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2012 Mercedes E63 AMG Adds New 5.5 Liter Bi-Turbo V8 Engine 19
Posted by Alex Ion in 2012 Mercedes E63 AMG, Automotive News, Mercedes Benz, V8 engine on 04 19th, 2011

The 2012 E63 AMG Mercedes-Benz has reportedly got a 5.5 liter bi-turbo V8 engine. The available performance package is said to churn out total output up to 557 PS (410 kW / 549 bhp).

Mercedes E63 AMG2
Mercedes E63 AMG
Mercedes E63 AMG1

The power plant is learnt to be incredibly efficient than the old engine of 6.3 liter. It is estimated to make for 525 PS (386 kW / 518 bhp), in its standard configuration, and this is as same as on the old engine.

The new power plant brings in advanced fuel economy rating as well. The new V8 gets accelerated from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) sprint in just 4.2 seconds. It also offers an electronically-limited top speed of 250 km/h (155 mph).

The new 2012 E63 AMG comes with a price tag of €105,791 for the sedan model, whereas the wagon variant is priced at €108,409 in Germany. Well, the AMG Performance package alone carries a price tag of €8307.



Ultimate Aero II looks Set for a Record-Breaking Spell 12
Posted by Alex Ion in Automotive News, Bugatti, SSC, Super car news, Ultimate Aero II, V8 engine, Veyron Supersport on 10 12th, 2010

More pictures of the Ultimate Aero II have been spotted; and added details garnered from latest talk on the model. It has been confirmed that confirm that the vehicle is using a 6.8-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine, giving the car 1,350 hp, and the ability to get to top speeds of 275 mph. Price has been set at $970,000.

The car is reputed to be the one that will bring back to Shelby Super Cars the glory of once again holding the production car speed record that Bugatti snatched away through the making of the Veyron Supersport. The Aero II is SSC’s response to that challenge.

The Aero II is lighter than the Veyron and weighs just 2,600 pounds – helped by wheels that are the world’s first one-piece carbon-fiber units.

This coupled with several other engineering feats – which have the car using carbon fiber all over – except for the aluminum bracing that has been placed – make this a lightweight speed machine.

With a power –weight ratio that is almost double that of the Veyron, this is one car that is sure to set a record.


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2012 Audi A6 (C7) Spied on the Californian Streets 5
Posted by Alex Ion in 2012 Audi A6, A1 headlights, audi, Automotive News, LED taillights, V8 engine on 10 5th, 2010

Pictures of the 2012 Audi A6 (C7) have just surfaced. Captured in California, the vehicle was heavily camouflaged, but it was quite clear that it is similar to the previous prototypes. It would be safe to assume that this prototype also will have A1-inspired headlights, LED taillights and a profile that matches the previous ones too.

Regarding the engine, the rumor is that since the A7 Sportback is the inspiration for the A6 – the engine options are likely to include a 150 kW (201 hp / 204 PS) 2.8-liter FSI, a 220 kW (295 hp / 299 PS) supercharged 3.0-liter TFSI, and two 3.0-liter TDIs rated at 150 kW (201 hp / 204 PS) and 180 kW (241 hp / 245 PS).

Apart from these speculations, it has to be acknowledged that a V8 engine is also a possibility – but there are no clues as to whether this might be the old 4.2-liter or the new 4.0-liter unit. All of these questions and more will be answered when the car debuts late in 2011.

More pics here:

2012AudiA6 -5
2012AudiA6 -1
2012AudiA6 -2
2012AudiA6 -3
2012AudiA6 -4

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