Coupe manages to subtract two seats from the original equation while adding subtle intricacy and excitement at the same time.

Having driven the new 2012 Mini Cooper S Coupe for almost week, I have grown to appreciate what the Mini is all about. What it lacks in terms of less cargo space, diminished rear visibility, and less seating than the 4-seater Mini Cooper S, it attempts to make up in the fun department. The Cooper S Coupe is almost more of a novelty rather than practical transportation in a small package.

To support the impractical but fun transportation perception, BMW has injected the Mini Cooper S Coupe with added power from the previous generation Mini Cooper S. The new Mini Cooper S Coupe gets a turbocharged 1.6-liter inline 4-cylinder engine with an output of 181 horsepower and 177 ft-lbs. of torque. The little engine that could really turns out a respectable amount of power. The Mini Cooper S Coupe scoots along well and proves to be a nimble 2,600-pound two-seater subcompact.

One thing is for sure, the guys in the Italian Job would appreciate the new 2012 Mini Cooper S Coupe as it probably does not need many aftermarket modifications to make a quick get-away. However, they wont have much space to stow any of the “stolen” goods.

The new Mini Cooper S Coupe, with its strikingly distinctive looks, is very different from anything else on the road to say the least. Sure, you will quickly recognize it from the front-end that the new Cooper S Coupe is all MINI; but the off-colored low-rear-slopping roof throws some for a loop in terms of styling. The rear window has been miniaturized with limited visibility. Making things even worse, is a motorized spoiler that automatically rises to the occasion at around 50mph further hindering your rearward sight. The motorized spoiler, proven to be functional at high speeds, can be raised manually at any time but limits lowering once you have hit above 50mph. Drop below 45mph and it will automatically retract.

By bringing an original aesthetic to the Mini line, the new Cooper S Coupe initially strikes a chord with enthusiasts. Despite that fact that the Cooper S Coupe does not really give enthusiasts much of a performance advantage over the Mini Cooper S, the unique styling may be the tip to excite potential buyers.

Interior accommodations in the new Mini Cooper S Coupe do not depart much from the Mini Cooper 4-seater. Being a two-seater Mini, seating areas were kept ‘friendly’ for many different sized adults. Surprisingly, my 6-foot 3-inch frame did not have a problem with finding a suitable seating position. Even the roof had curved/domed cut-outs to provide the driver and passenger with added headroom.

As in any Mini vehicle, the interior is customarily laced with BMW equipment, which proves to be user-friendly after spending some one-on-one time in a parking lot. The center speedometer, housing the rounded-off LCD screen for navigation, audio and other vehicle settings, proves to be clear and colorful. The toggle and navigation stalk located in the center console just in front of the arm rest, is convenient for navigating the LCD screen’s feature sets. Other vehicle controls, such as the windows, interior lights, spoiler control and door locks, are all arranged in retro-styled switches. In all, the interior does not sway far from other Mini siblings.

The new Mini Cooper S Coupe’s nimbleness expands only as far as the understeer limits. The interesting part about the Mini Cooper S Coupe’s understeer, is that you can only invoke abundant amounts of it with DSC (Dynamic Stability Control) completely off. That means putting the Mini into sport mode and hold down the DSC button for a few seconds until you see “DSC inactive” on the center LCD screen. It is not until then that the electronic limited slip is activated allowing the front wheels to virtually spin in synch when pulling some extra lateral Gs. Surprisingly, the Mini Cooper S Coupe has about 100 extra pounds to push around than the 4-seater Mini Cooper S.

Steering response is sharp and unexpected from an electric power rack. The Mini Cooper S Coupe’s suspension bites back well when pushing the two-seater to the limit. The vehicle stays very flat in the corners and the short wheelbase remains to play in synch during spirited driving even at highway speeds. You do however feel a bit of harshness in the damper rebound, but it is somewhat expected when driving something as small as the new Mini Cooper S Coupe.

Power output to the front wheels, courtesy of a well-tuned 1.6-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine, is very healthy. With the snappy and quick-shifting 6-speed automatic box in my Mini Cooper S Coupe test vehicle, I was still able to break the front tires loose on several occasions. In manual shifting mode, using the steering wheel mounted paddles or floor shifter, the Cooper S Coupe will hold a gear until it reaches red-line. Don’t expect to bounce off of the rev-limiter at any time because the automatic box simply won’t let you.

