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Tesla’s New 21″ Model S Wheels Go For The Princely Sum Of $4,500 20
Posted by Sergiu Tudose in Electric Vehicles, Reports, Tesla, Tesla Model S, Wheels on 01 20th, 2018

Tesla Model S buyers who would rather ditch the car's standard 19" wheels in favor of something larger, finally have something new they can order.
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Another Lawsuit Over Tesla Model S P85D True Output Surfaces In Norway 14
Posted by Joel V. Patel in Electric Vehicles, Reports, Tesla, Tesla Model S on 01 14th, 2018

The Tesla Model S is becoming somewhat of a controversial car in Norway. The electric automaker is facing another lawsuit in the country, as Model S P85D owners are suing Tesla on the basis of false advertising, reports Dagens Naerlingsliv.

Towards the end of 2016, 126 Model S P85D owners in Norway sued Tesla, claiming the electric sedan only produces 469 horsepower instead of the claimed 691 hp. The latest lawsuit, which has 79 plaintiffs, claims that the automaker misrepresented the EV’s performance figures.

The latest batch of drivers are looking to get the same settlement as the previous owners, which saw each car Model S P85D owner receive 65,000 Norwegian crowns ($7,700) in an out-of-court settlement. Some, though, opted to get a smaller payout in addition to receiving upgrades to their Teslas.

“It’s the same kind of case that ended up in a compromise the last time,” said the plaintiffs’ lawyer, Christoffer Falkeid. “It’s about the power of the car and the mistakes in marketing and in the sales process, but I do not want to go into amounts.”

While there’s a substantial gap between a car that has 469 hp and one that has 691 hp, there’s a simple reason for the discrepancy. As Teslarati points out, the Model S P85D has a dual motor configuration. The front motor is rated by Tesla to make 221 hp, while the back generates 471 hp, giving the electric car a combined rating of 691 hp.

Unfortunately for Tesla, in Norway this constitutes false advertising, leading to the lawsuits. The trial will take place at the Oslo District Court in June and is expected to last six days.

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Tesla Introduces Trip Planner To Give Potential Customers A Real Look At Ownership 6
Posted by Joel V. Patel in Reports, Tech, Tesla, Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model S, Tesla Model X on 01 6th, 2018

With the release of the Model 3, Tesla is finally expanding into a fully-fledged manufacturer that appeals to a significantly higher number of buyers. While the more affordable price tag of $35,000 before tax incentives surely is a major factor in drawing in customers, the automaker’s trying out new things, including launching a trip planner on its website, as Fortune reports.

Up until now, only Tesla owners could plan a trip out in one of their electric vehicles through the car’s built-in navigation system. The company has added the new planner in an effort to provide drivers with a realistic view on what taking a trip with its all-electric vehicles would be like.

The website allows users to choose between the Model S, Model X, and Model 3, and it’s available on all of the Model S and Model X’s versions, namely the 75 kWh, 100 kWh, and 100 kWh ones. The Model 3 is only available with the long-range battery pack, which was confirmed to have a range of 310 miles (500 km). After choosing a vehicle, users can plan their trip by entering their location and intended destination.

The nifty thing about the trip planner is that it shows users where and how long they’ll have to charge their electric vehicle for on the journey. Your truly, for instance, messed around with a trip from Detroit to Washington, D.C., which is a trip I made multiple times last year.

With a Model 3, I would have to make three stops to get to my destination: one in Macedonia, Ohio, another in North Huntingdon, Pa., and an additional stop in Breezewood, Pa. The stop in Macedonia would be the longest at 40 minutes, while the one in North Huntingdon would be a quick one at 25 minutes and the last one in Breezewood would be for 30 minutes. The trip, including the necessary stops, would take 10 hours and 17 minutes and span 548 miles.

The trip planner also provides an estimated gas savings amount. For the aforementioned trip, Tesla believes it would save me $23. That figure’s on the safe side, as I know my 2002 Toyota 4Runner would take about $75 in fuel on that exact trip.

Being able to see exactly where you have to stop and for how long is a nice touch for Tesla customers. Fortune, though, claims that the in-car navigation system is, for now at least, better than the website, as it provides more details.


Tesla Delivered 1550 Model 3s In Fourth Quarter, Production Plans Pushed Back Again 4
Posted by Brad Anderson in Electric Vehicles, Reports, Tesla, Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model S, Tesla Model X on 01 4th, 2018

Tesla has fallen short of Wall Street expectations by revealing that it delivered just 1550 examples of the Model 3 in the fourth quarter of 2017.

Confirmation of these lower-than-expected delivery figures come just a couple of days after the Californian EV startup pushed back its target of producing 5000 Model 3 sedans per week until the end of the second quarter. Tesla initially intended on reaching this mark at the end of December.

