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BMW X1 US Launch Delayed 14
Posted by Alex Ion in Audi Q5, Automotive News, BMW, BMW X1, Canada, compact vehicles, crossover, Europe, Germany plant, Leipzig, SUV, U.S on 01 14th, 2011

The upcoming X1 crossover of BMW has delayed its U.S launch by almost one year. BMW spokesman Tom Plucinsky said the X1 won’t be coming “until fall of 2011 at the absolute earliest.” The stated reason is that the Leipzig, Germany plant can barely keep up to the extreme demand for the vehicle in the European Markets. Hence the plant is struggling to meet its European orders. Amidst this, US launch is not possible at the moment.

Despite the delay in U.S markets, Canada will get the X1 early this year as scheduled, due to their smaller market size. Moreover, customers over there have more inclination towards compact vehicles.

The small crossover BMW X1 enjoys wide popularity and demand in Europe. The auto recently overtook the Audi Q5 to become Europe’s top selling premium SUV.

BMW X1-1
BMW X1-2
BMW X1-3
BMW X1-4
BMW X1-5

(Via WCF)