Rev-matching downshifts are fun especially when you get an astronomical amount of snap-crackle-pop sounds from the dual exhaust pipes. If the higher-performing 208-horsepower JCW (John Cooper Works) Mini Coupe has half the amount of popping sounds of unspent fuel and closing of the wastegate as the Cooper S Coupe does, then you will be in for an extra noisy treat when decelerating. Actually, I rather enjoyed the exhaust sound, which mentally promotes flogging the Cooper S Coupe to the point that you get pulled over by the cops. Yes, I did get pulled over by the local wildlife law enforcement for speeding and noise pollution. Luckily, I didn’t have to sign any dotted lines because the officer was in a good mood after sharing a few ‘choice’ words with me about the styling of the new Mini Coupe.

As it currently sits, the Mini brand has a wide variety of vehicles in many different sizes. Perhaps the all-new 2012 Mini Cooper Coupe is an afterthought appeasing those who want a bit more sports-appeal at the sacrifice of versatility and rear seating. Don’t get me wrong – the new Mini Cooper S Coupe is definitely a neat little pocket-rocket, it just does not appeal to a mass nearly as large as the well-known Mini Cooper 4-seater variants. At a loaded-up as-tested price of $33,400, I sure hope the 34mpg highway figure pays off in the long run. Of course you can opt for a stripped-down version of the all-new Mini Cooper Coupe at a starting point of only $21,300.


Copyright: 2012 AutomotiveAddicts.com


  • Price: Base Cooper Coupe $21,300 As-Tested Cooper S Coupe $33,400
  • Engine: 1.6-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder 181 horsepower @ 5500 rpm / 177 ft-lbs. torque @ 1600 rpm
  • Total length: 147.0in.
  • Total width: 66.3in.
  • Total height: 54.5in.
  • Wheelbase: 97.1in.
  • Track: f/r-57.4/57.8in.
  • Headroom: 38.4in.
  • Fuel tank: 13.2 gallons
  • Curb weight: 2,679lbs.
  • 0-60 mph: 6.5 seconds
  • EPA mileage: 27mpg/city, 34mpg/highway

2011 Mini Cooper S Countryman ALL4 Review & Test Drive 31
Posted by Harvey Schwartz in Automotive, featured, MINI, mini cooper, Mini Cooper S Countryman ALL4, Test Drives on 08 31st, 2011


The new Mini Cooper has been a phenomenon here ever since it first débuted a couple of years ago.  Mini owner car clubs have popped up all over the country as this fabled, small, ubiquitous two door was taken over, redesigned to modern day standards, and marketed around the world by BMW.

To expand its sales to families and active singles and couples, Mini introduces the four-door Countryman in 2011.  Two more seats for adults or children are in order, or you can fold the two seats down to increase cargo space.

More front and rear overhang is necessary on the new Mini since it has been transformed into a crossover/stationwagon.  The wheelbase has been lengthened to 102.2 inches, almost 2 inches longer than the Clubman’s and a solid five inches over the standard Mini Cooper hatch.

These new extra inches are going to good use as the 2011 Mini Cooper Countryman’s standard rear bucket seats have a 5.1 inch fore/aft range adjustment.  You can also order their three-place bench seat at no extra cost if you want your Mini Countryman to seat five.  The bench seat will also adjust fore/aft, similar to a 60/40 split bench, and like the bucket seats, it seatback cushions recline.

With all of the seats reclined you get 12.2 cu.ft. of cargo space.  If you drop the rear seats into the floor you can get up to 41 cu.ft. of cargo space.  You can also use the roof rack to store cargo to your needs.

The Mini Cooper S ALL4 Countryman that I tested only comes with the 1.6 liter inline four-cylinder engine that adds BMW’s Valvetronic variable valve lift to the twin-scroll turbocharger and direct injection systems.  This combination adds up to 181hp at 5,500rpm and 177lb.ft. of torque (192lb.ft. with the overboost) and more efficient fuel economy.  The base Mini Countryman features the normally aspirated 1.6 liter engine with no Valvetronic or direct injection systems and makes just 121hp at 6,000rpm and 118lb.ft. or torque.  You are better off with the optional engine that came with my test Countryman.

The new Mini Cooper S comes equipped with Mini’s familiar Getrag six-speed manual transmission allowing you to change gears as you like.  Mini’s six-speed automatic transmission is optional and includes paddle shifters for even more fun-to-drive action.

