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New Chrysler 300 Goes Hard in WILL.I.AM ‘THE (The Hardest Ever)’ Music Video 20
Posted by Malcolm Hogan in Automotive, Chrysler, Chrysler 300, Music Video, video on 03 20th, 2012

Ever since the conception of the (2004-2007) Chrysler 300, everyone with the least bit of urban ethics, has defined the 300 as the ‘poor man’s Bentley’. Now, with the new and improved 3rd generation (2011-2012), Chrysler attempts to shake that nomenclature and identify its own perception of a full-sized American luxury automobile. In more of an urban marketing campaign, the new (2011-2012 model year) Chrysler 300 has been captured in Superbowl commercials, NFL-star promotions and now in WILL.I.AM’s ‘T.H.E. (The Hardest Ever)’ music video.

You have probably already seen the video. If you are an automotive enthusiast, then you took special note to the new Chrysler 300 with aftermarket wheels rolling around the music video. If you have not seen it, check it out below after the jump.

note: some language in video NSFW

Sir-Mix-A-Lot ‘Carz’ Music Video 24
Posted by Larry in Automotive, Music Video, Sir-Mix-A-Lot Carz, video on 11 24th, 2010

Sir-Mix-A-Lot’s video ‘Carz’ is potentially the best modern-day music video featuring exotic cars. In the past many of us have criticized music artists for having flashy exotic vehicles in a music video just to draw attention with the 26-inch+ wheels and enough chrome to sell and repay the U.S. federal deficit. Sir-Mix-A-Lot takes it to a new level basing the whole song on the vehicles in his ‘Carz’ music video. The time and effort put into the lyrics and car terminology that only true enthusiasts would understand is just unbelievable. I can’t even go on to list the number of exotic and luxury vehicles featured in the video. You have to watch it for yourself. ‘We love these cars!’ Some NSFW language in the video. Enjoy!!!