On the back of these revelations, shares in Tesla fell by 1.7 per cent to $312 in after-market trading.

Many analysts believed Model 3 production would ramp up significantly in the fourth quarter this year and that roughly 4100 examples would be delivered.

Beyond the Model 3, Tesla says it delivered 15,200 Model S vehicles and 13,120 Model X SUVs in the fourth quarter, bringing total deliveries up to 29,870.

In a statement, Tesla said Model 3 production is increasing.

“In the last seven working days of the quarter, we made 793 Model 3s, and in the last few days, we hit a production rate on each of our manufacturing lines that extrapolates to over 1,000 Model 3s per week.”


Acura NSX Dares To Challenge Tesla Model S P100D In 1/4 Mile Drag Race 1
Posted by Sergiu Tudose in Acura, Acura NSX, Acura Videos, Drag-Racing, Tesla, Tesla Model S, Tesla Videos, video on 01 1st, 2018

Since there aren’t many supercars that can keep up with a Tesla Model S P100D over short distances, perhaps it’s time for everyone to acknowledge just how quick the all-new NSX really is.

This is the same NSX that ran a 1/4 mile in just over 11 seconds last week, maxing out at 124 mph (200 km/h) as it crossed the finish line. It’s also mostly stock, with the only modification being a Fabspeed exhaust system. It may not be as powerful as the P100D, but its 581 PS (573 HP) and 686 Nm (506 lb-ft) of torque is nothing to laugh at.

The two cars raced twice, though the second time, the Model S didn’t have as good a start as it did during the first run. Either way, it was really close, with just 0.14 seconds between them.

So, did the NSX manage to outrun the all-conquering Tesla? There’s only one way to find out: just press the play button in the video that follows right after the jump.


Tesla Celebrates The Holidays With Santa Mode Easter Egg 26
Posted by Brad Anderson in Electric Vehicles, Tesla, Tesla Model S, Tesla Model X, Tesla Videos, video on 12 26th, 2017

To help celebrate the holiday season, Tesla has introduced a special ‘Santa Mode’ easter egg for the Model S and Model X.

Santa Mode can be accessed through the Easter egg section of the infotainment system which now features a reindeer button. Once engaged, Santa Mode transforms the car usually displayed on the digital gauge cluster into a Santa sleigh and surrounding vehicles into reindeers.

Additionally, Santa Mode starts playing ‘Run Rudolph Run’ and when a turn signal is engaged, the sound of sleigh bells fills the cockpit. Last but not least, the road displayed on the dash turns icy on those Tesla Model S and Model X vehicles with Autopilot.

Last year, Tesla introduced a different Christmas easter egg. At the press of a button, it saw the vehicle opening and closing its doors, flashing the lights, and playing Christmas tunes in a rather dazzling display.


‘World’s First’ Tesla Model S Limo Selling For $67k On Ebay 22
Posted by Brad Anderson in eBay, Electric Vehicles, limo, Reports, Tesla, Tesla Model S, tuning, used cars on 12 22nd, 2017

A seller on eBay is looking to part ways with what they assert was the ‘world’s first’ Tesla Model S.

Based on a Model S 85, the highest bid at the time of writing was just a touch over $67,000, less than an ordinary 2015 Model S 85 would have cost you in 2015. Evidently, people don’t seem too keen on paying a premium for an electric vehicle that’s literally been chopped in half and lengthened.

The seller asserts that all of the new panels and underpinnings for the limo are made from aluminum and that it was built as an “advertisement project.” Curiously, work was never finished and the limo is reportedly only 90 per cent complete.

“This vehicle has tons of potential to become whatever the new owner has in mind. We are selling the vehicle as is without a warranty. We are a limo manufacturer and could finish the vehicle for an additional fee,” the listing states.

Sadly, this Model S isn’t the first victim of the limousine industry. Over the past decade, numerous premium cars have been spliced in two and transformed into limos, including a handful of Ferraris.


All-Wheel Drive Now Standard On All Tesla Model S and X Vehicles 21
Posted by Brad Anderson in Electric Vehicles, Reports, Tesla, Tesla Model S, Tesla Model X on 12 21st, 2017

Tesla has announced that all new Model S and Model X vehicles will now come equipped with all-wheel drive as standard.

It was only three years ago that Tesla first unveiled its dual-motor setup after Elon Musk shared a mysterious teaser image on his Twitter. Since then, an increasing number of Tesla Model S and Model X variants have been introduced with all-wheel drive straight out of the box.

All-wheel drive has also allowed the two vehicles to redefine the boundaries of production car acceleration. It’s therefore of little surprise that in its December newsletter, Tesla has decided to announce that it will ditch rear-wheel drive variants of the Model S and Model X.

In the newsletter, the automaker pinpoints the improved traction and all-weather usability of all-wheel drive as its key benefits, although we’re sure the added straight-line performance provided by dual electric motors has helped convince Tesla of its superiority over rear-wheel drive.