Front-wheel-drive is standard but the fun and extra traction needed in the snow, wet, or slick road surfaces is made easier and safer with the optional ‘ALL4’ all-wheel-drive system that is available only on the Mini Cooper S Countryman.

Even though it is touted as all-wheel-drive, it only indicates a clutch-pack coupling built into the final-drive unit.  An electrically driven hydraulic pump governs the pressure that reaches the coupling.  In dry conditions, you can expect most of the torque to go to the Countryman’s front wheels.

Up to 50% can be redirected rearward to promote proper cornering character, and in really extreme cases, up to 100% of engine torque can go to the rear wheels.  Also, an electronic limited-slip differential allows for side-to-side torque swaps between the car’s front wheels.

The suspension is fully independent with a MacPherson strut setup up front and a multi-link setup in the rear with front/rear sway bars.  It gets a slightly softer tune since the car is bigger and heavier, even with the sport suspension.  Turn-in is excellent but it tends to get a little loose at speed in S-curves as the sway bars try keeping the rear from hanging out as the new Countryman has a higher ride height.  I’d advise taking it easy when driving on continuous curving roads.  The electric power rack & pinion steering is nicely weighted with a great feel for the road and quick, precise response to your inputs.

The brakes are slightly larger to more effectively and safely slow this larger and heavier Mini Cooper S Countryman down from speed.  Up front are 12.1 inch vented discs clamped with dual-piston calipers and 12 inch solid discs in the rear clamped with single-piston calipers.  Keeping you in control are standard ABS, EBD, Corner Brake Control, Dynamic Stability Control and Dynamic Traction Control with EDLC.

The new Mini Cooper S Countryman ALL4 rides on big, 18X8 inch alloy wheels wrapped with 245/45R18 inch all-season run-flat tires for a smooth and quiet ride.

Inside the new, larger, roomier cabin is basically the same dashboard setup but for the addition of two more toggle switches for the rear door windows, larger air-vents at the ends of each side of the dashboard, new surfaces that are now textured grain and newly designed door panels that underline the specific shape of the body.

In addition to being the biggest and most rugged member of the Mini family, the Countryman promises to be the most tech-laden.  Adaptive HID headlights are optional, and Mini is promising full integration for iPhones and other smartphones that find their way into your Countryman.

While the all-new 2011 Mini Cooper Countryman is more useful and practical than any other Mini to date, be prepared to spend more money as prices start at $26,950.00, and my fully loaded S ALL4 model was stickered at $34,650.00 including destination.

Standard features in the 2011 Mini Cooper S Countryman ALL4 not mentioned above that I tested includes Tire Monitor, A/C with micro filter and air-recirculation, manual 6-way adjustable front bucket seats, adjustable tilt/telescopic sport leather-wrapped steering wheel with cruise-control buttons, sport button for quick throttle and steering response, Boost CD,AM-FM audio system wit HD radio technology, six speakers and auxiliary input jack, power windows all express up/down, power remote sideview mirrors, variable intermittent wipers/washers, rear wiper/washer, power door locks, remote keyless entry, center rail with eyeglass case and two cupholders, center console with two cupholders, low-profile aluminum roof rails, seven-airbags, 3-point safety belts for all four seating positions, side-curtain airbags, thick cut-pile carpeting with thick floor mats front/rear, cold weather package of power folding/heated sideview mirrors, heated front seats, leather seats, dual pane panoramic sunroof, automatic climate control, Harman-Kardon sound system, black stripes, Xeon headlamps, 18X8 inch alloy wheels, comfort access keyless entry, cargo net, center armrest, park distance control in the rear, and foglamps.




