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Nurburgring: Fiat Ducato Pushes Citroen Saxo Driver To Make Mistake, Crash 15
Posted by Andrei Nedelea in accident, Citroen, Fiat, Fiat Ducato, Nurburgring, Offbeat News, video on 10 15th, 2015

We’ve all seen that a decent van can, in fact, put down a respectable lap time around the Nurburgring north loop (Sabine Schmitz in the Ford Transit on Top Gear is just one example).
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Rowan Atkinson Crashes Pride Of Car Collection: McLaren F1 (Picture) 5
Posted by overdrivetv in accident, atkinson, CarBlog News, crash, F1, mclaren, Mr. Bean, rowan, Top Gear on 08 5th, 2011

rowan atkinson mclaren f1 crash mr bean Rowan Atkinson Crashes Pride Of Car Collection: McLaren F1 (Picture)

Rowan Atkinson, comedian and car collector extraordinaire was released from hospital today with no serious injuries after losing control of his maroon McLaren F1 and crashing into a telephone pole, setting the car alight in the process.

Atkinson apparently walked away from the wreck and sat on the side of the road with another motorist, waiting for emergency services. He has hurt his shoulder but no long term injuries are expected.

The McLaren F1 is the pride of his enormous and secretive car collection, costing over 650 000 Great British Pounds more than a decade ago. He apparently bought it to celebrate the success of the international Mr Bean film.

The car is a bit of a TV star as well, having appeared on the BBC’s Top Gear numerous times over the years. Atkinson himself was recently a guest on Top Gear and defended the car to host Jeremy Clarkson, who has never liked the McLaren. Atkinson said you have to live with the car, he has done over 37 000 miles in the car, more than any other owner presumably.

Atkinson is no stranger to car accidents, he has crashed this car before (although it was minor) and has also crashed a rare 1954 Mercedes Gullwing, a car worth close to a million pounds depending on condition.

Atkinson is also a keen racing driver, and races his 1964 Ford Falcon. He is known to own a new Audi R8, and even a Honda Civic Hybrid for more mundane duties.

Video Round-Up: Insane Accidents From World Motorsport This Week 21
Posted by overdrivetv in accident, crash, Formula-1, Motorsport, Nascar, plato, video, Videos on 04 21st, 2011

There have been some stunning incidents this week, ranging from the hilarious video of a Formula 1 marshall rolling under Luizzi’s car in Malaysia, to this horrifying footage of a race car completely clearing the concrete barrier at Brands Hatch, UK. We’ve got a second video of that horror smash, in which both drivers walked away, as well as a few you might have missed, including Jason Plato’s high speed bender in the British Touring Car Championships.

Let’s start with that second angle from Brands Hatch. The accident occurred at an amateur one-make Toyota MR2 race at the infamous Brands Hatch circuit in the UK. The event was not televised so this spectator captured the only footage of the incident. Cars 1 and 55 come together, and the black MR2 gets squeezed over the barrier and into the parking lot, while the red MR2 does a spectacular series of end-to-end rotations against the catch fence. There’s an awesome stop-frame in this footage as well.

The next video features Jason Plato, a presenter on Discovery Channel’s Fifth Gear and BTCC Champion. The track is ex-F1 circuit Donington Park, also in the UK. Plato gets a nudge from behind just after the race starts and goes off during a flat-out corner. The commentator says that cars never go off their, so its a long slippery ride to the barriers. Incredibly the team rebuild the car in just a few hours, and had it on the grid for the next race, which brought Plato to tears. He said “Forget F1, this is the best team in the world.” The big girl. Plato eventually placed 6th and earned some valuable points.

In Nascar this week we saw Restrictor Plate racing at Talladega, one of the highlights of the calendar. If you’ve ever watched Nascar you might know that it involves going left and crashing. And weird sponsorship. That aside, Talladega is a rare 2.5 mile super-speedway, which means the drivers can literally drive flat-out for all 188 laps. To slow them down, a plate is welded below the accelerator (can you imagine that in F1) which holds them at about 180mph. To gain a speed advantage, rival drivers “bumpdraft” – they literally touch bumpers to cancel air resistance for the trailing car. This is incredible motor racing, but also incredibly dangerous, can you imagine somebody nudges you a little too hard at 300kmh? Well it happens, and this is the result:

And finally, during Friday free practice at the Malaysian Grand Prix, an in-car camera caught a hilarious moment when track marshals were pushing Antonio Luizzi’s broken-down car off of the track. Luizzi was out of the car when the incident happened. We’re only laughing because the marshal involved got up straight away. Sorry about the lame dubbed music, I searched Youtube long and hard for original audio but no luck.

DOT: Highway Deaths Fall To Lowest Level Since 1949 1
Posted by Larry in accident, Automotive, highway deaths, News on 04 1st, 2011

The Department of Transportation has recently estimated that the number of people killed on U.S. roads in 2010 decreased to the lowest level since 1949.

The fewest number of deaths since 1949, estimated at 32,788 people, have been reported on America’s roads for last year. The level is at its lowest in more than 60 years where much of the credit is given to the technological advancements in vehicle safety.

What is interesting about the Department of Transportation findings, resulting in the lowest estimated fatality rate in any given year since 1949, is the fact that Americans spent more time in their vehicles and traveled more miles in 2010 making the estimates very noteworthy. The number of miles traveled by Americans in 2010 was up by 0.7% from the year previous year (2009) accounting for a growth of 20.5 billion miles.

“It’s a really good sign that fatalities are down despite the fact that (vehicle miles traveled) is up,” said Barbara Harsha, executive director of the Governors Highway Safety Association.

Other contributing factors have been states that were more vigilant on drunk driving resulting in a fall of Alcohol-impaired driving fatalities by more than 7% in 2009 vs. the previous year (2008). Seatbelt use, also up to an all-time high of 84% in 2009, is another contributing factor to the decline in recent highway deaths.

View the Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Report on fatalities in full:  http://www-nrd.nhtsa.dot.gov/Pubs/811451.PDF

[source: Department of Transportation]

AT&T Releases ‘Don’t Text While Driving Documentary’ Video 29
Posted by Darryl in accident, Automotive, crash, featured, texting, texting while driving, video on 12 29th, 2010

“All because of a senseless text message”… those are the unfortunate words shared by the friends and family of ‘texting while driving’ car accident victims. Everyone has a choice in life and as we get older we tend to get wiser, thinking that we are making all of the right choices even when we are behind the wheel of a car.

Some things are completely out of our control and others rest in our ability to drive one to two tons worth of various metals, plastics, rubber and glass at speeds sometimes over 70 miles per hour. New automobiles are laced in new technologically advanced safety features, in hopes to lead us down a virtually worry-free highway. But there lies a problem. Drunk drivers, carless drivers, speeding drivers and texting drivers… There are many categories of drivers that cause accidents but one of the fastest growing issues remain to be texting while driving. In the exclusive AT&T ‘Don’t Text While Driving Documentary’ video below, a series of life-changing events take place all because of someone texting while driving. This message may seem strange to come from AT&T, one of the nation’s largest cellular phone service providers, but it is just one more step to help make our public more aware of the dangers of texting while driving.

Maybe it is time you put that cell phone down while behind the wheel of your car! What is more important, your life or that text message? Stay safe!

[source: AT&T YouTube Channel]