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2012 Toyota Camry Second Teaser Image Out 4
Posted by Alex Ion in Automotive News, Camry, teaser, TOYOTA on 08 4th, 2011

We have already seen several spied images of the 2012 Toyota Camry. The car maker has now brought before our eyes a second teaser image of the much-anticipated model.

Toyota Camry gets a second teaser image1 2012 Toyota Camry Second Teaser Image Out

Toyota Camry gets a second teaser image8 150x150 2012 Toyota Camry Second Teaser Image Out
Toyota Camry gets a second teaser image1 150x150 2012 Toyota Camry Second Teaser Image Out
Toyota Camry gets a second teaser image2 150x150 2012 Toyota Camry Second Teaser Image Out
Toyota Camry gets a second teaser image3 150x150 2012 Toyota Camry Second Teaser Image Out
Toyota Camry gets a second teaser image4 150x150 2012 Toyota Camry Second Teaser Image Out
Toyota Camry gets a second teaser image7 150x150 2012 Toyota Camry Second Teaser Image Out

The picture adheres well with the teaser definition by keeping all major parts behind the veil. However, we expect the car to have sharper lines, a smaller grille and distinctive headlights.

More details pertaining to the vehicle are still under wraps. CEO Akio Toyoda has been quoted as saying that the upcoming model will be the “best Camry ever” with outstanding “handling, safety and fuel economy.” Visit us more frequently for more details.

Sexy Camry Steals a Look 6
Posted by Alex Ion in Akio Toyoda, Automotive News, Camry, TOYOTA on 07 6th, 2011

The Camry has been in the news for quite some time and everybody has been waiting with bated breath to see the new version emerging. Now the rooters of 2012 Toyota Camry can rejoice and have a detailed look at the vehicle in the making, expected in 2012.

Toyota Camry1 Sexy Camry Steals a Look

Toyota Camry3 150x150 Sexy Camry Steals a Look
Toyota Camry1 150x150 Sexy Camry Steals a Look
Toyota Camry2 150x150 Sexy Camry Steals a Look

A short video of Toyota’s major market player for 2012 has been exposed. The footage(if you want to see it now, you cant – because the video has been removed by the user)  was recorded atToyota’s annual dealer convention inLas Vegas.

Toyota Motor Corp. president and CEO Akio Toyoda had earlier said the car will be “best Camry-ever”, offering remarkable “handling, safety and fuel economy.”

Low-resolution video, shot with a cell phone, doesn’t fail to convince the vehicle’s smooth exterior, edgy style and finer overall look. The size of the car appears to match the current generation Camry and the tail lights are similar to the new Honda Civic.

Camry can be anticipated in a sporty SE variant and a fuel-sipping hybrid, apart from the characteristic standard model. We don’t know about any additional details, which we hope to provide in the near future.

One thing is sure: the car is going to be unprecedentedly sexy.

2012 Toyota Camry Teased [Video] 1
Posted by Alex Ion in Automotive News, Camry, teaser, TOYOTA on 07 1st, 2011

We have exciting news for all you Toyota enthusiast out there. The Japanese giant has shown us the first teaser of 2012 Camry. When we say teaser, it indeed is one, for it doesn’t reveal much.

2012camry 2012 Toyota Camry Teased [Video]

For all anticipating Camry lovers, we have the teaser posted below. Toyota president and CEO Akio Toyoda who appears in the teaser video calls the upcoming vehicle as “the best Camry ever” and will “exceed your expectations.”  The 2012 Camry, according to him, will be a “remarkable car in terms of handling, safety and fuel economy.”

Anticipation is on a high with the teaser coming out. We expect the car to drive in with a refurbished design, compared to the Camry of 2007. Well, a more spacious and classy design is a sure. But we will need to wait and see how stylish the end product will be.

More info is yet to come by, though. Nevertheless, we expect the rebuilt Camry this fall.

2012 Toyota Camry Likely Later This Year 24
Posted by Alex Ion in Automotive News, Camry, Prius, TOYOTA on 05 24th, 2011

Any chance for a redesigned Camry soon? It seems so. Vice President of Toyota USA Bob Carter has hinted at a redesigned Camry that could possibly be unveiled by the end of this year.

Carter has been quoted as saying:

We haven’t announced the next-gen Camry, but I will tell you the current Camry is very close to the end of its lifecycle, and a fall introduction is a pretty good educated guess.”

He also expressed his hope that Prius will eventually become the top selling model of Toyota. Earlier, Toyota had unveiled its third generation Prius at the Detroit Auto Show. It claimed to have a higher fuel economy nearly 25% better than the first generation Prius.

