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Ferrari Virtual Academy Racing Simulator is Out 13
Posted by Alex Ion in Automotive News, Ferrari, Ferrari Virtual Academy, Mugello, Nurburgring, Virtual Rides on 09 13th, 2010

A new racing simulator has just come out from Ferrari. It’s called Ferrari Virtual Academy and through it, players can race on famous racing tracks like the Fiorano Circuit, Nurbugring and the Mugello Circuit.

Winners who excel at the virtual race stand to receive Ferrari products on a weekly basis. At the end of the tournament, the top five winners will win a trip to Maranello where they will get to be part of the Ferrari Driver Academy.

What’s really cool is that even without vying to be a winner, just the gaming experience will make one want to keep playing. The game is extremely realistic – the result of tedious information gathering on the part of the 15 developers who spent almost 12,000 hours developing the simulator.

Special attention has been given to the aerodynamics of the F10, suspension, tires, engine and transmission. Developers have also relied on actual helmet cam footage to ensure that the game realistically reproduces the visual from the driver’s point of view.

The Ferrari Virtual Academy: Fiorano Circuit is available for purchase and prices start at €14.90. Subsequent releases of the Mugello and Nürburgring circuits will cost upwards of €9.90.

Here’s the virtual Ferrari Virtual Academy online simulator: