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EDAG Reveals Light Car Sharing Concept 24
Posted by Alex Ion in Automotive News, EDAG, electric car, Geneva Motor Show, gps, Light Car Sharing, Upcoming Events on 02 24th, 2011

EDAG has come up with a concept named Light Car Sharing, through which customers can rent the car. This idea revolves around the aspect that a customer needs to pay for the vehicle only when he uses it. The concept car sharing will be launched at the Geneva Motor Show and has been revealed ahead of it.

This lightweight electric car is perfectly suited for hassle free driving in urban traffic. Two years ago EDAG did bring up an earlier version of the Light Car. The EV features well lit surfaces on its plastic body indicating the present status of the vehicle i.e. whether the car is available or occupied by another customer and also the current range.

The car’s electric drive is run by a battery pack situated beneath the floor and undercover, far from damages due to accidents.

Internet access using customers’ smartphones along with the GPS enable to pin-point the location of the car and communicate with the customers. The customers can then, using their smartphones’ navigation system reach the nearest available car. The bookings can be done through the Internet and thereafter users can approach the vehicle using a Bluetooth key.

Other innovations include the intelligent charger whereby while charging the vehicle, information such as the ideal time for charging (calculating renewable energy sources and mobility), is the car fully charged, maximum range, next due service etc are received by the operator.

Besides the two side doors with simple sliding windows, the EDAG – Light Car can seat six and has a rear entry. To simplify things the car doesn’t have storage space or door trims, and comes with only one display console. Features such as entertainment, Internet access etc. can be booked as optional extras.

EDAG presents itself at over 45 locations in 20 countries throughout the world. Founded in 1969, EDAG’s focus is on the automotive, aerospace and rail industries, as well as regenerative energies.

2011 Peugeot Unveiled 9
Posted by Alex Ion in 308, Automotive News, Geneva Motor Show, gps, GTI, JBL, PEUGEOT, Saloon, Upcoming Events, ‘stop-start’ on 02 9th, 2011

Ahead of its launch at the Geneva Motor Show, Peugeot revealed the new 308 in all its glory. Available as a Saloon, CC or SW the car’s designs are fluent and transitions are smooth. The hatchback comes in exclusive Gti finish.

The new package includes LED front lights with light guide and Xenon headlights with Titanium colored mask, upgraded bumpers, “floating” grille etc.

The car features e-HDi micro-hybrid technology for ‘stop-start’, the 1.6 liter HDi FAP engine delivers 112 bhp and is Euro 5 compliant. First of a kind manual gearbox and a semi-automatic one are also available.

Additionally the weight of the car has been decreased by 25 Kg, 16 inch Very Low Rolling Resistance tyres are provided and refined VTi, THP or HDi Euro 5 engines all contributing to CO2 emissions as low as 98g/Km and up to the standard fuel economy.

The interior features new seats, higher quality materials and modified trim. While a panoramic sunroof (Sedan and Estate), automatic dual zone climate control, GPS navigation and JBL audio are optional.

Tesla Model S Alpha On Road for the First Time 19
Posted by Alex Ion in Alpha, Automotive News, Beta, ev, gps, Model S Alpha, Powertrain, Tesla on 01 19th, 2011

Ahead of deliveries beginning in 2012, the Tesla Model S Alpha has hit the road for the first time. Tesla will test the car in two phases – Alpha and Beta. Tesla had started the Alpha testing session in 2010 and will now rigorously test the car hereafter in different climatic conditions. Before the car reaches its customers Tesla will extensively test the vehicle using computer simulations and test vehicles.

The Tesla Model S is an EV (Electric Vehicle) that can seat 7 has efficient aerodynamics, provides good stability and handling, crash safety, performance and range. The Model S has more cargo space than most sedans. The powertrain features a liquid cooled floor mounted battery and single speed gearbox. The body is made of stamped aluminum.

It has premium interiors making it a luxury sedan. There’s a 17 inch touch screen with in-car connectivity for GPS navigation, streaming radio etc

The Model S does 0-60 mph in 5.6 seconds and has a top speed of 120 mph making it a performance sedan. The three battery pack options are 160, 230 or 300 miles per charge. Recharge can be done within 45 minutes.The Model S looks great and we can hope that it gets better by the time production starts.

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