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Jenson Button Is A Car Slut 18
Posted by Otto in Automotive, Bugatti Veyron, F1, Formula-1, Jenson Button, nissan, nissan gt-r on 01 18th, 2011

Button's former GT-R; it's only got 1,600 miles on it.

Let’s face it: some of us have no problem committing to a particular partner, but when it comes to cars, we can’t keep our hands off of new sheetmetal. Back when the economy was healthy and I worked in corporate America, I was a car slut, too. Nothing, it seemed, held my interest for long; I sold my Acura RSX Type S less than a year after I bought it, and even a 3 Series BMW only spent 2 years in my garage. In between, there was a string of VWs and Mazdas, to name but a few, and I don’t even want to think about the motorcycles. As a recovering car slut, it’s easy for me to recognize the signs in someone else, and I’m here to tell you that former F1 World Champ Jenson Button is a car slut, too.

As I type this, his 2010 Nissan GT-R is up for sale, just over one year after he bought it. I had no problem racking up miles in all my automotive one night stands, but Button’s only got 1,600 miles on the odometer of his GT-R, and that has to qualify as a crime against humanity. If you’ve got a spare £49,995 (U.S. $79,900), the matte-black-vinyl wrapped beast can be yours, because Button just doesn’t have the spare time to enjoy the car’s performance. Speaking just for myself, I’d find the time.

In recent years, Button has burned through a Bugatti Veyron (sold last year), a Ferrari Enzo and 550 Maranello, a Porsche Carrera GT and a Ford GT. There’s been a Mercedes CLK DTM AMG in there as well, but that may be a gift (or low cost lease) from team sponsor Mercedes-Benz. It’s never pretty to see a string of leftover sports cars tossed by the roadside, but when that list includes both a Ford GT and a Bugatti Veyron, that’s a serious cry for help.

Jenson, I’m here for you, brother. I’ve beaten the addiction, and I’m willing to help you beat it, too. It will require some lifestyle changes on your part, and I’m not saying it’ll be easy, but it really is for the best. Step one is to ship me all the remaining cars and bikes in your garage; I’ll look after them until you’re well enough to have them back. There’s no need to thank me, I’m just here to help you.

Source: Small World News Service