  • Price: Base Cooper S Countryman $26,950 As-Tested $34,650
  • Engine: 1.6-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder 181 horsepower @ 5500 rpm / 177 ft-lbs. torque @ 1600 rpm
  • Total length: 161.3in.
  • Total width: 70.4in.
  • Total height: 61.5in.
  • Wheelbase: 102.2in.
  • Track: f/r-60/61.1in.
  • Headroom: f/r-39.9/37.5in.
  • Legroom: f/r-40.4/33.8in.
  • Fuel tank: 12.4 gallons
  • Curb weight: 3,042lbs.
  • 0-60 mph: 7.3 seconds
  • EPA mileage: 25mpg/city, 31mpg/highway

How Far Would You Go For A Free Car? 28
Posted by Kurt Ernst in Automotive, Bizarre, Funny, Media, MINI, mini cooper on 01 28th, 2011

Mini logo on your leg? Not far enough. Image: J3kidford

If your name was Andreas Muller and you lived in Germany, you’d get yourself tattooed in the most uncomfortable of places to win a free car. Mr. Muller, it seems, really wanted to win a new Mini Cooper being given away by a local radio station, so he agreed to have the word “Mini” tattooed on his junk. That was enough for a win, and the local station broadcast live from the event; as you’d imagine, there was a fair amount of screaming involved. It goes to show that “Jackass” isn’t purely an American phenomenon, and I wish Mr. Muller a speedy recovery. His mom must be so proud.

That said, there are certainly cars that I’d get Mr. Happy branded for. I hate to brag, but “McLaren MP4-12C” would fit nicely, as would “Lamborghini Gallardo LP 570-4 Superleggera” (although, admittedly, you’d have to use a smaller font for that one). A friend suggested “Hummer”, which would have added benefits beside a free car, but I don’t want to drive a Hummer. I think “Porsche GT2 RS” would fit nicely, and I’d be more than happy to man up (literally and figuratively) if Porsche wanted to lease some, um, advertising space.

Source: Autoblog

Mini Cooper Paceman Details Out in Run Up to NAIAS (Video) 20
Posted by Alex Ion in Automotive News, Concept car news, mini cooper, naias, North American International Auto Show, Paceman, Upcoming Events on 12 20th, 2010

Mini Cooper has released a few details about its new car, the Paceman, just ahead of the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS). The cars are known for being small yet zippy on the busy city roads and the Paceman is no exception.

The company says that the car has been designed in a new and improved manner so that it appeals to the young, modern, outgoing urbanites who are the type that like to have fun and live life on the go.


The new car has got brand new features like a bold front fascia, a sloping roofline, 19 inch alloys. And, things get a lot more interesting on the inside as well, leather upholstery, full length center rail system, a unique door panel trim and the works.

The zippy Mini has a few surprises in store for you. Pop the hood and you will find a 1.6 litre turbocharged four cylinder engine that pumps out 155kw (211PS/208hp) and 260 Nm (192lb-ft) of torque.

At the moment, the Paceman is just in its concept stage but the company assures that it could turn out to be a building block in the company’s product portfolio as well as its brand.

Check out a video of the Paceman:

Look Who’s Talking: Mini Cooper Camden Package With Mission Control Voice Feature 12
Posted by Chris in Automotive, MINI, mini cooper, Mini Cooper Camden, Mission Control Voice Feature, video on 10 12th, 2010

The new special edition 2010 Mini Cooper Camden, in celebration of its 50th anniversary, offers a new Mission Control Voice feature that talks to you depending on the specific driving situation. It is essentially a collection of many different voices that is quite entertaining. All of the sound files, an astonishing 1,300 different phrases, are stored on an SD card. This allows you to remove it and add a different voice such as Kitt from ‘Knight Rider’.

This new gimmick can be fun but also annoying to some at the same time which is why you can disable the feature. I highly recommend if you are near a Mini dealership, go test drive a new Mini Cooper with the Mission Control voice feature. You will have a blast, literally! Check out the videos below demonstrating the Mission Control feature. Enjoy!

MINI Cooper SD Spied; Launch Expected in 2011 16
Posted by Alex Ion in Automotive News, Cooper S, mini cooper, SD, turbodiesel engine on 09 16th, 2010

Spy photographers have been hard at work again – this time managing to capture some new images of the MINI Cooper SD, which is a Cooper S that has a diesel engine. The vehicle is expected to be launched in 2011.

The car was spotted and photographed in all its glory – revealing a sport suspension, ventilated hood, and a center-mounted dual exhaust system. Power is expected to be from a 1.6-liter turbodiesel engine with above 140 hp (104 kW / 142 PS).

2011 Mini CooperS3
2011 Mini CooperS1
2011 Mini CooperS2

The 184 hp (137 kW / 187 PS) Cooper S will continue to outshine this one, but the SD will definitely outgun the 110 hp (112 PS / 82 kW) Cooper D and the 89 hp (90 PS / 66 kW) One D.

(Via WCF)