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Ken Block Schools The Stig In ‘Hoonage 101′ 9
Posted by Kurt Ernst in Automotive, Ken Block, Kurt, The Stig, Top Gear, video on 11 9th, 2011

Some say that his oversized baseball cap houses a family of ferrets, and that his first words were “light ‘em up:” all we know is that he’s called… Ken Block. Shoe entrepreneur, world rally driver and professional hoon Ken Block has a good gig. He gets paid (well, we presume) to beat cars to death on camera, and then he gets to turn over the keys and say, “sorry about that.”

Despite rumors to the contrary, even us auto journalist types don’t get to do that with press fleet cars. Rule number 1 is, “thou shalt not stack the loaner cars,” followed by rule number 2, which is “thou shalt not use up all of the tires or all of the brakes, lest ye be dropped from the holy distribution list.”

Nonetheless, enjoy Ken Block showing the Australian Stig how things are done, Yank style, in the video below.

Video: Top Gear Introduces New Stig 9
Posted by Larry in Automotive, The Stig, The Stig Revealed, Top Gear, video on 11 9th, 2010

As we inch close to a new Top Gear season, the most loved automotive show has to select a replacement driver since the outgoing Stig (Ben Collins) no longer gets to wear the white helmet and racing suit. Once again, the new Stig’s identity is kept a secret while Jeremy Clarkson does his typical cynical introduction for a man who has no words to share with anyone. There have already been new speculations circulating in the UK as to who the new Stig is. Check out the funny 2010 MPH show video clip of how Top Gear supposedly chooses their new Stig.

[source: Top Gear]

Video: Ben Collins (Ex-Stig) Test Drives Nissan Leaf 12
Posted by Larry in Automotive, nissan, Nissan Leaf, Nissan Leaf EV, The Stig, video on 10 12th, 2010

The now uncovered Stig, Ben Collins, takes the new Nissan Leaf for a spin and calls it a ‘drivable iPod’. I think would have to agree with him having had a chance to sit in the Nissan Leaf and get a brief overview of its features.

Collins says in the video, “Climbing aboard the Leaf is like stepping inside an iPod. The controls illuminate like a nightclub and chime a few soothing chords – the first and final sounds you hear from this machine.”

Now only if they could get Stig, I mean Ben, to take this around the Top Gear test track to see what time he gets.

Enjoy the video below!

[source: The Sun]

No More Secrets: Ben Collins is The Stig 2
Posted by Larry in Automotive, featured, News, The Stig, The Stig Revealed, Top Gear on 09 2nd, 2010

Professional race car driver Ben Collins has been identified through the High Court of London as The Stig after BBC looses court case. BBC’s Top Gear show is undoubtedly one of the most popular automotive shows among car enthusiasts and we have always wondered who the face was underneath the white helmet and race gear. Now we know who he is!

If you remember, Perry McCarthy was the previous Stig as it was revealed in his autobiography ‘Flat Out, Flat Broke’. Since 2003 the mystery of who flogged the crap out of cars around the Top Gear test track faded into a trivial guessing game.

Top Gear over the years thrived on the marketing success of keeping the identity of the Stig a secret. Yesterday during the BBC’s court case the lawyers said the BBC had been refused an injunction blocking publication of a book that revealed the identity of the Stig. Right after, publishers HarperCollins said in a statement that a 33-year-old racing driver named Ben Collins “has a great story to tell about his seven years as The Stig, which will appeal to a wide audience beyond just motoring enthusiasts.” HarperCollins said the book will be published in Britain on September 16th and called the situation a “victory for freedom of speech”. Now after every victory lap the Stig does from here-on-out we will all know who is really behind the wheel.

[source: InsideLine, Ben Collins photo credit: Associated Press]