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Volt/Ampera Next-gen Offerings to Add More Appeal 8
Posted by Alex Ion in Ampera, Astra, Automotive News, Chevrolet, crossover vehicles, electric cars, GM, Upcoming Events, Volt, Volt/Ampera on 12 8th, 2010

With the unveiling of the next-generation Chevrolet Volt (Opel / Vauxhall Ampera) soon, General Motors plans to bombard the auto world with a significant extended-range offensive.

The spectacular demand that is in place for the Volt/Ampera has caused the company to slow down on adding more variants.

With the next-generation launches, the company will be able to add more production facilities that will enable them to introduce a sub-brand of the Volt/Ampera. This move will introduce three models to the market – an Astra-sized hatchback, a bigger version of the current Volt/Ampera and a crossover.

GM VoltAmpera5
GM VoltAmpera
GM VoltAmpera1
GM VoltAmpera2
GM VoltAmpera3
GM VoltAmpera4

Officials at GM say that the new cars coming out as next generation variants will definitely be cheaper and simultaneously offer a longer electric range. Pricing is also likely to become even more competitive with governments in many countries offering incentives for electric vehicles.

(Via WCF)