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Prius Family Expanding; Billboard Drops Hint of New Arrival 13
Posted by Alex Ion in Automotive News, Autostyle, Mazda-5, Prius, Prius hatch, Prius MPG, Prius MPV, Toyota Prius on 10 13th, 2010

Finally, on the tenth anniversary year of the launch of the Prius, Toyota seems to be adding to the Prius family. At the party celebrating the Prius’ tenth year in the market, Toyota unveiled a billboard that displayed a people carrier that stated that the Prius family was getting bigger. It is expected that Toyota will be bringing out three new variants of the Prius – a hatch, a people mover and a smaller compact car.

The people mover is said to be much bigger than the existing Prius. But industry watchers say that it is likely to be similar to the Prius hatch. Earlier information had revealed that the prototype was to be similar to the size of the Mazda 5.

The company had also stated that there would be three rows of seating inside, which would accommodate seven adults.

It’s possible that the extra room will help engineers to use the underneath of the vehicle to stow away the 4-cylinder engine and the batteries.

The compact addition to the Prius family is expected to be a more appealing version of the original Prius – which may rule the roost as the leader in the MPG segment after it is released.

(Via Autoblog)