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BMW May Have Plans to Revive the X7 Project 10
Posted by Alex Ion in Automotive News, BMW, BMW SUV, Concept car news, X7 on 11 10th, 2010

A hint of the possibility that BMW may be considering reviving their supposedly discarded plans for a big SUV, has been glimpsed in a few sentences that have appeared in the Wall Street Journal. Speculations are that the vehicle is likely to be the X7.

It’s possible that BMW could be feeling encouraged by the popularity of large vehicle sin the Chinese market.

Also, since the US market is slowly showing some signs of recovering from the economic meltdown, the company could be strategizing for the future.

BMW is said to be  reconsidering its earlier decision to cancel a new large SUV, which was primarily aimed at the US market.

Right now, the company makes one big sedan specifically for the Chinese market, and had cancelled the X7 when the economic crisis of 2008 set in.

China has been sending out consistent strong demand for large premium vehicles like the extended-wheelbase variant of the 5-series.

Based on this preference, reports are speculating that it is likely to be the X7 that will be revived by BMW.