Also, the lack of rear-wheel drive doesn’t mean that all Model S and Model X vehicles are now focused more on acceleration than range. For those wanting to travel long distances between charges, the Model S and Model X 100D variants remain on offer, with 335 miles (539 km) of range for the Model S and 295 miles (474 km) in the Model X 100D.

Tesla’s decision means the Model 3 is now its only vehicle offered with rear-wheel drive. In the not too distant future, it too will be available with a dual-motor setup.


Tesla Says Certain Owners Can No Longer Use Superchargers 20
Posted by Brad Anderson in Electric Vehicles, Reports, Tesla, Tesla Model S, Tesla Model X on 12 20th, 2017

Tesla has revealed that all new vehicles it sells that will be used for commercial purposes can no longer use the Supercharger network.

The electric startup recently updated its legal page to specifically “ask” commercial operators of Tesla vehicles not to use the expansive Supercharger network. Tesla defines these ‘commercial’ vehicles as taxis, those used for ride-sourcing or ride-sharing, delivery and transport vehicles, Tesla’s used for government purposes or those used for any other commercial venture.

“If you charge your vehicle in a manner that does not comply with this Supercharger Fair Use Policy, we may ask you to modify this behavior. We may also take additional action to protect the availability of Superchargers for their intended purpose, such as limiting or blocking your vehicle’s ability to use Supercharger stations,” Tesla asserts.

Tesla initially created the ever-expanding Supercharger network to allow for long-distance travel but as many predicted, owners have started using Superchargers for a whole range of other purposes, including short trips.

The brand’s decision will inevitable hurt many commercial operators around the world. A few months ago, Dubai’s main taxi company accepted delivery of 50 Model S and Model X vehicles to use as part of an airport taxi fleet. Additionally, there are also large taxi fleets currently operating in the Netherlands, including dozens that have just hit the used car market. These taxi operators will be forced to use other charging stations or to create their own solutions.


Tesla Model S Taxi Fleet Listed For Sale In The Netherlands 17
Posted by Cristian Gnaticov in Electric Vehicles, taxi, Tesla, Tesla Model S, used cars on 12 17th, 2017

An Amsterdam-based taxi company is getting ready to renew its fleet, and as a result, they’re selling dozens of Tesla Model S cars.

Registered new in 2014, the zero-emission sedans have in excess of 200,000km (124,000 miles) on the clock, but they’re said to have been properly maintained and serviced by Tesla themselves.

Their price tags stand in the region of €40,000 ($47,245), which is not that bad, actually, given that used Tesla Model S’ with similar mileage usually retail from €50,000 ($59,056), while finding one that’s barely driven means having to pay over €100,000 ($118,112).

There’s little doubt that car flippers will take advantage of this offer, so expect to see more Model S electric saloons listed for grabs in different European markets in the near future.

The Netherlands are said to have the largest Tesla taxi fleet in the world, but their dominance is about to be overthrown by Dubai, where 50 electric cars made by Elon Musk’s company arrived this fall, with a further 75 units to be delivered next year, and another 75 set for 2019, while ride sharing company Uber also uses a fleet of Model S and Model X EVs in the largest and most populous city in the United Arab Emirates.


Can A Stock Camaro ZL1 Beat Tesla’s Model S P100D In A Straight Line? 16
Posted by Sergiu Tudose in Chevrolet Camaro, Chevrolet Videos, Drag-Racing, Electric Vehicles, Tesla Model S, Tesla Videos, video on 12 16th, 2017

Ever since Tesla came out with the ultra-fast Model S P100D, we’ve seen it tackle several muscle cars and come out on top, especially over short distances like the 1/4 mile.

This is due to the fact that the all-electric saloon has as much as 920 lb-ft (1,247 Nm) of torque available from the word go, which puts it at a major advantage compared to pretty much any internal combustion powered opponent.

Meanwhile, the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 is putting down 650 horses and 650 lb-ft (881 Nm) of torque, and while it’s not quite as powerful as the Tesla, it might have a chance while racing from a rolling start.

From a standstill, it’s hard for any supercar to keep up with a Model S P100D, unless we’re talking about the McLaren 720S, but as you already know, that one is knocking on hypercar territory.

Anyway, despite having rear-wheel drive and a 6-speed manual transmission, this 2017 ZL1 performed really well from a rolling start. To find out whether it was able to beat the Tesla, though, you’ll have to watch the video right after the break.


Look What Novitec Did To The Tesla Model S 12
Posted by Michael Karkafiris in Electric Vehicles, Galleries, Novitec, Tesla, Tesla Model S, tuning on 12 12th, 2017

Novitec has released a new range of personalization and tuning parts for the Tesla Model S, following the positive response to their Model X customization range.

