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2013 Porsche Cayman Round the Bend; Spy Images Out 6
Posted by Alex Ion in Automotive News, Boxster, cayman, porsche on 07 6th, 2011

We have got spy pictures of the 2013 Porsche Cayman, one of the exciting cars on testing at Nürburgring Nordschleife. The highly anticipated machine was spotted in thick camouflage. But from the pictures we can guess the model’s evolutionary design.

Porsche2 2013 Porsche Cayman Round the Bend; Spy Images Out

Porsche9 150x150 2013 Porsche Cayman Round the Bend; Spy Images Out
Porsche1 150x150 2013 Porsche Cayman Round the Bend; Spy Images Out
Porsche2 150x150 2013 Porsche Cayman Round the Bend; Spy Images Out
Porsche3 150x150 2013 Porsche Cayman Round the Bend; Spy Images Out
Porsche4 150x150 2013 Porsche Cayman Round the Bend; Spy Images Out
Porsche5 150x150 2013 Porsche Cayman Round the Bend; Spy Images Out
Porsche6 150x150 2013 Porsche Cayman Round the Bend; Spy Images Out
Porsche7 150x150 2013 Porsche Cayman Round the Bend; Spy Images Out
Porsche8 150x150 2013 Porsche Cayman Round the Bend; Spy Images Out

The front fascia appears to have slight tweaks in design borrowed from the recent 911 prototypes. Door-mounted mirrors, a larger rear window and a new side air intake will also be implemented in the remodeled Cayman. There were also reports claiming that the Cayman will be distinct from Boxster by a steeper windscreen and exclusive lighting units.

Cayman’s engine preferences are yet to be unveiled. But we can presume the current power train coming with minor modifications for finer performance.

Though we don’t have an official confirmation from company, as per earlier reports we report some engine specs. That will be the 2.9-liter producing 265 hp (198 kW / 269 PS) and 280 Nm (206 lb-ft), and the 3.4-liter that will develop 315 hp (235 kW / 319 PS) and 360 Nm (266 lb-ft) of torque. A 2.5-liter four-cylinder is also a projected that can, in due course, restore 2.9-liter flat-six engine.

We anticipate the Cayman to hit the roads by the end of 2012 or early 2013.

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Porsche 550 Coming in 2014 24
Posted by Alex Ion in Automotive News, Boxster, Porsche 550 on 06 24th, 2011

It seems the wait for an entry-level Porsche roadster will soon be over. We have been hearing some reports indicating that the Porsche is coming in 2014.

all new 2011 porsche boxster artist rendering Porsche 550 Coming in 2014

The model will powered by a mid-mounted, turbocharged 1.6-liter engine with approximately 200 PS (147 kW / 197 hp).

However, the model is expected to cost €39,000, which is roughly €8,000 less than the current Boxster.

The 550 is one among the most frequently reproduced classic automobiles, like the AC Cobra and Lotus Seven. Several companies have sprung up in the last 25 years, some of which build near-exact replicas from the ground up, including spaceframes built to exacting specs from Porsche blueprints.

Stay tuned.


2012 Porsche Boxster Offers Sneak Peek 31
Posted by Alex Ion in 981, Automotive News, Boxster, porsche on 05 31st, 2011

Here we have for an early peek on the upcoming 2012 Porsche Boxster model. The much anticipated Boxster, or the Boxster 981, comes with a completely innovative design and engine technologies. The 981 will sport a unique cab-forward design to have better recognition of the model from the former 911.

Porche Boxster_6
Porche Boxster_1
Porche Boxster_2
Porche Boxster_3
Porche Boxster_4
Porche Boxster_5

The new Boxster will sport vital statistics that ad 60 mm (2.36 inches) at the wheelbase and 37 mm (1.46 inches) in total length, while the height loses 10 mm (0.39 inches) and the front overhang is reduced by 25 mm (0.98 inches). The two seater’s compartment will provide more legroom, 18 mm (0.70 inches).

The Boxster 981 will appear different with more panache on front and rear fascias, with its own freshly designed headlamps and taillights, a new side air intake design and a steeper windscreen. The most distinguishing feature of this Porsche model will be its flat-four powertrain that will integrate engines of the next Boxster and Cayman models.

The four-cylinder unit will displace 2.5 liters and feature a larger bore than on the current 2.7 liter engine. The 2.5 liter will be twin-turbocharged up to around the 360 bhp (268 kW / 365 PS) and 347 lb-ft (470 Nm) of torque mark.

The 981 Boxster is said to be set for officially debut in time for the Detroit Auto Show scheduled for January 2012.

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Porsche Entry-Level Roadster to Sport New Four-Cylinder Engine 20
Posted by Alex Ion in 2012 Boxster, 911, audi, Automotive News, Boxster, cayman, mini roadster, porsche, R&D, Roadster, Volkswagen Bluesport on 01 20th, 2011

You might remember, Porsche was planning to introduce a 4-cylinder engine on its new small roadster. Latest buzz indicates that the carmaker is indeed developing a flat four engine for the mini roadster, Boxster, Cayman and even the 911.

The outgoing head of R&D at Porsche has confirmed the news, saying that the engine could be used to power the 911 (in the future).

However, he added that for now they will stick with the flat 6 cylinder engine. It is expected that the flat four cylinder engine might be used in 2012 Boxster and Cayman models.

The upcoming mini roadster becomes a likely candidate after Porsche won an internal dispute to put their own engine in the car.

The engine is 2.5L and with the help of a turbocharger can produce 360 HP (268 kW/365 PS) or more. The car is supposed to be sharing functions and parts with Volkswagen Bluesport and a sister car from Audi.


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Porsche Promises New Model for Los Angeles Show 15
Posted by Alex Ion in Automotive News, Boxster, Boxster Syder, cayman, Cayman Club Sport, Cayman S, Los Angeles Auto Show, porsche, Upcoming Events on 11 15th, 2010

The Los Angeles Auto Show will have a brand new model from Porsche featuring in it. Not many details were revealed, however Porsche has stated that it will be a mid-engine sports car.

Wonder if it will be a car looking like a Boxster or a Cayman. Or it could even be the Cayman Club Sport, coming close on the heels of the Boxster Spyder launch.

If it is indeed the Cayman Club Sport, it will probably be a lightweight model, which is a close relative of the Boxster Spyder.

Fans can expect a few changes, like modified fascias, aluminum doors, a fixed rear spoiler, and a 3.4-liter six-cylinder engine with 330 hp (246 kW / 335 PS) – a 10 hp (7 kW / 10 PS) increase from the Cayman S.

But all of this speculation will be put to an end in a few days when the media day at the LA Auto Show begins.