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Marry A Mercedes-Benz to Apple and You Get an iCar! 27
Posted by Alex Ion in 3G, Apple, Autostyle, command, costs., Gadgets, horsepower, iCar, iPads, LCD, MacMini, Mercedes Benz, Modified car Talk, speed, sprints, torque. on 08 27th, 2010

Way back in 2007, there were reports that Apple and Mercedes Benz had signed a deal whereby Apple was to design an in-car maintenance, communication and navigation system for inclusion in Mercedes Benz vehicles. It’s all coming true. The iCar is what you get when you combine a Mercedes-Benz S Class car and the latest Apple devices.

The car has 750 horsepower and almost 1000-lb/feet of torque. It has a top speed of 211mph, and sprints from 0-60mph in just under four seconds.

The gadgets include a MacMini which is installed in an electrically operated tray located in the trunk. It feeds to a foldable LCD display in the ceiling.

Dual iPads can be used with Apple keyboards. The feature lets you control the climate; operate the command system and many more. A multi sound system is also available. The entire installation connects to the Internet with a 3G connection.

The car without the Apple power costs over $500.000. That could mean that the actual price for the full version would be much more. But you can enjoy the photos for free here.


(Via SoftSailor)