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Peugeot to Showcase Mystery Supercar at Paris Show 9
Posted by Alex Ion in Aerodynamic, Automotive News, Concept car news, estate, Gullwing doors, Mystery Super car, Paris Motor Show, PEUGEOT, PSA Peugeot Citroen, sedan, Upcoming Events on 09 9th, 2010

At the Paris Motor Show, that is just around the corner, PSA Peugeot Citroen plans to make their customary big statement, say early reports.

Word is that the auto company plans to unveil a sporty new concept that is sure to capture the attention of the auto world. Although absolutely no details have been revealed, it does appear that the vehicle will be a supercar, something along the lines of the Citroen GT.

Initial reports say that the styling highlights look like scissor or gullwing doors have been used, that the units have jewel-like lighting and the bodywork is aerodynamic.

Peugeot mystery supercar teaser2
Peugeot mystery supercar teaser
Peugeot mystery supercar teaser1

Apart from this mysterious supercar, Peugeot will also be displaying the 508 sedan and estate at the show. The weeks leading up to the show are sure to have more information coming out, so those curious to unmask the mystery car will have to keep their eyes peeled.

(Via WCF)