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New BMW 435i Coupe Grows on Us 21
Posted by Malcolm Hogan in Auto Addiction, Automotive, BMW, BMW 4-Series, BMW 435i, BMWBlog on 07 21st, 2013


Our good friends at BMWBlog had the opportunity to test drive the new BMW 435i Coupe at Estoril Race Track and we have to say, from the looks of the images, this new 4 Series is growing on us.


From the images sourced directly from BMWBlog and their photographer, we see the new 435i in all its glory tackling the Estoril Race Track with grace. It is refreshing to finally see the BMW 435i in its true LIVE form and better yet, on a track pushing some lateral G-forces. We have to be honest, at the first sight of the official 435i Coupe photos we didn’t agree too much on the design but after these new BMWBlog shots, our heart has fluttered with a new-found love. All that is left to say is that we cannot wait for the M4 Coupe!


For additional information and images of BMWBlog’s test drive, please visit them at www.BMWBlog.com.

For those that didn’t know: The new BMW 4 Series line (all Coupes) will replace the 3 Series Coupes. The 3 Series line will continue as Sedans only including the forthcoming M3. A new M4 Coupe will be introduced at the upcoming Detroit Auto Show.

Video: A Historic Revelation – BMW M8 Prototype In-Person Viewing by BMWBlog 13
Posted by Malcolm Hogan in Automotive, BMW, BMW M8, BMWBlog, featured, video on 09 13th, 2010

You may or may not have already seen images released to the public of BMW’s M8 prototype that has been one of BMW’s best kept secrets for many years now. The one-off BMW M8 housed at the BMW Museum in Munich was unveiled to journalists just recently debunking the rumors that the only M8 in existence was destroyed.

The M8 was equipped with a prototype V12 based on the S70 engine. If you notice in the images the M8, compared to the 850CSi, is missing headlights.

Our friends at BMWBlog had a chance to view the once-rumored BMW M8 in person and captured some images and video footage of this instant classic. Enjoy!

[source: BMWBlog]