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Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle to be Showcased at Detroit 27
Posted by Alex Ion in Alpha, Automotive News, Detroit Auto Show 2011, Green Auto, PHV, Prius concept, Prius Plug-in, teaser, TOYOTA, Upcoming Events, X Games on 12 27th, 2010

The Detroit Auto Show that gets underway next month will see Toyota unveil its Prius family for the world. The world premiere will be significant for Toyota for the reason that the event will be witness to the world showcasing of the Prius Plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHV) and a new Prius concept study.

These models will accompany the earlier announced Prius MPV christened Alpha. Not many details of the new vehicles have been let out, but it is expected that the Prius MPV will come with 50 per cent more cargo space.


Toyota will also incorporate a new entertainment system aimed at ushering in the applause of the whole family.  To be driven by a 1.8-liter petrol engine and an electric motor, the hybrid is expected to return a combined output of 134 hp.

A new video of the family of Prius cars that features X Games champion skateboarder Bob Burnquist has been revealed in the form of a teaser. Heregoes: