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Epic Fail: ‘Netherlands Worst Driver’ Reality Show Ends In Crash 6
Posted by Kurt Ernst in Automotive, epic fail, Kurt, video, Worst Drivers on 07 6th, 2011

Uh oh, this isn't going to end well…

We’re not sure who thought it would be a good idea to run the worst drivers in the Netherlands through a series of driving challenges on a reality TV show, but you know that wasn’t going to end well. In the video below, the task seems fairly simple: accelerate to 80 kph (about 50 mph) and brake hard at the last minute to avoid hitting the styrofoam block wall. At no time did the instructions include, “veer off course, hit someone’s personal car and run down the show’s host,” but that’s exactly what happened. See the carnage for yourself in the video below, and we’d love a translation (and a better explanation) from any of our Dutch readers.

Motor Authority reports that the driver, Pim, mistook the gas for the brake, and matted the accelerator instead of stopping the car. We have no idea why he turned to look at the rear seat passenger when he was supposed to be hard on the brakes, and we suspect that may have had an effect on his less-than-stellar performance. And you thought all the bad drivers in the world came from the United States.

Source: YouTube, via Motor Authority

Would You Buy A Car From This Dealership? 25
Posted by Kurt Ernst in Automotive, Car Dealers, epic fail, Kurt, Volkswagen on 05 25th, 2011

Larry Roesch Volkswagen is a VW dealer in the Chicago metropolitan area. Instead of describing how well-built VW products are, they prefer to demonstrate it in a series of uber-cheesy YouTube videos. I’ll spare you the video of sales manager Nick Pontarelli riding the door of a new Jetta like a mechanical bull, since you can get a feel for the type of abuse heaped on new Volkswagens in the name of internet advertising in the video below.

There’s no such thing as bad publicity, and this dealer has gotten more than their share of free press from websites running their videos. Sensationalism aside, car door weren’t meant to take that kind of loading, and neither is the door attachment point on the car’s unibody. It may not look like any damage is done, but I certainly wouldn’t want to buy a car subject to that kind of unnecessary abuse. If you think the dealership is regretful of their antics, think again: when a YouTube viewer commented “Nobody buy the red 4 door GTI at Larry Roesch VW”, the dealership was quick to counter with, “It was sold the same day you commented. lol.” Buyer beware…

YouTube, via Carscoop

Want To Buy A Cheap Bugatti Veyron? 21
Posted by Kurt Ernst in Automotive, Bugatti, Bugatti Veyron, epic fail, News, Salvage Title on 03 21st, 2011

Image: Insurance Salvage Auctions

When it comes to buying used cars or bikes, I have two primary rules to follow. First, never buy a vehicle with a salvage title, and second, see rule number one. Just in case you’ve never heard the term before, salvage title vehicles are ones that have been written off by insurance companies, then re-purchased (at a fraction of the original value) either by the owner or at auction. Some states even frown on registering vehicles with a salvage title, and finding insurance may take more than a few calls. If you’re trying to sell one, don’t expect to get more than a fraction of what a regular-title vehicle would sell for. In short, salvage title vehicles are the red-headed stepchildren of the automotive world.

Image: Insurance Salvage Auctions

Why am I telling you this? Because the Bugatti Veyron driven into a salt-water lagoon by an inattentive owner in 2009 is up for sale. The auction company is taking sealed bids, but actually has the huevos mas grande to list the car’s value as $1.5 million. To be clear, the car’s value may have approached that before immersion in salt water, but the value today is scrap metal only. Bad things happen when you drive a running car into a lake; even worse things happen when you drive a car into a salt water lagoon. Even if the engine didn’t hydrolock, I’d bet serious money that it’s toast from sitting with salt water in the block and crank case for nearly two years. Ditto for every electronic system in the car, and I’ll bet the interior smells more funky than Charlie Sheen’s sheets after a week long blow and booty binge. Veyrons aren’t exactly meant for backyard restoration projects, which means the real cost to put this car back on the road is likely to be several times the purchase price of a used Veyron, with a clean title. I say run, don’t walk, away from this auction.

Oh, and just in case you missed the original video of the car being driven into a lake, complete with NSFW stoner commentary, here it is:

Source: Insurance Salvage Auctions, via Jalopnik

Epic Fail Video: Leaving Your Car While It Is In Drive 29
Posted by Darryl in Automotive, BMW, BMW 1-Series, epic fail, Snow, video on 12 29th, 2010

I have to admit I do some stupid things in my car from time to time but never as crazy as this person in the video below. The video below is a recent clip of a person attempting to free a BMW 1-Series from a snow filled driveway. It is somewhat obvious that this REAR-WHEEL-DRIVE vehicle is not equipped with snow tires but it does not give the driver any excuse for leaving the car while it is in gear. It is also safe to support our post reiterating that 80% of BMW 1-Series owners think it is a front-wheel-drive car by the way the driver attempts to clear snow from the FRONT wheels. Enjoy the Epic Failure below!

[source: BMWBlog via Youtube]