Starting with the exterior, Novitec has created a body kit for the post-2016 facelift version of the electric sedan, made out of naked carbon fiber. The kit includes a front spoiler lip, rocker panels, a rear spoiler lip and a diffuser, with the company claiming that the parts are also aerodynamically optimised.

Novitec’s 21-inch NV2 forged wheels were custom designed for the Tesla Model S in cooperation with Vossen, featuring five slanted double spokes that are “always in an
aerodynamically optimal position relative to the airflow”. Novitec offers them in 72 different color variants and in brushed or polished finish.

The company also offers the option of a coilover suspension for cars not fitted with the air suspension. With the coilover fitted, ride height can be varied by 40mm while the dampers have three settings: Comfort, Normal and Sport. Cars fitted with the air suspension can be fitted with Novitec’s module that drops the height by around 25mm.

Finally, owners can opt for the Novitec carbon-ceramic high-performance brakes which are available in two versions; the first one comes with 380x34mm vented discs and six-piston front calipers while the second one adds a pair of 360x28mm discs for the rear axle, along with four-piston calipers.

As ever, customers who wish to further customize their Tesla can spec the interior choosing from Novitec’s wide range of high-end leathers or Alcantara, with tons of options offered regarding the layout or the stitching as well.


Consumer Reports Advises Against Relying On Tesla Model S’ Autopilot 12
Posted by Cristian Gnaticov in Consumer Reports, Reports, reviews, Tesla, Tesla Model S, Tesla Videos, video on 12 12th, 2017

Consumer Reports are revisiting the Tesla Model S, a car that’s not exactly new to begin with, as it was launched in 2012, receiving a facelift last year.

However, the review brings us up to date with Tesla’s latest revisions.

Thanks to a network of quick charging stations, filling the battery doesn’t take that long, and once you’re done, expect a driving range in excess of 350 miles (563km) in the 100D grade, or 275 miles (443km) in the entry-level 75D.

The instant torque provided by the electric powertrain is another reward of driving a Tesla Model S, which tackles corners quite well thanks to its balanced weight distribution, and absorbs most bumps on the road.

Inside, the cabin is dominated by a huge 17-inch touch-screen display that controls pretty much everything, from the suspension ride height to the infotainment system and sunroof, and gives the zero-emission sedan a futuristic yet minimalistic look.

Over the years, Elon Musk’s company has significantly upgraded the Model S, from adding new batteries and all-wheel drive, to various other technologies. The most discussed highlight, though, is the Autopilot system, a function that allows drivers to relax behind the wheel on the motorway or in congested traffic, but CR advises users not to rely on it as the “ultimate self-driving system”, as it’s far from flawless.


Niels Van Roij Design Previews Their Model S Shooting Brake 11
Posted by Michael Gauthier in Electric Vehicles, Tesla, Tesla Model S, tuning on 12 11th, 2017

Niels van Roij Design has released some new renderings of its upcoming shooting brake based on the Tesla Model S.

Set to be unveiled in March, the one-off model has a stylish design which has been purposely created to seamlessly merge with the Model S. As a result, the car will have a familiar front fascia but drastic changes will occur aft of the A-pillar.

The most noticeable differences are the elongated roof and the new rear end which features a tailgate-mounted spoiler. The shooting brake has also been equipped with new bodywork, “kick-ups in the glass area,” and a generous swath of chrome trim.

Niels van Roij Design has been working on the shooting brake for awhile as Van Roij says the company started doing design research before coming up with the first sketches. After the sketches were completed, the company developed three different “design propositions” which had a total of “16 different design themes.” The company says they focused on benchmarking the car against high-end performance wagons and one-off vehicles.

While most people who want something larger than a Tesla Model S would simply opt for the Model X, Roij says “Design is the most important reason for purchase globally.”

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Chris Harris Can’t Get Excited About The Tesla Model S P100D 9
Posted by Michael Karkafiris in Chris Harris, porsche, Porsche Videos, Porsche-911, Tesla, Tesla Model S, Tesla Videos, Top Gear, video on 12 9th, 2017

Our favorite Top Gear presenter finally gets a go in Tesla’s Model S P100D, giving us some of his thoughts on arguably one of the most hyped automobiles out there.

It’s easy to understand why the Model S P100D created such a huge ripple effect in the automotive scene, as it’s basically a long-range electric vehicle that can accelerate faster than almost anything in the market right now.

It’s also a really good road car, offering plenty of room for five or seven passengers and their luggage as well as tons of grip and near-silent comfort, not to mention that it’s supported by the most complete charging infrastructure out there.

Despite all the amazing credentials Tesla’s ultra-fast Model S comes with, and unlike other reviewers, Harris wan’t that impressed by it and makes some very interesting observations, as you can see in the video that follows.