But it is less likely to become the best seller at this stage. However, the peaking fuel prices may lure the consumers towards the hybrid.

2012 Volkswagen NMS Teaser Out 7
Posted by Alex Ion in 2012 Volkswagen NMS, Accord, Automotive News, Camry, Detroit, International Auto Show, Jetta XL, New Midsize Sedan, Passat, teaser image, Upcoming Events, Volkswagen on 01 7th, 2011

Volkswagen has released a teaser image of the 2012 New Midsize Sedan (NMS). The model is scheduled to debut at the International Auto Show to be held next week in Detroit.

The NMS will be sleeker. It has accommodated more room than their early premium sedan model Passat. It is likely to bear a Jetta XL-like look. It is to be built in Tennessee.

This enables the company to sell it for approximately $20,000. The price is nearly $7,000 less than the Passat. Volkswagen plans to sell 10 million vehicles a year by 2018. NMS is the major vehicle in this plan.

No additional information has been provided in the teaser. We have to wait till the car is officially unveiled on Monday. The market segment of Accord, Camry, etc runs tight competition. It is to be seen whether the 2012 Volkswagen NMS could conquer over them.

RKC Toyota Camry NASCAR Edition at SEMA 2
Posted by Alex Ion in Automotive News, Camry, Car Styling, Nascar, RKC Toyota Camry NASCAR Edition, Rob Kauffman, TOYOTA on 11 2nd, 2010

The Camry NASCAR Edition will be seen at SEMA this month. The RK Collection NASCAR Edition of the Camry is a two-door, street legal vehicle. The engine is a 358 cubic inch (5.9 liter) TRD NASCAR V8 power plant, which gives 680 bhp (507 kW), and is linked to a 6-speed manual transmission. It also features a custom sport exhaust that has 3-inch X-pipes.

Details on the body are that it has a Toyota grill, front skirt and rear spoiler; and the nose, tail, fender flares and side skirts are RKC.

The vehicle has a coilover suspension with single adjustable shocks that lie within the modified MacPherson system for the front; the rear has a multi-link independent set up separately. The interior has a leather and suede finish featuring TRD logos; and a 4-point roll cage.

The RKC Toyota Camry NASCAR Edition was created by Rob Kauffman, who was the founder of RKC, for Toyota Racing Development (TRD). He is also co-owner of Michael Waltrip Racing, a NASCAR team.

Toyota Yaris, a.k.a. Vitz, Gears Up for 2011 Detroit Show 15
Posted by Alex Ion in Automotive News, brochure, Camry, leak, Toyota Vitz, Toyota Yaris, Upcoming Events, Vitz, Yaris on 10 15th, 2010

The Detroit Auto Show of 2011 will see the much anticipated Toyota Yaris, also known as the Vitz, showcased amid much fanfare.  What will get in stage is a concept version of the Vitz, and we have been lucky enough to catch hold of a few images of the car.

Going by what we see, the Toyota Vitz (aka Yaris) will come about as an updated Toyota vehicle . The images come courtesy of brochure leak, and do reveal a handful of info on the car. An aggressive front bumper, a  grille similar to what the Camry model sports, and a greenhouse, make the car worthy of a closer look.

The North American market is anticipating the vehicle . When the car rolls out of production facilities later on, it is likely to include a sporty body kit the Japanese market. We just hope, the same comes to American markets too.

The Yaris (Vitz, if you are ken on calling it by that name) will be powered by a variety of three- and four-cylinder engines, and it is expected that a hybrid version could also follow later on.

Toyota Vitz2
Toyota Vitz
Toyota Vitz1

(Via WCF)

Toyota Prius Minivan Version Caught on Spy Camera 29
Posted by Alex Ion in Automotive News, Camry, Highlander, minivan, Prius, Prius Alpha hybrid, TOYOTA, Upcoming Events on 09 29th, 2010

Spy photos of what appears to be the long-anticipated minivan version of the Toyota Prius have surfaced. The hybrid minivan, rumored to be the Prius Alpha, was spotted in California following a new Lexus CT200h with its logos covered. From the picture, it can be clearly seen that the minivan appears to be having a Prius-like front fascia. It is also evident that the windshield, front window line and tail lamps of the minivan are similar in design to that of the Prius.

Earlier reports had suggested that the Prius MPV will be having three rows of seats with space for up to seven passengers and will be powered by lithium-ion batteries (to improve mileage and may even allow for more electric-only propulsion opportunities).

Toyota, which currently sells three hybrids in the U.S. with the Prius, Camry, and Highlander, hopes to launch six new hybrids worldwide by 2012. Look for the Toyota Prius Alpha hybrid to hit the market around 2012.


(Via Carscoop)